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Do housework during the Spring Festival

During the Chinese new year, every family has to clean up. I help adults do housework. I help adults sweep the floor, paste couplets and write couplets, but the most interesting thing is wiping.

There are a lot of things to wipe in my home, such as the cabinet, door, table, chair and bookshelf. I started to wipe with all the soaked cloth. Before I finished wiping a small cabinet, the front and back of the cloth were all black. I was surprised because I didn't expect my cabinet to be so 'clean', and then I washed the cloth and continued to wipe. There are 7 cabinets, 8 doors, 4 tables, 15 chairs and 2 bookshelves in my family. It took me three hours to wipe these things. I was exhausted and had a rest.

Today, although I'm exhausted, I feel my mother's hard work in housework. I think I must help my mother break down a little housework in the future, so that she can have time to do some of her own things, less housework and. If my mother is less busy, she can look younger, so as to help her parents a little every day, A little makes a lot is a big job.

Teacher's comments: the author carefully describes the process of helping the family do housework before the Spring Festival, mainly writing the process of cleaning cabinets and other furniture. In the process of cleaning, the author also realized the feeling of her mother doing housework. The sentence of the article is smooth and the structure is complete. I hope the little author will continue to work hard! Solemnly declare: This article is the exclusive authorization of the author. The copyright belongs to the author and. No media can reprint it without permission! The Spring Festival is approaching. Every family in the city, old and young, is happily waiting for the Spring Festival. Every family is so happy and laughing; They are so harmonious, happy and joyful. But I don't have any pleasure in the coming good time! The reason is & hellip& hellip;

On the 21st, after I finished all the housework and had dinner with my father, I watched the news in front of the TV screen. Suddenly there was a quick knock on the door, and I hurried to open the door -- my mother, who had been entertaining mahjong for three hours, returned triumphantly. As soon as I entered the door, my mother was so happy that she danced and said what flowers on the bars, Tianhu & hellip& hellip; (in Mahjong) a lot of monks in my second brother-in-law -- if they can't touch their heads. Then he stuffed me more than ten yuan 'ocean' and rushed into her bedroom. Shit! That's how you don't know me! After a while, my mother went out of the bedroom, came to the living room, sat down face to face with my father and called me. I felt that the endless storm last night was coming again, but I had to let it blow me at will. When I came to my parents, my mother asked: did you do your homework today? Yes, I replied. Unexpectedly, my father added, 'ah, I don't know if I'm fooling around.'

When my mother saw my father say so, she said from the old story: 'I failed several exams this semester. How bad and humiliating I did in English and Mathematics & hellip& hellip;

I waited quietly for my mother to tell me how I lost them, and then walked slowly back to my bedroom. Then I fell asleep in my little bed and still didn't accept what my mother said, but 'the winner is the king and the loser is the Kou,' all passed the examination, and only 'was beaten passively.' 555 is so annoying! composition

On the 22nd of the next day, my parents took me out to buy new year's products with a smile on my face. I was also in no mood. Although my parents' 'strike' was no big deal, sometimes it had an incentive effect on myself. If I 'strike' every few days, I still didn't get hurt! 555…& hellip;

When I came back from reading outside, I found a problem. My mother doesn't know much about me, but she cares about me selflessly. I'll say, 'Mom, thank you.' My father only knows and cares about each other, which I also want to thank my father. Mom and dad are really 'hateful' and cute, which makes me laugh and cry! composition

When it comes to understanding me, I suddenly think of a Chinese teacher who has a great influence on me, Mr Yang. He is my head teacher who studies abroad. He is very careful and always pays attention to each student's character, emotion and habits & hellip& hellip; He will have a panoramic view of the students' every move. If he finds anything different from a classmate, he will take time to talk and communicate with that classmate. So that the students can grow up healthily and happily under his care and guidance. Whenever he finishes something, he will always find a place to sit down, slowly light a cigarette, slowly suck it, and see how satisfied and happy his expression is & hellip& hellip;

Mr Yang knows me very well. He knows what kind of character I am and how to discipline me. I spent a semester happily with him. I listened to and did what he said and did. So Mr Yang and I are both teachers and students and friends!

Talking about Mr Yang reminds me of our class; Recalling the lovely classmates and our loving teachers in the class, they left me such wonderful memories - the collective military training of unity; Pleasant learning atmosphere in class; Returning to school on national day and laughing about interesting things in his hometown; Colorful English songs and dances; The wonderful and colorful school celebration; Hellip, the common object of teachers and students in the Christmas party& hellip; Scenes are staged over and over again in my mind. " I really want to go back to the past 'my heart issued a cry, but it is impossible!

