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Ode to Chinese civilization

Dear teachers and students

In the vast river of history, the Chinese nation has a history of five thousand years, writing a never-ending pursuit of beauty and happiness, and showing an indelible search for democracy, prosperity and strength. The long history and splendid civilization have never been interrupted.

The Chinese nation is a nation of etiquette. Being gentle, courteous and comity is a virtue handed down from generation to generation by Chinese children; In modern society, we should be more civilized, polite and improve our civilization. Sima Qian's "historical records" and Sima Guang's "Zizhi Tongjian" made us children vaguely understand the long and great history. Cai Lun left great papermaking skills for future generations, so that we no longer engrave words on bamboo tubes, but use fine paper. Printing technology made our future generations not copy word by word, making books appear in groups, Ordinary people can also enjoy its benefits & hellip& hellip;

As Mao Zedong said, "it has attracted countless heroes to bow down." From history, we can see Confucius' persistence, Huo Qubing's bravery, Li Bai's poetic style, Du Fu's concern for the country and the people, Xin Qiji's boldness, Lu You's sorrow and Yue Fei's loyalty & hellip& hellip; These historical giants wrote poems for us one after another, saying famous words one after another and expressing their lofty aspirations again and again, such as Fan Zhongyan's great ambition of "worrying about the world first and enjoying the world later", and Du Fu's great ambition of "being the top of the mountain and seeing all the mountains at a glance." His lofty aspirations are also like Cao Cao's "an old horse lies in the Carpinus, with an ambition of thousands of miles." Hellip& hellip;

There are countless landscapes in China. The towering Mount Tai makes people open-minded, the surging Yellow River makes people great and strong, the beautiful Mount Lushan makes people imaginative, and the green west lake makes people flat as a mirror & hellip& hellip; Ah, motherland! It is you who have made our Chinese people grow up excellently with these civilizations. With your nurturing, we will make the future of our motherland better!

Six praises read Chinese classics and inherit 1100 words of Chinese civilization

Read Chinese classics and inherit Chinese civilization

Life is like wine, or fragrant, or strong, because of the classics, it becomes mellow; Life is like a song, high or low, because of the classics, it becomes pleasant; Life is picturesque, bright or elegant. Because of the classics, it becomes beautiful & middot& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot; In fact, from the moment when words were born in Cangjie's hands, classics are destined to support the backbone of a famous family with infinite charm. Please pay attention to observe that the classic beauty is recorded everywhere on the mottled oracle bones, in the bamboo pieces of wind and dust history, and in the splendid brocade and silk for thousands of years.

Han and Tang Dynasties are the most glorious years of the Chinese nation in 5000 years. The charm left by them is shining like sunshine into our blood. The Tang Dynasty is the heyday of the development of Chinese classical poetry. Among all the ancient classics, Tang poetry may be the most familiar to us. When we were very young, our parents and teachers taught us' geese, bend their necks and sing to the sky 'word by word, but at that time we just swallowed them without understanding. As everyone knows, Tang poetry also has her beauty and sadness. Tang poetry, which records the sorrow and suffering of China for thousands of years, contains the joy and joy of the people for thousands of years, and contains China's valuable culture for thousands of years. Every poem is like a cup of tea. When you feel uncomfortable, you taste bitter and when you are happy, you taste sweet. If you want to drink a good cup of tea, you have to put your feelings into your heart. Every time I taste Tang poetry, my mood is worried with the poet's worries and happy with the poet's music. Learn to think in sorrow and enjoy in joy. " The empty mountain is bathed in new rain, and the arrival of night makes people feel that it is early autumn. The bright moon shines among the pines, and the clear spring stones flow upward. " Wang Wei's "Autumn Twilight in Mountain Residence". There is a picture in the poem and a poem in the picture. The sky is in peace, but there is a bright moon in the sky; The flowers have withered, but there are green pines like a cover. The mountain spring is clear, gurgling and flowing on the rocks. The quiet natural beauty seeps into the heart like a wisp of breeze. " No ancients before, no comers after. Thinking of the long time of heaven and earth, I shed tears alone! " Chen Zi'ang's song of climbing Youzhou, which looks down on the past and present, has written for a long time; Climb the stairs and look into the distance to write the vastness of the space. In the vast background, it depicts the poet's lonely, sad and depressed mood, which takes care of each other and is particularly moving. It seems that there is a picture of the vast northern wilderness. In front of the picture stands a poet who is ambitious but feels sad because he has no way to serve the country.

Different poets will have different life experiences, and the feelings of their poems will be very different, either happy or sad. Tang poetry is becoming magnificent and colorful.

If Tang poetry is the root of Chinese classics, then Song Ci is the branch of Chinese classics.

Song Ci developed from Tang poetry, absorbed the nutrition of the book of songs and Chu Ci, and has cultivated people's temperament until now. Liu Yong, Li Qingzhao and Yan Shu use soft writing and meticulous thoughts to write the euphemistic and sad side of people's sexy feelings. The sentence 'sentimental and sad parting since ancient times' in rain and rain bell vividly exaggerates the scene of farewell with the cold autumn scenery as the background, and then speculates the unforgettable and bone engraved thoughts after farewell. Layers of narration, blending feelings and scenes, euphemism and more. It shows Liu Ci's fine and smooth, clear and homely '. On the contrary, Su Shi and Xin Qiji are as bold as a rainbow, and the high call of a sentence 'feather fan Lun towel, when talking and laughing, the masts will fly out of smoke' can shock people's hearts. Song Ci is undoubtedly a shining gem on the ancient classic crown.

