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My favorite book

My favorite book praises people's beautiful hearts. The story of this book is sometimes moving and sometimes makes people laugh. It is Anne of Green Gables written by Canadian writer Montgomery.

The general content of this book is: Anne and Shirley's parents have not been with her since childhood. Her kind neighbors raised her to the age of 6 and sent her to an orphanage. Matthew and Marilla, who live on the Green Gable Island, adopted her. Marilla severely educated Anne. She went to school, was also a capable little girl at home, and met Diana. Soon, Annie got sincere friendship because of her honest and pure character. She and Diana are good friends who are inseparable from each other. Annie made a lot of jokes because of her innocence, liveliness and fantasy. She studied hard and was admitted to a famous university. After Matthew was knocked down, Annie gave up the University in order to take care of the sick and lonely Marilla, He became a primary school teacher in his hometown.

When Matthew and Marilla adopted Anne, I realized their kindness; In what happened to Anne and Diana, I realized their pure friendship; When Anne studied hard, I realized her strong ambition; When Marilla severely educated Anne, I realized her good intentions & hellip& hellip;

On the street, a little girl in shabby clothes looked at the passers-by with begging eyes, but no one pitied her and stopped to give her money I asked her about her. It turned out that the little girl's father died and her mother fell ill recently. She had to give up her study and come here to beg for medical treatment for her mother. I thought of Annie, who was somewhat similar to her life experience, and gave her all the money she brought. Pedestrians also praised the little girl's filial piety and helped her.

This is the inspiration and help brought to me by Anne of Green Gables. My favorite book "education of love" has 2000 words. I love books, I read, I love books, I taste books, I love books, I change books. Since you want to become a book, you must become the best. My stomach should at least have the world-famous' original version ', and some unknown but beautiful articles to greatly improve the taste of readers. Classic works can give people enlightenment. Can ignite the light of people's wisdom. Among the classic works I have read, I like the book "education of love" best. A story in the book once deeply moved me. It is about a child named lobetti who saw a car crashing against a junior girl after school. Seeing this, he rushed to the car recklessly. He pushed the child out, but his own foot was crushed. After reading this, I was shocked by lobetti's brave behavior and moved by his spirit of sacrificing oneself to save others. Therefore, I secretly determined to be a good student who sacrificed myself to save others《 Education of love is a book written by the Italian writer amiches. This book is based on the diary of a little boy, amritco, to reflect the campus life of caring and helping each other. The text of the book is simple and simple, and describes extremely ordinary characters. However, it reveals the sincere feelings between people, which makes people moved. On that day, the students of our class were exercising downstairs. When everyone was having a good time, I suddenly saw a group of tall and strong boys bullying a junior girl in a corner of the playground. My little sister was scared into a ball. Seeing this, I quickly stopped and dared not go forward, because I was afraid that the boys would notice me. I just wanted to slip away, but in front of me, there was lobetti. He rushed under the wheel and pushed the little girl away. This scene once excited me. Don't I just want to be as brave and helpful as he is? Why should I escape? I rushed up bravely and said to the boys, 'are you ashamed to bully a little girl in the corner?' Those boys were stunned when they heard what I said, but when they saw that I was a girl, they immediately bullied again and said, 'you can't manage our affairs.' I was so angry that I said loudly, 'well, I can't control it. I'll go to the teacher.' Those boys were frightened when they heard what I said and ran away. I protected my little sister. The little sister said to me in tears, 'thank you, big sister.' My heart is sweeter than honey. I not only helped a little sister, but also I became brave, which is the strength given to me by lobetti. But I have never heard of the story in the 'monthly story'. Patriotic 'little sentry' and 'young drummer', I was deeply moved by their spirit of completing the task even if they sacrificed their lives; ' The copywriter 'endured the misunderstanding of his father and teachers and silently copied envelopes for his father to earn money to support his family;' The father's caregiver 'looked after a patient who was not his father until the last moment of his life and selflessly gave his son's love to a strange' father ' In the passenger ship crash, the Italian boy left his last hope to another girl just because 'you have a father and a mother, I'm alone'; What moved me most was the Andes. The story is very long, nearly 20000 words. It is about the extraordinary experience of a 13-year-old boy looking for his mother. He sailed on the sea for 27 days, took a boat for three days and four nights, took a train for another day, continued to take an ox cart for 20 days, and then climbed over the Andes on foot. The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". He appeared in front of his mother when she was critically ill, which ignited her hope for life, and he saved his mother. In May's diary -- the story of marcol looking for his mother. The book tells that marcol's mother decided to work as a servant in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, where the 13-year-old Italian's parents owed foreign debt. When my mother first left, she kept in touch with her family. But since marcol's mother wrote last time that she was feeling unwell, she lost contact with her family. Letters sent by various means at home are also dead. I can't get my mother's letter. It's even colder at home. The father and son washed their faces with tears every day. Marcol thought of his mother and thought he was ill. Finally, mark, 13, volunteered to find his mother. Marcol's persistence made his father reluctantly believe that he would succeed. With everything ready, marcol began his journey of finding his mother. On the way, he experienced all kinds of difficulties and dangers, tasted the ups and downs of life, and I don't know how long it took. With marcol's unremitting efforts and people's help, he finally found his mother who was dying and had lost hope of survival. With the help of the doctor, his mother was saved, and mark and his mother finally met again & hellip& hellip; Reading this, I can't help but respect marcol's deep love for his mother. Think about yourself again. He was about the same age as marcol, but he seemed so ignorant and so small. Sometimes when a little thing happens, he sprinkles fire on his mother. It's too bad & hellip& hellip; Care and help are indispensable in our life, whether in society, school or family. When you are ill, you need care and help. When you are in trouble, you need more care and help. Many things can prove everything with facts. This book not only let me feel love, but also let me know a lot of truth in life. Whenever I do something wrong, as long as I think of my uncle's education in the book, I can control myself and correct my mistakes. I deeply feel from this book: how much people need to care for and help each other! If there is no love in the world, the world will become ruthless; If everyone gives a love, the world will become a better place《 Education of love is really a must read classic in life. Let's have a look! Author introduction: Egypt & middot; De amiches is an Italian novelist and patriot during the national rejuvenation movement. Since childhood, he yearned for military camp life and participated in the third war of independence to unify Italy. During his military life, he wrote some short stories with patriotic flavor, became famous in one fell swoop after publishing, and embarked on the road of literary creation from then on. In order to gain rich life experience, he traveled to many countries in Europe and Asia and wrote many travel notes, such as Spain, the Netherlands, American travel notes, memories of Sicily, etc. The 10 years from 1879 to 1889 were the golden period of Amish's creation. He wrote many works on social themes, among which the education of love published in 1886 made his creative career reach the peak.

