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Zhou Ji 500 words: an unforgettable little thing

Sunday, August 28, XX weather: Sunny

There's a little thing that makes me blush now. It was a Sunday afternoon. The weather was very good. The sun was all over the earth without any wind. My good friend Liu Yinfei asked me to play table tennis in the street paradise. I happily agreed. We soon came to the table tennis table and couldn't wait to play. Liu Yinfei first welcomes to pay attention to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. Serve, I quickly go to catch the ball, you come and go, the ball is flying between us, our eyes are staring at the little white ball, and our head swings back and forth with the ball. After a few rounds, we were both in a tie, sweating with heat. At this time, an old man came over with a smile and said, "little classmate, let me have a try, OK?" I quickly handed the racket to the old man. He was really good at it. He took a horizontal racket to cut the ball. The ball spun and flew to the other side like a demon. As soon as it touched the other side's racket, I didn't know where to fly. You come to me, grandpa is chopping, smashing and hanging ball, which makes the other party very embarrassed. It seems that Grandpa's victory is in sight, but the other party is helpless. When he was about to win the next game, Grandpa suddenly hit a side ball, hit the ball on the ground and flew far. At this time, the master waved his hand and asked me to pick up the ball. I don't think I know you. I'm not my relative. Why should I pick up the ball for you. I stood there motionless, pretending not to understand what he meant. The old man was not angry, so he had to run to get the ball back. At this time, I saw that the grandpa was so hard to pick up the ball. He was panting and sweating when he ran back. Suddenly, my face flushed with shame. Isn't it to pick up a small table tennis ball? I'm not asked to move mountains or go to the sea. Why don't I go? What a shame! Although grandpa didn't say anything about me, I felt very unhappy. He always taught us to help others and strive to be "three good students". Am I qualified? On the way home, the joy of playing has been driven away by the shame, as if he had done something sorry for others. I secretly made up my mind to accept this lesson. In the future, I must respect the old and love the young, do more good deeds, start bit by bit, and be a primary school student who loves learning, labor and doing well.