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Be an honest and trustworthy person

Honesty and trustworthiness is the foundation of man and the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Honesty refers to loyalty, honesty, consistency between words and deeds, and consistency between appearance and interior; Keeping promises means speaking and doing things in good faith. When you promise others, you can earnestly fulfill your promises and do what you say. Keeping promises is a manifestation of honesty.

The Chinese nation has always advocated honesty and trustworthiness. Throughout the ages, there are countless examples of integrity. In ancient times, Sun Bin made a promise, Song Lian copied books overnight, and once participated in teaching children with integrity. Today, Deng Yingchao braved the rain to attend the appointment, Lenin returned the books on time, and so on. They use their own actions to show the world a profound philosophy, that is: only honest people can gain the trust and respect of others and make a difference.

You must have heard the story of the wolf coming? The little boy in the story lost the trust of others because he lied twice, which eventually led to the tragedy of being eaten by the wolf. After listening to this story, shouldn't we learn a lesson from it? A person who does not have the quality of honesty will only end up harming others and himself in the end.

Confucius said in the Analects of Confucius: 'a man without faith does not know what he can do'. It means that if a person is not trustworthy and does not keep his word, he will not be able to do anything, let alone stand and do things in society. His student Zeng Shen also said: 'I will examine myself three times a day and be unfaithful to others? Making friends without believing? " This sentence means: 'I have to reflect on myself many times every day to check whether I have done the things I discussed with others faithfully and whether I have kept my faith in communicating with my friends.' Ancient people's words also tell us to be loyal and trustworthy. composition

Therefore, I can't help thinking of an incident that happened in grade three. Once, when I came home from school, I saw an old woman selling baked cakes at the door of my house. It seems that her business is not very good. When I was about to pass her, my grandmother asked me, 'children, do you want to eat sesame cakes?' But I have no money. " I said shyly. " It's all right. I'll give you one if you want. " Then the old lady handed me a pancake. " What's the matter, grandma? You wait. I'll go back and get the money. " With that, I hurried home with pancakes. But as soon as I got home, I found that my favorite cartoon had begun, and I forgot all about my grandmother. In this way, I broke my promise. In order to watch cartoons, I ate an unreasonable and weak 'overlord cake'. Later, I never met the old woman again. Whenever I think of it, I want to slap myself. I blush because I have done something dishonest and disgraceful.

As the saying goes: 'when you are sincere, gold and stone are open'. Sincerity is the magic key to open people's hearts. In interpersonal communication, only by treating people sincerely can we establish and maintain friendly relations with people; Only integrity can win the trust of others. Therefore, we should establish the concept of "keeping our word and standing without faith" from an early age and develop the good habit of being honest and trustworthy. composition

Students, please remember: integrity is priceless! Let's start from ourselves, from now on, from every little thing around us, be a good child of integrity at home, a good student of integrity at school, and a good citizen of integrity in society. Let integrity take root in our hearts and spread integrity all over every corner of our new China! I firmly believe that as long as everyone speaks good faith, the future of the motherland will become more beautiful, more brilliant and more brilliant! Be an honest and trustworthy person. The British writer Shakespeare once said this sentence: honesty can move people most, which means that people should be honest, and only when they are honest can others be moved by you. Mr. Dong Biwu of China said: one heart can break gold, and the first thing is to make a promise. Yes! To be an honest and trustworthy person.

A few days ago, I was at home alone. Suddenly a beggar came and said to me pitifully, 'please, little sister, I haven't eaten for several days. Give me some money!' I thought he was very poor, so I gave him all the pocket money I saved at ordinary times and gave him a bowl of rice. This morning, my mother and I went to the bank to withdraw money. I saw a young man in a suit standing in front of the counter counting money, all of which were coins. I'm a little curious. Why does he have so many coins? Let me take a closer look, ah! Isn't this the beggar who asked for money the other day? How could he have so many coins? And a heavy bag, he saw me and slipped away. At this time, I was confused. What a despicable person! " If you believe in others, you will only be sincere if you are not sincere. Alas, if you doubt others, you may not cheat all of them. If you have already cheated, you will cheat first. " If you meet such a person again next time, do you still have compassion?

Occasionally, I read a book and saw such a story: the staff of a company mistakenly sold her a coreless record player when receiving an American female customer who bought a record player. When the staff sorted out the sundries, they found the mistake. At that time, they were very worried. So they made more than 30 phone calls overnight, finally found her and expressed deep apology to the female customer. The female customer was moved, and I was deeply touched. It seems that only good faith can resolve the estrangement and misunderstanding between people; Only integrity can win the trust of others.

