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The composition of Beijing travel notes is 400 words

Finally, it was summer vacation. My mother and I decided to visit Beijing, which made me very happy. I was so excited that I didn't sleep well for several days. On July 3, we embarked on a journey to Beijing.

There are so many places of interest in Beijing! We visited Tiananmen Square, the world's largest city square, the world's best preserved Royal Palace, the Forbidden City, the model of royal mausoleum, the Dingling mausoleum and the Royal Garden in the Ming Tombs, the summer palace, the bird's nest and water cube in the Olympic Park, and experienced the sanctity of Peking University and Tsinghua University Institutions of higher learning respected by thousands of people, Boarded the magnificent Great Wall and realized the promise that "less than the Great Wall is not a hero". The beautiful Beidaihe is the last stop of our trip. Beidaihe is also my favorite place.

Beidaihe River, morning and evening 'character' is not the same. At low tide, it will be as gentle and lovely as a rabbit, and at high tide, it will roar and toss like a lion. You see, how clear the sea is! There are scattered small shells in the sand at the bottom of the sea. They are colorful and countless. Walking in the shallow sea, look, the little shells are 'dancing' around you! Some of them jump gently, others stay in the water motionless and enjoy this wonderful 'performance'!

I had a good time treading waves, building sand castles and picking up shells with some friends. Sometimes we can touch jellyfish and jellyfish in the water. We put the spoils we touched into the small bucket. Soon the bucket was full, and a happy smile appeared on our faces.

Beautiful Beijing is so beautiful! I haven't had enough. I'll come next time I have a chance. Summer vacation travel notes travel to Beijing Garden Expo Park composition 100 words

During the summer vacation, our class visited the Expo Park under the leadership of Mr. Yang, and gained a lot.

Let's go to gate 3 first. A building with the shape of a dragon pounced on us. On his high faucet was written the 9th China (Beijing) International Garden Expo.

In the teacher's loud whistle, we visited the main exhibition hall, Beijing Garden, Taiwan Garden, Ningxia garden, etc. we also enjoyed the float performance, water dance show and music fountain performance.

When I came to the Expo Park, I not only saw the beautiful scenery, but also saw the full application of the most advanced green environmental protection technology products here.

Six Beijing amusement park roaming composition 550 words Beijing amusement park roaming

At dawn, we started from home and drove for about two hours to Beijing amusement park.

As soon as I got off the bus, I saw the big characters' Beijing amusement park '. Happily, I looked at the sea of people in the amusement park and couldn't wait to buy tickets.

After buying the tickets, we entered the gate and I saw my favorite project - the carousel. I jumped onto a white horse like a little rabbit. Facing the spring breeze, with the gentle music, Trojans spin up and down. I seem to ride a white horse on the vast grassland & hellip& hellip; The music stopped and I finished my first project. But with my character, I won't easily meet this project, so I went to take a pirate ship again. The pirate ship shook up, and I said easily, 'the pirate ship is just like this! What's terrible? Before the words fell, the pirate ship suddenly shook violently, and I felt as if I had suddenly gone to the West.

When I got off the pirate ship, my stomach began to 'coo'. I thought: Although I'm here to play today, don't hurt my stomach. Then we took a big bite of bread & hellip& hellip; After dinner, I patted my bulging stomach before finishing lunch. I ran forward again.

I saw the 'speed Cool Bear' and I really fell in love with it at first sight. So I 'fly' up and remember my seat belt. At the beginning, it started very slowly, and then went up along the track. Suddenly, it seemed to be joking with me and rushed down at the speed of 18000 miles a second. At the moment, just listening to a scream, my heart was about to jump out. " It's so exciting! " My sister and I shouted at the same time.

Then I finished the dazzling 'swivel chair', the flying 'torrent' and the frightening 'grade jump' & hellip& hellip;

The food ran out, the water dried up, and the sun was going down. I reluctantly walked out of the amusement park and looked back at the big words' amusement park '. I suddenly remembered that I had not taken a group photo with the amusement park, so I picked up the camera and took some photos to record this happy day. Summer travel notes -- Beijing seven day travel composition 3000 words ha ha, I get up at 7 o'clock every day and leave at 5 o'clock today, because -- I'm going to Beijing!

WOW! When we arrived, we settled the breakfast first, got in dad's car and set off for the airport. Just after dawn, several remnant stars were inlaid on the blue sky curtain in twos and threes. The sun was still hiding behind the mountain and didn't want to rise, but several lines of impatient glimmer had been revealed, covering the earth with a thin silver yarn. The city that had not yet awakened showed a bit of silence. Some trees that I can't name were planted beside the road. In this early summer morning, they neatly stood upright, like rows of well-equipped guards, protecting the rare tranquility of the city from being broken by the noise of cars.

The airport is here. After seeing the group members and passing the layers of security inspection, we got on the plane. The plane took off soon. After two and a half hours of sailing, we arrived in Beijing, the capital of our motherland. After getting off the plane, we found the guide of our trip to Beijing. We got on the bus and began to visit immediately. As soon as I got out of the airport, the heat wave came head-on, because Guangzhou is still cloudy and rainy these days. I'm not used to being so hot all of a sudden.

