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Fire fighting is around us

The fire company has thousands of homes. You, me and him are safe. At ordinary times, we should always remember the fire control and remember it, which will remind you to check whether all kinds of fire sources and power supply are turned off before going out. Wait, some trivial things, this! A small safety action brings security. Paying attention to it can avoid some accidents. Therefore, paying attention to it is also an indispensable task in life. Let's tell you such a story first!

One October morning, the fire alarm of the forest kingdom rang quickly. The Lion King quickly summoned all the animals in the forest kingdom to discuss fire-fighting strategies... The Lion King coughed and cleared his throat. He said that there was a very serious problem now, that is, a fire had been caused in the north of the forest due to the dry weather. I hope to discuss good countermeasures! The little monkey called "smart ghost" spoke obediently and stopped the spread of the fire first. Organize another fire brigade to put out the fire in the north. After several days and nights of efforts, the fire was finally brought under control. The whole country of the forest kingdom was jubilant. The Lion King breathed a sigh and finally put down the big stone in his heart.

From this story, we can see that fire fighting is the largest public welfare undertaking. Since then, the forest kingdom has been emphasizing forest fire prevention and afforestation. Finally, under the wise leadership of the lion king, the forest kingdom has become an unhappy big country. Also see how important it is to pay attention to fire control!

Because he saves people's lives and property, is not afraid of sacrifice and does not intend to return, because he silently guards the social peace and happiness day and night, timely dissuades all kinds of behaviors with potential fire hazards around him, reminds passengers not to smoke in the carriage on the train, and tells children how to correctly set off fireworks and firecrackers on holidays! Not only for their own safety, but also for the safety of society; composition

Fire knowledge into thousands of homes, safely accompany you, me and him. More knowledge of fire control and less fire. In life, we will remind our family and friends to pay attention to the emergency evacuation route when going in and out of public gathering places! A warm safety tip may save a life when danger comes Let's remember the escape song of the fire: don't panic in case of fire, put on wet clothes and things. Bend over, cover your nose and go down the stairs. Your body is on fire and rolling on the ground.

Therefore, we should learn the common sense of medical first aid, learn the emergency avoidance technology, and be proud that we can have more power to help others; We must also cherish life, honor and happiness. The beautiful moment of composition is around us. Life is composed of countless moments, a look, a move and a smile. It may seem insignificant, but it is these small moments that have brought us too much shock and moving.


On the endless highway, a young mother led her little daughter on the sidewalk. With a smile on their faces, they seemed to be talking about something happy. Suddenly, a car rushed towards them, and everyone's eyes focused on the mother and daughter. The mother subconsciously pushed her daughter forward. Just then, the car hit the mother. The road was red with blood, and everyone was shocked and moved by this moment. The smile on the girl's face is gone. Instead, it is unstoppable tears and tears.

The young mother trades her life for the safety of her children. This is the moment of love and the most true embodiment of great maternal love. composition

Instant two

In the earthquake stricken area, when firefighters opened the last cement board, people were stunned by the scene in front of them: a teacher lay on the table and protected several students under his arms. The teacher has gone to sleep safely and the students have regained their lives. The teacher is Tan Qianqiu. He interpreted the sacred word "teacher" with his own behavior. Everyone present cried, which was a sincere admiration for the teacher. composition

The teacher exchanged his life for the safety of the students. This is not only a moving moment, but also a beautiful moment. It is the most true embodiment of the love between teachers and students.

Instant three

Heroic test pilot Li Jianying faced the test of life and death. He chose the brilliant fall and cast a well deserved hero in a short moment of 16 seconds.

He used his life to send peace to countless people. This is a shocking moment and a beautiful moment. His great love shows us the selflessness and generosity of a modern soldier.

Although the moment of beauty is short, it condenses the most sincere emotion between people. It is soul stirring and memorable! We are with you, compatriots in the disaster area:

How do you do!

I am a primary school student in Yichang city. When you are in class, working, chatting, traveling and playing, a loud noise suddenly shook the valley. In an instant, houses kept falling down and many people were in constant danger. Since that day after the earthquake, the state immediately issued the assembly number of "earthquake relief, unite as one". Suddenly, I kept reaching out to you and extending a helping hand. There are donation hands, blood donation hands, prayer hands, saving hands and encouraging hands.