Five, my favorite book, if you give me three days of light, 650 words' books are the ladder of human progress'.

I like the book "if you give me three days of light" best. It is the American scholar Helen & middot; Keller's autobiography. This book mainly tells that little Helen, only one year old and nine months old, was ruthlessly robbed of her hearing and vision by a serious illness, which made her lively and healthy always keep company with darkness and loneliness. The silent world brought her too much helplessness and fear. But the arrival of Mr. Sullivan changed the poor girl's fate. Since then, under the guidance of her teachers, the care of her relatives and her own unremitting efforts, little Helen has reached the peak of success step by step.

We should learn from Helen and her strong, optimistic and never give up spirit. While learning from Helen, we should also care about the disabled around us. As long as warmth and love last forever, everyone will be as gorgeous as a rainbow.

Mark & middot; Twain once said: 'there were two outstanding figures in the 19th century, one was Napoleon and the other was Helen & middot; Keller. " If Napoleon was a hero in the troubled times of France, Helen was a warrior in life; If Napoleon is the winner on the battlefield, Helen is the messenger of light who refuses to bow to fate and is determined to disperse the darkness of life. Helen learned English, French, Latin and other languages and created more than 14 creation works; How much hard work and sweat have you paid behind the gorgeous rainbow? In the face of great setbacks, Helen always faced the test of fate with a strong and optimistic attitude, overcome her own defects with a firm will, and fought against fate by relying on her persistent pursuit of happiness. There is no rainbow without wind and rain. With his unremitting efforts, he finally broke through the darkness and loneliness of life and wrote an immortal song of life.

There is no smooth road to success in life. You can only go your own way. When you fall, get up and go. Human life is like this, full of ups and downs and thorns. As long as you have the confidence of persistent pursuit and the spirit of brave struggle, even if you experience hardships, you will always have a successful day. This is a complete life. Weather beaten soldiers dare to gallop on the unpredictable grassland! The petrels that have been bathed in the wind and rain dare to dance on the sea! Only the lonely Eagle dare to soar in the sky filled with dark clouds!

If you give me three days of light, this book makes me understand that a person's success does not depend on his living conditions, but