The first stop is the Lama Temple. This was built by Emperor Kangxi in 1694. After completion, it was given to his fourth son Prince Yong. Yongzheng died in 1735, and the coffin was parked here. Later, Emperor Qianlong was born here. Therefore, the Yonghe palace became a 'Dragon hidden blessing place' because of the emergence of two emperors. Later, it was changed into a lama temple until now.

Stroll through a broad Boulevard and come to the Zhaotai gate of the Yonghe palace. After entering Zhaotai gate, it is a relatively spacious square with bell tower, Drum Tower and octagonal stele Pavilion on both sides. The pointed Pavilion is particularly unique. There are also several old trees with luxuriant branches and leaves. Hundreds of years have passed in a hurry. They have grown slowly from a small tree here until now. I stood in the whirling shadow of the tree, as if it were another generation: the Manchu maids in robes were busy, and Prince Yong strolled under the tree; Qianlong was born, grew up under meticulous care, and then naturally inherited the throne; Later, it was changed into a lama temple, with an endless stream of incense. It was interrupted when the Qing Dynasty perished. Later, the incense was rekindled, but the people who lit it were no longer wearing Mandarin jackets and robes, but wearing shirts, suits and trousers.

They witnessed the rise and fall of a dynasty, but they were silent; Or their whispers that I can't understand or hear? Here, at this time, to me, it is admiration, admiration and emotion; It is only a drop in the ocean in a long time, which is really insignificant. I suddenly found myself so small.

Go inside and come to the heavenly king's palace. A delicate plaque hung in the center of the gate of the heavenly king's hall. I looked carefully and recognized only three correct Chinese characters: Yonghe gate. These three words are written by Emperor Qianlong. The 'Yonghe gate' written in three other languages, namely Tibetan, Manchu and Mongolian, was also stamped with a jade seal, which was enough to see the emperor's attention to it at that time.

Through a temple, in front of another temple. The architectural style here reminds me of 'how deep is the courtyard'. The Lama Temple is composed of many large and small halls. Buddhist statues are enshrined in each hall. Many people insert three columns of incense here to worship. The whole Lama Temple overflows with a strong smell of incense. It is said that there is a special God here, so I knelt down three times in front of almost every Buddha statue. Although the action is not standard and there is no incense, I believe that sincerity is the spirit.

After leaving the Lama Temple, the next stop is the temple of heaven. At the gate of the temple of Heaven Park, I looked at the map and found that the huge temple of Heaven Park was square in the South and semicircular in the north. Why? With the introduction of the tour guide, I learned that the ancients paid attention to the 'round sky and place', so they built the temple of heaven into this shape.

Climbing the steps made of white marble, I saw a great hall with the potential to lift the sky: Gold Plated top, blue tiles and red columns, and colorful gold and jade. Yes, this is the famous New Year prayer hall! The hall for praying for new year does not use girders and long purlins, but only nanmu columns and fangjue are connected to support the roof. The ancients were very particular about numbers, which was well reflected in the hall of praying for new years: there were 28 nanmu columns in the hall, and the number arrangement was in line with the sky: the four strong and exquisite dragon columns in the center symbolized the four seasons; The 12 gold pillars in the middle circle symbolize twelve months of a year, the 12 giant pillars in the outer layer symbolize twelve hours of a day, the middle and outer layers together symbolize twenty-four solar terms, and a total of 28 pillars in the three layers symbolize twenty-eight seasons. I can't help lamenting the wisdom of the ancients.

Out of the valley praying altar is a long corridor made of white marble. The corridor is in the shape of a square from the East brick gate to the slaughter Pavilion in the northeast. There are 72 rooms in total, corresponding to 36 columns in the hall of praying for new year, symbolizing 72 Disha. The corridor is also divided into several roads. The widest one is for the Jade Emperor, the narrower one is only for the emperor, and the narrowest one is for the ministers. Hundreds of years ago, now no matter who you are, you can walk on the road of the Jade Emperor, trample on it at will, and throw rubbish and spit everywhere; This is in sharp contrast to the spotless avenue that the emperor dared not walk. It is reasonable to say that people's quality should be higher and higher with the passage of time, but how can it be the opposite?

What impressed me most was the echo wall. I've heard the magic of echo wall for a long time. I can finally try it this time! I asked my mother to stand on one side, and I shouted on the other side, but I was almost hoarse, and my mother still shook her head blankly. What's going on? I read the book that the reason why the echo wall can echo so far away is that the wall is made of polished bricks, which is very smooth and smooth, and the radian is soft, which is conducive to the regular refraction of sound waves. In addition, the upper end of the wall is covered with glazed tiles, so that the sound waves will not disappear sporadically, resulting in the echo effect of the echo wall. The most important thing is that the wall must be very smooth, otherwise the sound wave cannot be transmitted. Now look at the echo wall, which is engraved with the names of various languages and unknown symbols! Some of these are carved during the period of the Eight Power Allied forces, and more are carved by tourists. The echo wall loses its smoothness and naturally loses its echo effect. Originally, this was a wonderful flower in the famous Chinese architecture, which was destroyed! Isn't that sad?

At the end of my first day in Beijing, I still have more to say. In the hotel, looking at the similar but different lights outside the window, I recall what I saw today and what I look forward to tomorrow. On the night of early summer in Beijing, it was silent. In this silence, I fell asleep & hellip& hellip;

June 30, 2013, Beijing: Yin

First arrival at Tiananmen Square