Ah, it's so beautiful to recall every minute of the past; Are so happy & hellip& hellip; Good memories always intoxicate people; People hate why time flies. I am most filial this Spring Festival. Who is the most filial this Spring Festival? Of course it's me! Although I usually don't do housework, and I don't care about and care for my parents, January 18 this year is a special day -- the 14th anniversary of my parents' marriage. I should always do well!

The special day, January 18, finally came. My mother went to beauty and my father went fishing. They didn't go home until noon. There was enough time for me to show my skills.

I took out enough materials from the fridge to make a delicious candlelight lunch. I skillfully turn on the gas, turn on the range hood, pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot, and fry the dishes that should be fried, steamed and boiled & hellip& hellip; Serve! There are 'flowers competing for beauty', 'Lotus floating on the water', 'lotus seed chicken soup', 'fruit salad' & hellip& hellip; Look at these dishes, there are models and samples, the combination of China and the west, and local characteristics. It can be said that there are everything. Just listen to these beautiful names, the saliva will flow out!

Everything is ready. Look at the time. It's time for Chinese food. They should come back and I should retreat. Let's go, take my baby bag and go to Longchuan park with my classmates! On the way, I had unspeakable excitement in my heart. From time to time, I imagined my parents screaming when they saw the note I left on the table, and my surprise after seeing the beauty of color, smell and fragrance I made; From time to time, I also sent out bursts of treacherous laughter, which made my classmates think I was not normal today! composition

Later, when I got home, my mother told me that they were shocked, but when I saw the note, it was both moving and funny. It said: Dad and mom, I'm out of sight. I've made a delicious candlelight lunch. Needless to say thank you. I also brought enough marny. When the money is used up, I have to go to you for reimbursement. Remember to prepare enough money! On my way to Longchuan Park, I wish you a happy 14th wedding anniversary and a world of two without any regrets. I don't want to be a small light bulb! Karen! Today

However, they all think that when I grow up, I will become a girl who is no longer willful and a good child who knows gratitude and filial piety. composition

You say, this year is not my most filial piety? Tell the truth! I am the most filial to my parents this Spring Festival. I think no one else can compare with me. I will be the most filial to my parents this Spring Festival, because I am helping my parents do some housework all day today.

Our family assigned everyone's work according to their actual use, and I was first assigned to the occupation of moving things upstairs and downstairs.

Because there are too many things, you have to move a lot of things to get what you want.

After I moved a few things, my back was sore and my feet cramped. composition

No, No. Just as I was leaving, I suddenly thought: if I don't do it, my parents will do it again. I'll have trouble moving now. Besides, my parents have other jobs, which should be more troublesome. Thinking of this, I thought of the teacher's words' parental love is priceless, parental love is indescribable, and we haven't been clear for a lifetime. What is such a little life compared with parental love? ' Thinking of this, I gave up this bad idea.

So I continued to work. After all my efforts in the morning, I finally finished moving. composition

In the afternoon, I wiped the sanitary dead corner at home again. Although I was very tired, I was very happy because I was filial to my parents. Help them work.

After this day's work, I made my home clean. Although I was very tired, I looked happy in my heart, because I did another good thing for my parents, which can be regarded as my filial piety to my parents.

The person I admire most has gray hair, and time has carved several wrinkles on his face. Although he is over sixty, he is still as energetic as a young man. You ask who this person is. She is my strong grandmother.

Grandma used to be in poor health. She was sweating and panting after taking a few steps. At home, I often lie in bed. Because I am uncomfortable all over, I use sleep to relieve my physical pain. However, once she gets better, she gets up and does housework. Because grandma's heart is bad, the doctor told her to stay in bed absolutely and not be tired, but Grandma always believed that "life lies in exercise", so she always got up, walked and moved.

One day before the Spring Festival this year, grandma suddenly fell ill. The family quickly helped her into a taxi and hurried to the hospital. The hospital immediately left grandma. After all kinds of examinations, the doctors were stunned. It turned out that the two main blood vessels of grandma's heart were blocked! In an instant, the family shivered. My God? The blood circulation of grandma's heart completely depends on the nearby capillaries. Doctors were shocked by Grandma's tenacious vitality. They were surprised that a person's life could last so long when his aorta was completely blocked. I saw the doctors' admiration for grandma from their facial expressions. The doctors took emergency treatment measures. A professor personally operated and set up four stents before and after, so as to alleviate the blockage of the aorta. When dad saw the blood flowing through the stent, he was very excited and burst into tears. The operation was very successful. This is due not only to the doctor's superb medical skills, but also to grandma's tenacious beating heart.

Grandma is much better now, but she still needs to take a lot of medicine. However, she still believes that "life lies in exercise" and does housework, helps grandpa buy vegetables and cook every day. composition

Ah! Grandma, I admire your courage and perseverance