"One side is in trouble and all sides support." you are homeless and your family is broken. However, what I want to tell you is that the motherland is a big family. If you are in trouble, we will do our best to help you. As long as we unite as one and unite as one, we will escape this natural disaster. You must be strong and confident. Think of so many firefighters, volunteers and medical personnel who have no hesitation and spare no effort to save you. We will spend this disaster hand in hand and heart to heart. composition

Every time I see your scenes of heavy losses and serious injuries on TV, I can't help but have a sour nose. I want to fly to you and rescue you immediately. I hope an immortal can remove all the big stones on you and save the people from the ruins, so that your family can be reunited and happy. Compatriots in disaster areas, you must have confidence. Your whole society is donating money and materials for you and bravely going to the front line. Our whole society is worried about you and praying for you all the time. Can you feel it? Can you hear our blessings? Although we are thousands of miles apart, we all shed the same Chinese blood, are strong Chinese people, and we are heart to heart.

Compatriots in the disaster area, this is a sudden disaster, an inevitable natural disaster, a test of unity, and a warm battle. "The earthquake has no lover and love, and the disaster will eventually pass. Although it is breathtaking, there is love, and we will unite to fight the disaster." compatriots, you must hold on. As long as there is a glimmer of vitality, we will do whatever it takes. We have the money to contribute, and the whole society and the whole country will share the sadness with you. Students, you should be strong. I hope you will return to campus as soon as possible; People in distress, you should insist. I hope you can feel the warmth of home again as soon as possible; People separated from their relatives, you must firmly believe that I hope you can reunite with your family as soon as possible; Other compatriots, you should have perseverance and confidence to overcome difficulties. I hope you will be safe as soon as possible. composition

"I am the same as you, the same strong, the same go all out to pursue our dreams, even if I get hurt, even if there are storms... I am the same as you, the same kind... We are all the same.". Compatriots, I hope you can be as strong and kind as the lyrics say, because we are all the same, and we will always be with you.

Best wishes:

Rebuild a beautiful home as soon as possible!

Your forever friend: Chen Qi

On May 17, 2008, the concept of fire control is in my heart. I believe you must have seen news broadcast. They often broadcast some content about fire. The fire was put out. Didn't all these efforts come from the firefighters who risked their lives?

In fact, the concept of fire control should be in everyone's heart: your heart, my heart and his heart. If we all protect the environment and pay attention to hygiene, maybe not so many fires will happen!

Whenever we walk on the crowded road, do you pay attention to the surrounding environment? Also, when you carelessly lose a plastic bag, it has damaged the surrounding environment. Therefore, we should do everything around us and protect our beautiful earth home.

I remember I spent a year in innovation school, where I found a very bad phenomenon: cigarettes can be seen everywhere. This not only destroys the campus health, but also causes certain harm to their own health. Smokers' lungs are different from those of normal people. Smokers' lungs are black and rotten; The lungs of normal people are bright red and shiny. composition

We should protect the environment and our earth home. In fact, in the process of protecting the environment, we also make ourselves healthier.

Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment! Everyone is praying for peace. But the weather is unpredictable, and people have misfortunes and blessings overnight. Once the fire came, surrounded by smoke, poison gas and flames, although many people were buried in the sea of fire, others survived. "There are only desperate people, there is no desperate situation." there are many fire hazards around us, which are often ignored by people, such as old wires that have not been replaced in time; Fire fighting equipment is not updated in time; Inflammables and explosives shall be carried and stacked at will; Set off firecrackers everywhere... We didn't expect so much. A little carelessness will cause a fire accident. It should attract everyone's attention and attention!

When there is a fire, you can call 119 in time, and you can also use the following self rescue methods: 1. The fire is not big, you can wet the quilt and blanket and rush out of the fire. 2. At this time, make a quick decision and don't hesitate, so as not to miss the opportunity to escape. Cover your mouth and nose in the smoke. 2. If there is a lot of smoke around you, it can be more terrible than fire. Because the smoke contains a lot of toxic and harmful gases, if not prepared, it will be smoked down by the toxic and harmful smoke, which is often the cause of the highest mortality in fire accidents. If you must rush out of the smoke area, you must cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel and run out as close to your waist as possible, so as to reduce the inhalation of smoke and avoid poisoning and falling down. 3. If your life is threatened and there is no way to escape, you can use ropes or tear the sheets into strips to connect them, tie one end to the fixed object, and then slide down the rope or cloth strip. If you are in a hurry and decide to jump out of the building, you can throw some clothes and quilts underground to increase the buffer, then slide down the windowsill with your hand to reduce the jump height, and try your best to keep your feet on the ground and save your life as much as possible

Calm, calm, and according to the situation, take scientific self-help measures to escape the fire quickly, otherwise undue casualties will be caused. Of course, these are the knowledge of self rescue and escape in case of fire. We should stop the coming of fire, which requires cultivating fire awareness from an early age. In fact, almost all fires are caused by people's unconsciousness. For example, people in public places smoke at will and throw cigarette butts or matchsticks at random, which also causes fires