Literature, when I really approached her, I found that for thousands of years, she has carried too many people's emotions, such as joy, sadness, grandeur, or politeness, so that the words in people's hearts can be poured out, which also shortens the distance between people's hearts and makes the axle of human civilization roll forward constantly. The surging river has washed away the old dream of Fenghuaxueyue; The rolling yellow sand has obliterated the stories of joys and sorrows. However, the joys and sorrows in literature are like exciting strings, like secluded music, and the lingering sound trembles; The strange sentences and witticisms in literature are like a spring, like dew condensation, and they are still full of fragrance when reading. Therefore, in the colorful literature and art garden, I love to find some wonderful flowers to taste the eternal fragrance. October prize essay: praising the motherland and celebrating the 62nd anniversary of the people's Republic of China, 1100 words. You must not forget the day 62 years ago. Let's go back to October 1, 1949. On this day, Chairman Mao Zedong stood on the majestic Tiananmen Gate Tower and solemnly declared: 'the people's Republic of China has been established! The Chinese people have stood up since then! " At this moment, the eyes of the world are focused on China. The great book of history has opened a new page and recorded this glorious moment. Our motherland mother took off her tattered old gown and put on a brand-new dress. A big country with nearly a quarter of the world's population stood up and stood proudly in the east of the world.

After more than 100 years of war, at the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic of China, our country was very underdeveloped, the economy was very backward and depressed, and the people were unable to make a living. Then the United States invaded North Korea. While carrying out socialist transformation, we sent volunteers to support North Korea. Countless heroic sons and daughters emerged on the battlefield. Since 1840, the Chinese nation has been ravaged by imperialist aggressors. The Chinese people have not succumbed. Under the iron hoof of the aggressors, no Chinese with conscience has thought of surrender, and no one has retreated on the battlefield. The Chinese people have tenaciously resisted the enemy's aggression with flesh and blood. It has written a glorious page in the history of China and even the world.

Time flies, time flies. Our great motherland has gone through 62 spring, summer, autumn and winter. Today, our motherland has entered the ranks of world powers. The rapidly changing motherland is taking off and gradually moving towards prosperity and strength. In 1964, China's first atomic bomb was in Lop Nur, which showed that we have enough science and technology. In 1967, China's first hydrogen bomb. In 1970, amid the vigorous music of "Dongfanghong", China's first man-made earth satellite "Dongfanghong 1" was launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and our science and technology reached a new level. In 1979, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee blew the spring breeze of reform and opening up all over the country, so that countless people were no longer poor, the motherland began to become rich, and the people no longer worried about food and clothing. In 2003, the motherland made new breakthroughs in science and technology. In September, with a loud bang, China's Shenzhou V manned spacecraft was launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Astronaut Yang Liwei boarded space. This is another great leap in China's science and technology. It marks a new level in China's science and technology. In 2006, "Shenzhou VI" took off, and the two Aerospace heroes Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng once again shocked the motherland and the world. In 2008, 'Shenzhou VII' and 'Chang'e-1' were launched one after another. " The three astronauts on Shenzhou 7, Jing Haipeng, Liu Boming and Zhai Zhigang, once again completed the tasks assigned to them by the motherland. Zhai Zhigang held a five-star red flag and roamed a few steps in space. These short steps add up to only a few meters. However, this is a big step taken by the people's Republic of China in the vast universe, which also shows the great progress of China's science and technology. On August 8, 2008, the first Olympic Games in the history of the people's Republic of China - the Beijing Olympic Games opened grandly. Not long ago, the Tiangong-1 target aircraft was also successfully launched, marking that China has its own space station & hellip& hellip; All these examples show that the motherland is getting rid of poverty step by step and moving towards prosperity and strength step by step.

The history of the motherland has turned a new page, which is also the most brilliant, successful and exciting page so far. China, she has amazed all European and American countries. The war a hundred years ago turned into glory and prosperity in the twinkling of an eye. This old and young country is moving towards prosperity, success and brilliance step by step!

This year is the sixty second birthday of the motherland. Happy birthday to the motherland! As the flowers of the motherland, the young generation and the future of the motherland, we teenagers should study hard and strive to become the pillars of the motherland. Yesterday, we were happy to have a strong motherland; Today, we are proud to have a rich, strong and United motherland; Tomorrow, the motherland is proud that she has a group of strong and wise children!

Grade 3 of No. 8 middle school in Yibin, Sichuan Province: Wang Kaiwen high school praises the motherland composition: Song of destruction, praising darkness and light 11400 words high school praises the motherland composition: Song of destruction, praising darkness and light

Soon, the city of poluta suddenly showed the brilliance of the sun, the candles were eclipsed, and the lightning sighed. Kalb, the commander of the "13th self-propelled regiment" of poluta's garrison, just boasted to his subordinates about his good luck - it rained and solved the risk of sneak attack on the city. Unfortunately, his good luck has come to an end - the dazzling brilliance, nothing else, is the powerful 'dark holy light'. Fortunately, Hughes was unwilling to kill innocent people indiscriminately. In addition, there were many people in the city, so he limited the power of holy light and only confused people. But that's enough. Shu Ling's martial arts skills are poor, and his head is one