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The composition of an interesting childhood story is 400 words

My childhood is unrestrained. The stories of my childhood are as beautiful as the stars in the sky and as colorful as the feathers of birds.

Before I was five years old, I lived in grandma's house. Grandma often made egg soup for me and my cousin. Once, my brother and I were having a good time. Suddenly, my brother said he was hungry. I shouted to grandma, but Grandma didn't answer. Or I'll make an egg soup for my brother like Grandma. I went to the kitchen and found five eggs. I always heard adults say & lsquo; Beat eggs & rsquo;, I put an egg in my hand and use the other hand & lsquo; Call & rsquo; Go down, with a 'pop', the egg broke, leaving egg liquid on my hands and body. I don't think this is & lsquo; Call & rsquo; OK, another one! That's it, I've been in a row & lsquo; Call & rsquo; I ate four eggs. At this time, grandma came in and looked at my appearance and the egg liquid all over the floor. She was really sad and laughing & hellip& hellip;

There is a coal mine not far from Grandma's house. I can see people from the coal mine every day. Their faces are always black. One night, the whole family watched TV. The TV program was interviewing an African. I saw his face so black. Pointing to the TV, I said, 'did he go home from the coal mine without washing his face? Did he dare to go on TV without washing his face?' The whole family laughed. Later, I learned that African skin is dark.

Although I grow up day by day, the fun of my childhood is like a pearl, and happiness is always in my heart. About the childhood interesting story composition: the childhood interesting story composition 400 words childhood, is like a song, she has the wonderful song; Childhood, like a poem, contains the charm of poetry; Childhood is like a painting, it has the beauty of painting. Ah! What a nostalgic childhood, like a string of sugar gourd, let people taste its sweetness. Now, when I grow up, I often recall the interesting things that happened in my childhood!

I was only five years old. My favorite food is colorful fruit candy. I remember once my mother bought me two kilograms of fruit candy. She smiled and said, 'if you eat too much sugar, it will easily form dental caries and hurt your teeth, so you can only eat two pieces a day.' As soon as I heard it, I begged, "Mom, eat four yuan a day!" Mother firmly said: the content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" for you 'No. Then he put the rest of the sugar in the sugar box, turned back to her bedroom and hid the sugar. Because I can only eat two pieces at a time, I don't feel happy. I always want to eat a few more pieces, but I don't dare to say anything, because I know my mother is one and the same.

One day, my mother went to work and I was the only one doing my homework at home. Suddenly, I thought of fruit candy and rummaged through the boxes and cabinets. Soon, I found it in the drawer of the closet. After I ate a few pieces, I quickly hid the fruit candy and put the sugar box back.

Mom's back. She smiled and said, "child, have some sugar." Then she took out the sugar box. When she opened the sugar box, she was surprised and said, 'ah, why is there less sugar?' I listened and laughed, 'what's the matter? Where's the sugar? ' Mother stared at me. " Let me hide. " I said proudly that my mother was angry and ordered me to take out the sugar. Not only confiscated the sugar, but also fined me not to eat sugar for a week.

It seems that disobedience will pay a price! I still remember it clearly. The weather is sunny. I sit here and think of my naughty childhood.

Once, my mother bought me some beautiful and lovely little goldfish. The eyes are big, the body is colorful, and the tail is transparent. From time to time, it will emit a weak light.

It was dimly bright. The first thing I did after I got up was to see my goldfish babies swimming and chasing in the water. How happy they look, how happy they are. I was very happy to see them, and I went to school happily.

Whenever night falls, I go to my room and play with the little goldfish. Sometimes, I put my finger on the goldfish, and the goldfish ran away, which made me laugh; Sometimes I catch the tail of a goldfish and throw it from a high place. Who wins? hear nothing of; Sometimes, I throw small things on the little goldfish, but the little goldfish is very clever and avoids at once. Unconvinced, I threw again and finally hit a goldfish. You can't be proud! Modesty makes one progress, and pride makes one lag behind. Continue & hellip& hellip;

After a week, three goldfish died at once, and another day, two more died. I think I used to toss them too much. After that, I didn't play little goldfish anymore. However, two days later, several small goldfish died.

Because of my naughtiness, these little goldfish left life early. Composition about childhood fun: childhood fun composition 400 words childhood, a happy song, a beautiful dream, a cup of bitter or sweet coffee. In the long river of memory, childhood is like an illusory legend, which makes people experience it and never forget it. Childhood is the most wonderful, childish and vivid thing.

