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Smile in the face of setbacks

Face setbacks with a smile.

The blue sky, sooner or later there will be dark clouds, that is a setback! There will always be stumbling blocks on the road to success, which is also a setback! The runway of life, there will often be hurdle obstacles, that is still a setback!

Once, there were two children in the countryside. The two children were a pair of very good friends. They were also classmates. The results of the two children were particularly good and praised by the teacher. One day, they began to take an exam. One didn't sleep well the next day, but the other fell asleep in class because of an accident at home. When they closed the paper, they didn't write at all. They blamed themselves and lost heart & hellip& hellip;

It is inevitable that some things in life are not satisfactory. In the face of setbacks, there are generally two ways: first, avoid setbacks because of fear of setbacks. The second is to face setbacks bravely and overcome them. Often the first one is chosen by more people, then the final result of choosing that road can only be failure.

The story continues:

The two rural students did this: the first felt that he didn't do well in the exam and was afraid of the next exam, so he began to study unintentionally and began to avoid setbacks. Gradually, he began to indulge himself and his grades became worse and worse. The other, he thought, was only the failure of one exam and could not affect the second exam. He was also worried that the next exam would be very poor, so he worked harder to study and review, and his grades were better than the original.

The story of these two students tells us that don't be afraid of setbacks and don't let setbacks catch your death. Should learn to face, to face setbacks, to overcome setbacks. Not to let the setback strangle your neck, but to strangle the neck of the setback and grasp the death hole of the setback!

Some people used to ask me what to do when I encounter setbacks? My answer is that I will choose to face and overcome setbacks with a smile. She asked me why? I told her the story of two rural children and told her: if I am afraid of setbacks, I can never overcome setbacks for so long, or even be defeated by setbacks, then I will first choose to face setbacks, understand setbacks, and then overcome setbacks. Although it is not easy to overcome them, I still won't regret it, because I know that if I face setbacks, Sooner or later, setbacks will be subdued by you, but if you escape setbacks, avoidance is not eternal. When new setbacks come, they will naturally lose in the hands of setbacks! I smiled and she smiled & hellip& hellip;

In the blue sky, dark clouds may appear one after another, but after the rain, the warmth of the sun will usher in! On the road to success, there may be stumbling blocks, but after falling, step on the stumbling blocks, which is the stepping stone on your road to success! There will often be hurdle obstacles on the runway of life. If you want to learn to step bravely in the past, what is about to usher in is flowers and applause!

Grade 1: Meng Susu smiles in the face of setbacks. Dear students:

Hello, everyone. The topic of my speech today is "smiling in the face of setbacks".

Today is September x, the beginning of our new school year and the third day of the new junior high school. Perhaps, in this year, we will pay incalculable hardships, but at the same time, we will harvest the joy after success and the depression after setbacks. Smiling in the face of setbacks is the magic weapon for us to win in this academic year. Only by smiling all the time can you hold up your confidence, raise the sail of self-confidence, and work hard all the time to make you a warrior in front of difficulties!

Edison failed countless times in order to study; Madame Curie suffered many setbacks for the successful development of 'radium'; Yuan Longping suffered unimaginable blows for 'Hybrid Rice'. However, they survived. They smiled and succeeded.

If we regard the difficulties we encounter now as the biggest setback in life, it is just a fuss. Our understanding of setbacks is like the hazy ignorance of love. The real setbacks may be thousands or thousands of times more complex than our current situation. Look at Lincoln's life, you will understand what is called true frustration and the power of smile.

Abraham & middot; Lincoln, 16th president of the United States: 22 years old, business failure. At the age of 23, he failed to run for Parliament. At the age of 24, the business failed again. 25 years old, elected member. At the age of 26, his lover died. 27 years old, mental breakdown. At the age of 29, he failed to run for state speaker. At the age of 37, he was elected to the house of Representatives. At the age of 39, the congressman failed to be re elected. The content of this page is pushed for you by "". At the age of 46, he failed to run for senator. At the age of 47, he failed to run for vice president. At the age of 49, he failed again to run for senator. At the age of 51, he was elected president of the United States.

Balzac said: 'things in the world are never absolute, and the results vary from person to person. Suffering is a stepping stone for genius, a wealth for capable people, and an abyss for the weak.' We should smile in the face of setbacks and failures. For the strong in life, setbacks are the stepping stone forever.

Napoleon said, 'the best way to avoid failure is to be determined to succeed next time.' It can be seen that the courage to face setbacks is drawn from a smile. We can't just stay in the pain of failure and make an indifferent struggle. Firmly believe that your pain is only the past, and tomorrow is full of hope! Smile, face setbacks and meet new challenges. In life, there is no eternal winner and no eternal loser!