Therefore, we should keep good faith and take care of others with good faith. If a man loses honesty and trustworthiness, he will lose everything. Be an honest and trustworthy person, dear teachers and students:

hello everyone! My name is Ding Ziyu. The topic of my speech today is to be an honest and trustworthy person. Honesty means telling the truth, doing honest things, not practicing fraud, not concealing deception, and being the same outside and inside. Keeping promises means keeping promises, keeping promises and keeping promises. Since I went to kindergarten, all the teachers have taught us to be honest and trustworthy. If we can't do this, we won't enjoy life! Everyone has heard the story of the sheep herding child. The story is about a child herding sheep on the hillside. Feeling very bored, he shouted at the foot of the mountain: 'the wolf is coming, the wolf is coming, come on! Come on& hellip;& hellip;' The villagers at the foot of the mountain came to hear the news, but they didn't see the wolf. The sheep were eating grass well. The child couldn't help laughing, and people knew that it was wrong to tell the child to lie. The next day, the child forgot what the villagers said and deceived everyone again. On the third day, the wolf really came, and none of the villagers wanted to believe him. As a result, the wolf ate up all his sheep. Let's think about it. If the sheep herding child didn't deceive everyone the first two times, would his sheep be eaten up by the wolf?

Honesty and trustworthiness is reflected in every bit of life. When it comes to Washington, the first president of the United States, everyone is no stranger! This is a reading question in our unit 12 test. Washington was lively and active when he was a child. Once, he cut down the only improved cherry tree that his father carried in the garden. Just when his father was angry, after a fierce ideological struggle, Washington summoned up the courage to admit his mistakes to his father. His father turned his anger into joy and not only did he not criticize him, Instead, he hugged Washington and said, 'dad likes your honesty very much. I'd rather lose my beloved cherry tree than tell my child a lie.' People are not sages, who can make mistakes? The key is to take the initiative to admit mistakes and correct them in time, and be an honest person!

We have an article about Zheng Banqiao in resource integration. When Zheng Banqiao was the magistrate of Weixian County, he was dismissed because of the famine there. He opened his warehouse to relieve the people without permission. Every time I think of Zheng Banqiao's selfless behavior and his subsequent begging along the street and selling paintings for a living, my eyes always contain tears. Isn't it his character of keeping his word that moves me! composition

Honesty and trustworthiness is an important basis for communication between relatives and friends. For a person, honesty and trustworthiness is a kind of moral quality and moral belief, which is the embodiment of each of us. Therefore, I call for 'honesty and trustworthiness'! Be an 'honest and trustworthy' person.

Thank you! composition

Ding Ziyu, grade 4, Chengguan primary school, Shangzhou District, is a user's original article. Reprinting without permission is prohibited! I am an honest and trustworthy person 'to be honest with people, people don't deceive me; If you are honest in everything, everything will be done. " This is what Feng Yuxiang said. We should be an honest and trustworthy person, because to be an honest and trustworthy person, he will have a clear conscience all his life. I am also an honest and trustworthy person & hellip& hellip;

In the summer vacation, my father sent me to my grandmother's house. I'm free at Grandma's house. I watch TV, play chess, go fishing and catch cicadas. Sometimes I go swimming with my partners. A swim is a whole day. Grandma is most worried about my safety. Sometimes she nags endlessly: don't go swimming. You can wash horizontally and vertically at home. There is plenty of water, cold and hot water. Don't worry grandma.

That afternoon, I always felt fine at home, so I played with my uncle's little cousin. He ran in front, and I chased after him. I suddenly heard a 'creak' under my feet. I felt something soft. I raised my feet and looked at it. 'bad' the furry chicken lay on the ground and didn't move. I squatted down to have a look. Its eyes had turned white. My heart seemed to be pulled and stared at the dead chicken. Then my cousin came and said, 'did you step on it?' I nodded. He said, 'don't be afraid, I'll take it and throw it away.' My cousin picked up the chicken and turned away.

In the evening, when grandma fed the chicken with broken rice, she found that one chicken was missing, so she shouted, 'Minqiang, Minqiang, there is no chicken. Go to the back of the house and help me find it!' composition

Minqiang went for a while and came back and said, 'the chicken fell into the water tank and drowned.' Then he winked at me and motioned for me to say. I thought: 'cousin is also for my good. I'm afraid to listen to grandma's nagging. The matter has been concealed for more than a week. I'm going home. After thinking about it, I decided to tell my grandmother about stepping on the chicken. I told the truth. Grandma said, 'I've seen it. The chicken doesn't want to drown. Just be honest. Grandma doesn't blame you.' Then I went home.

When I got home, this matter stirred waves in my heart. I can't calm down for a long time. I still remember it today. The content of this page is pushed for you by "" & hellip& hellip; composition

He Yinbo, grade 6, Yongxing primary school, Fuyang City, is a user's original article. Reprinting without permission is prohibited! As an honest and trustworthy person, some people compare society to the classroom of life. For me, I can't really understand its meaning, but one thing makes me understand: Society - this is also the classroom.

I don't know when, I learned to look at the world with cold eyes.

Young self-employed people and customers are quarreling. Girls who 'dress well' like to buy shoddy and shoddy products.

Vulgar, everything is so vulgar. composition

I like to watch the call of the wild and enjoy the excitement of the Chinese sports delegation winning the gold medal in the Athens Olympic Games, but my mother asked me to buy some ginger.

I walked carelessly into the bustling farmers' market. Came to a dark face, covered with wrinkles, dressed simply, looked good