The riverside of my hometown was my childhood paradise. He brought me more laughter than once or twice. The river in winter is covered with thick ice. Find a thunder and ask grandpa to light it and throw it on the ice. Maybe the ice will be intact. I still remember exploring on the ice with my sister regardless of the beating and scolding of adults! That scene, that scene, can be called soul stirring. The river in spring is not as ice as in winter. Father-in-law the sun came to persuade ice and snow, and finally persuaded the cold heart of ice and snow. Butterfly bees use their bees to surround the butterfly array to spread pollen for the charming flowers. Looking at those beautiful butterflies, I really have an impulse to rush up and catch one! In summer, put a mat on the Bank of the river to see how some big children swimming in the river make & lsquo; Poop poop & rsquo; Sounds like summer sonatas. On the mat, I listened to the famous stories told by the old man who was also enjoying the cool by the river. On a summer night, you can bring out the small bed and put it at the door, so you can lie on it and look up at the stars & hellip& hellip; In autumn, the fallen leaves all over the mountains have become our playthings.

Ah, childhood! I can't forget the river in my hometown, and I can't forget those happy things in my childhood! 50 word composition of childhood anecdotes: an unforgettable 150 word composition of childhood anecdotes. The years are unforgiving. Unconsciously, I have spent 11 spring and autumn. I miss the comfortable days in kindergartens and hope to go back to the past.

I remember the day I just went to kindergarten. I would rather die than surrender. I drilled under the table, climbed on the ground and cried loudly. The teacher said helplessly, 'come back next year!'

In summer, I took a small chair and offered to go to kindergarten to my mother. When I got to the kindergarten, the teacher was preparing for class, and I immediately quarreled. The teacher drew a banana on the blackboard and asked the children to say what it was. Other children said it was a banana with one voice. I was the only one who said it was the moon. Everyone laughed. I said in wonder, 'it's the moon?! Crooked, yellow! "

When I got home, I was scolded by my father and mother. Hey, who told me not to study in the first half of the year! When I was a child, I spent most of my time at my grandmother's house, which lived in a small village next to Xinli Lake in Changchun. There are mountains and water, and I had a good and happy time in my childhood.

The village is surrounded by green mountains and trees. In summer, the water in front of the door flows day and night. It's very comfortable to catch loach and tadpoles inside. Looking up, in the dense pine forest on the distant mountain, there are several cows eating grass leisurely. All kinds of unknown birds fly up and down, chirp, compare with colorful butterflies and colorful flowers. In addition, the sun father-in-law sprinkled a little gold from the gap between the trees. The mountains are really beautiful! Xinli lake on the other side of the mountain is like a pearl of Spring City, flowing under the blue sky and white clouds.

There are several vines planted in front of grandma's house. Every summer, the vines happily climb to the eaves and grow green and transparent leaves. A string of grapes are hanging from some vines, purple. Especially in the morning, it is covered with crystal dew. At this time, I involuntarily moved a small stool and stood on it to pick grapes, but how can I pick grapes with such a high grape rack? Saliva will flow out from time to time, which is really greedy! At this time, if grandma saw it, she would help me take it off and let me eat enough at a time. So I like Grandma best.

It was a hot noon. It was as hot as a fire outside. Frogs squatted under lotus leaves to enjoy the cool. Little fish swam under the cool water, and I had to rest under the grape trellis in a small flower skirt. Because it was too hot for me to sleep, I shouted to my grandmother to play with me. My grandmother didn't want to take me out in the hot weather. I kept making trouble next to my grandmother, either pulling my hair, clothes and arms. Grandma had no choice but to take me to the mountains. By the way, I picked up the small bamboo basket at the door. To the mountains, as if everything is my world. Running, jumping and catching birds. Grandma stopped me and asked me to follow her closely, but I left her sight again.

Because the valley ahead is full of dandelions, and small yellow flowers bloom all over the valley. I ran forward and picked one here and another. There were too many! I put all the flowers I picked together and called grandma to come quickly because the small bamboo basket was in grandma's hand. When grandma came, I put all the flowers I picked into a small bamboo basket and stuffed it full. Looking at my busy sample, grandma smiled and I smiled too.

Childhood life is beautiful. Every day at Grandma's house is happy. I miss my childhood, the mountains and rivers there, and grandma. Composition about childhood fun: my childhood fun composition 400 words my childhood fun sounds bad, but it's not out of bad intentions.

The first interesting thing is that when I went to the playground just after dinner in kindergarten, I saw a classmate with a big mouth. I was surprised when I didn't pay attention to it. I put the balloon sent by the teacher in his mouth and squeezed it with my hands. The purpose was to make it fly, but he bit my balloon and made me cry. How's it going? Isn't it funny?

The second interesting thing is that if you eat other people's food, especially rice, it will be disgusting. But when I heard this, I was very curious. At lunch, I put a lot of meat into his bowl while my classmate went to the bathroom. But who knows, after he came back to eat, he didn't feel sick, but ate delicious. I lost control and laughed, causing the whole class to look at me and making me shy to put the bowl.

The third interesting thing is that we participated in a competition. Although I can't remember the name, I tied a knot between my feet with a red scarf. The test was to be united, but after school, I saw two students next to each other with a little space between them. I ran there and fell to the ground with my limbs