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Self introduction weekly notes 2

Everyone has his own unique personality, and no one else can replace it. The colorful life will be more and more brilliant because of his personality. Of course, I also have my own personality, which makes my life more interesting.

My personality can be expressed in two words: stingy!

Last summer, our family went to Sanmen island. The seafood there is really good! So my mother said she would buy a few kilograms of conch meat and try it at home. We came to the seafood monopoly market and looked at it shop by shop. When we entered a shop, my mother asked, 'how much is conch meat per kilogram?'100 yuan per kilogram.' The shopkeeper greeted him with a smile and said, 'do you want a kilo?' I'm in a hurry. It's not worth it. It's clear that I want to rip off!

I took my mother and ran into the second store. I asked: 'how do you sell this conch meat' &l the content of this page is pushed by "Sihai reading network" for you dquo; 80 yuan a catty. " The shopkeeper didn't lift his eyelids. Hum! I'm not happy again. What's the attitude? Did you pay attention to the customers? I walked out of the store again & hellip& hellip;

'I've been walking all morning. I'll buy the one with 50 yuan a catty. I'm tired!' Mother shouted in the back. When I saw my mother tired, I said, 'go back to the hotel and give me 40 yuan. I'll buy it for you!' I have a fighting spirit. It's worth spending 10 yuan less. I'm tired! Mom couldn't beat me. She threw me 50 yuan and left. I saw another shop, which said Xiangluo 45 yuan / kg. I said to my boss, 'can you sell me a kilo of this ring snail for 40 yuan?' 'little sister, our price is very low!' But I only have 40 yuan, boss, you can sell me a kilo! " Oh, forget it, 40 is 40! ". ha-ha! succeed! Fortunately, my mother gave me some money, otherwise I couldn't fulfill my lie.

I carried the ring snail and was happy in my heart. When I returned to the hotel, my father praised me as a little economist!

I am me. Would you like to make friends with me?


hello everyone! My name is Zhou Dingyu. I'm 10 years old. I'm in the fourth grade. I have a short, black hair, a pair of bright big eyes, a lovely little nose, a talkative, pouted big mouth and a thin figure. The most striking thing is my big feet of 38, aunt, mother, father, aunt and uncle............ They call me Bigfoot! I hate it when they call me that.

I have many advantages: good English, more than 95 points every time, love music, and I can't help humming when I'm free............ But there are also many disadvantages: playing, lying, poor Chinese............

I love to laugh. I can laugh happily, happily and recklessly at any time. Because of my bright and clear voice, my laughter is not as crisp as that of other girls. It can be said that I laugh earth shaking. My mother often asked me to pay attention to my personal image, keep a low voice and keep the appearance of a lovely little girl, but I can't control it, ha ha! Maitreya Buddha also likes to laugh. There is a saying that 'a big belly can accommodate things that are difficult to accommodate in the world; A kind face often smiles and laughs at all the ridiculous people in the world '. What a good pair! I'm just a girl who always smiles and is full of pride.

I am now a fourth grade student. Some old problems have been 'dumped' by me, and some new problems have attracted my attention again. Yes, that's what my parents often say about carelessness, carelessness, playfulness and low learning consciousness. However, I will defeat them! My growth is inseparable from the hard cultivation of my parents and teachers. My parents taught me to be a man and my teachers taught me knowledge. There is still a long way to go in the future, and many interesting and meaningful things will happen to me. I look forward to these beautiful things to accompany me all my life! I am so lively and humorous. How about making friends with me?