Smile is like sunshine, bringing warmth to the earth; Smile is like rain and dew, moistening the earth. Smile has the same magic as love, which can make hungry and cold people feel the warmth of the world; It can make people who go into a desperate situation see the hope of life again; Can make the lonely people get spiritual comfort; It can also make people with withered hearts feel emotional moisture. The interpretation of happiness is smile; The meaning of happiness is to smile; The true meaning of warmth is smile; The encouragement of frustration is a smile; The symbol of strength is still a smile. So why don't we smile more in the face of the third day life full of setbacks and arduous journey?

In fact, this will be the first challenge in our life, a journey to challenge all hardships and setbacks.

The meaning of frustration is very broad: every class is called by the teacher, at a loss, is a kind of frustration; When you have more crosses in your homework than others, it is a setback; In PE class, it is also a setback when your skills are much worse than others; After the exam, your triple digits are lower than those at your same level, which is also a setback.

After setbacks appear, you can ignore the intersection of your inner feelings, seize your inner confidence and optimistic power, think calmly and face calmly!

Students, life is composed of many setbacks. The sunshine of life comes from everyone's indomitable and indomitable spirit of struggle. Rather than submit to being a slave to setbacks, be its master. This is our mission!

Every setback is a wealth. When we successfully overcome the setback and accumulate rich experience, we will fight bravely in the future high school entrance examination room and even in our whole life!

Students, believe in practice! Smiling in the face of setbacks is your best choice!

Thank you. My speech is over. Composition on setbacks: start with a smile and have the courage to face setbacks 1100 words where there is no scenery in life.

If the setback is the thorn, the smile is the noble lily.

If failure is that steep cliff, that smile is the flat Sunshine Avenue.

If melancholy is the cold winter, then smile is the warm early spring.

If someone asks you, 'how do you understand & lsquo; Smile & rsquo; How should I smile? " How should you answer? Yes, 'smile' is only two words, but it's hard to grasp. Spittler said: 'smile is a language with multiple meanings.' Smile is the most beautiful silent language in the world. Smile is the most moving expression of human beings.

I once read such a message in the newspaper: 'a talented billiards player was originally a popular player in a game. However, because he drove away an annoying fly, he met the white ball and lost a chance to pool. He was in a bad mood and didn't want to play, but his opponent scored frequently because of this opportunity. In the end, he lost the game. Later, he committed suicide at home. " Lose one chance, it doesn't matter, there's another time; Lose a game, it doesn't matter, there's the next one; But if you lose your life, is there another time?

Some people don't know how to replace it with a smile when they are sad; And some people, they know how to put down their sadness and smile again.

One of the top ten people who moved China in 2006 was Huang Ge, who was diagnosed with 'congenital muscular dystrophy' when he was seven years old. The longest life record of similar patients is only 18 years old. Eighteen years old, it is a time of youth! Facing such a heavy blow, Huang Ge was also sad and sad, but he soon cheered up and faced it with optimism and smile. Finally, he chose gratitude. In 2003, he and his father embarked on a journey of gratitude. People evaluate him like this: 'he is like a candle abandoned by fate. When a kind man lights it, it burns happily. The countdown to life pulls people's heartstrings. On the road of life, he is a sunshine boy!' Yes, sadness and tears are the manifestation of cowardice. The real strong are those who smile to face the difficulties of life.

Through the ages, Gou Jian, the king of Yue, endured humiliation, endured hardships and tasted bravery, and finally got revenge; Helen & middot; Keller, when her life hit a wall in the dark, it was the teacher's smile that made her feel the warmth of the sun and become a great writer admired by thousands of people; Sima Qian, Li Bai, Tao Yuanming, Hawking & hellip& hellip; They all smile to face pain, shame, misfortune and loneliness & hellip& hellip; To create so many masterpieces that have been handed down to this day.

We can't lose our smile, just as birds can't lose their wings, flowers can't lose their fragrance, and fish can't lose the sea.

It's a good thing to start with a smile. Start with a smile, no matter the way is full of thorns, it will accompany you all the way. Start with a smile, whether you are ridiculed or ridiculed by people, it will support you all the way. Start with a smile, no matter the result is sour, sweet or bitter, it will not give you up. Because the power of a smile is great.

Please let us keep the radian of the corners of our mouths and calmly face all things that are about to happen or have already happened. Since you have already experienced the baptism of wind and rain, why should you be stingy with that expression. Where there is no scenery in life, but smile is an indispensable scenery in the world. If you start with a smile, you will reap with a smile.

Grade two of Nancun middle school, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province: Liu Xiaoyun's composition on setbacks: face failure with a smile 800 words. On the way of life, we will inevitably encounter all kinds of setbacks. Pain and frustration, success and failure, happiness and sadness & hellip& hellip; After suffering setbacks, the best way is to face them with a smile