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Care for others

When it comes to helping others, I have many things: helping others pick up garbage and helping the elderly cross the road... But what I remember most is helping my mother wipe the floor.

On the 30th day of this year, my family came back for the new year. There are grandpa, grandma, aunt and brother.. After dinner, they all went to watch TV. Only my mother and aunt were working. Mom washes dishes and brushes chopsticks... My aunt cleans the table. I help next to her. I see my aunt cleans the table, but the ground is very dirty. The aunt was about to take the mop. When her mother saw it, she grabbed it and said, "you must be very tired after a busy day. Go and have a rest. " Then I thought, "mom has been working hard all day. Let me help her wipe the floor." Thinking of this, I went to my mother and said, "Mom, it's the new year. I'm a year old again. Let me wipe the floor." Mother looked up at me and said, "OK."

I wipe the floor like my mother. First wet the mop, then twist the mop, and it will dry with a left and right click. I asked my mother, "is it from the back to the front, or from the front to the back?" Mother said, "wipe from front to back." I picked up the mop and wiped it hard on the ground. The mud on the ground was slowly wiped off by me, and I wiped another piece. In this way, I wiped it brick by brick, and the ground can be photographed. Aunt and mother smiled and said, "well done." I was very happy to hear it. It was sweeter than honey.

Help my mother wipe the floor, let me know: love others and be happy. It's easy to care about others

In life, some things seem very difficult, but as long as you are willing to do them, you will feel that they are actually very simple; Some things seem easy, but they are not easy to do. It seems difficult to care about others, but it will feel so simple and happy!

I remember that after the first entrance examination, the results came out. Jiajia didn't do very well. He was very sad and said to me, "you must have entered the examination this time, right! I did badly in the exam! What shall we do? " I comforted her and said, "Jiajia, don't be sad. This is only the first time! There are two more exams! Let's work together! " After listening to it, she relaxed a lot ·&# 183;&# 183;&# 183;&# 183;&# 183;

In fact, caring for others is not so difficult. Encourage your classmates when they are discouraged; Comfort your brothers and sisters when they are sad; When mom and dad are sick, you send a blessing; When a child wrestles, you pick him up; In ·&# 183;&# 183;&# 183;&# 183;&# 183; In warm words and small actions, you can reveal your care and love for others. These are what they need now. How they hope that someone will help him when they are in trouble; When he loses confidence, someone will encourage him. Even a few trivial concerns are enough for them. composition

Caring for others is reflected in a small inadvertent action; It was revealed in a warm blessing. What a happy, sweet and warm thing it is for them! Light a heart lamp for others?? My friends had already fallen asleep. I sat alone in front of the computer and carefully browsed an email sent by a student in my mailbox. This is something I have to do every day. Before going to bed, open my mailbox and listen to their hearts. Through my mailbox, I can communicate a feeling, enhance an understanding and connect a trust. Most of my emails are literary emails from friends I haven't met. Sometimes I have to receive four or five letters a day. Some of these emotional emails are about the depression in their hearts, some are the pain caused by lovelorn, and some run away from home because they can't get the understanding of their parents. For these heart complaints, I will reply almost every letter. Even if I am busy and hard, I will take time to light a heart lamp for them with my true feelings and feelings about life.?? However, today's email is very special. It was sent by a girl named Rongrong in Liaoning. She is 24 years old. She has graduated from university and now works in an enterprise. She didn't know my identity from anywhere. She hoped to make the hatred between her and her father public with the help of my pen. She wanted people all over the world to know why, as a father, she was so crazy. She not only didn't fulfill the responsibility of being a father, but also threw away her wife and instigated people in the society to beat her own daughter and enjoy her own prosperity and wealth.? Rongrong's letter is full of 10000 words, and the text is very delicate. In her letter, she told me that her father was a policeman of the County Public Security Bureau. In 2003, after her father had an affair, she tried to cheat her mother to divorce him. That year, she was still a college student. After his parents divorced, his father lived with a woman ten years younger than him. Mother for her, with their own sick body to support the family a day, put up with all kinds of hardships to train her into an adult. Since his father abandoned their mother and daughter, he never went back to his hometown to see them, and he didn't even give them a penny of living expenses. When she was admitted to college, she dared to go to her father to ask for tuition. Her father not only didn't give it, but also didn't recognize her daughter. He also scolded her as a wild seed in front of the woman and coaxed her out. In desperation, she found the county women's Federation and turned to the government for help. However, things were far from as beautiful as she thought. The cruel father heard that his daughter had sued him, beat her severely with some gangsters in the society, and intimidated her and her mother. If the trouble continued, he would kill their mother and daughter. After entering the University, she never gave up the complaint against her ruthless father. She found several local media and hoped that the reporter could do her father's evil deeds in the world out of justice. Unfortunately, none of the reporters dared to write a few words except to comfort her. When there was no way, she wrote to the county leaders for help from the government, but she still had "no news like a sea of peas". She was completely disappointed, so she used the Internet to post. When she learned about me from the Internet, she begged me to lend her a helping hand to help her poor girl. She believes that there is justice in the world, and she believes that there are still many good people in the world. Finally, she wrote: if the problem is not solved, she will die with her mother in exchange for her dignity?? After reading Rongrong's letter, I was shocked, but I fell into a kind of confusion and confusion: first, I don't understand why she wrote these things that belong to family secrets to me; Second, why did she make such a rash move to her biological father; Third, what is the purpose of her letter to me? I thought it over and over again and decided to tell her what I thought first. After all, she is still a young girl who is new to society. She should have her own beautiful life. She should set her sights a little wider and not cast an unhealthy shadow on her young heart too early. If so, how can she love the world and how can she face her relatives and friends around her. The principle of life tells me that anyway, since Rongrong believes in me, I have the responsibility to comfort her, give her a blue sky, a bunch of sunshine and a trace of spring breeze, let her suffering heart feel the warmth of winter in the world, and light up a heart lamp for her loss. Therefore, I sincerely and immediately replied to a letter to Rongrong. I hope this letter can be like the sunshine in winter, release a little heat of love for her cold heart, and let her really feel that there are people who care about and love her in the world.?? In fact, we live on this planet like a huge family. We should reflect the good side of human nature, help each other, care for each other, love each other, understand each other, respect each other, encourage each other, and build a harmonious unity. This is especially true when others are in trouble and need help. Because everyone's life can not be plain sailing, both sunshine and wind and rain; Both joy and pain; Both smooth and bumpy; Both understood and framed. Whenever adversity unfolds before our eyes, everyone hopes that at this critical moment, someone can help themselves, rather than being ignored and discriminated against.?? People are part of this society, and diversified human nature constitutes this complex world. It can be said that without people, there is no world. But for a person, he or she does not live in a vacuum. He or she must learn to contact, communicate and communicate with the people around him or her, and integrate into the group, so as to deepen mutual understanding and understanding. Man is a high-level animal, a "reed of thought", an embodiment of wisdom, with truth, goodness and beauty. When there is an ugly side in life, we will naturally stand up and compete with it, because the beauty of human nature always hopes that the world is harmonious and beautiful. So, when our brothers and sisters in this big family have difficulties, can we stand by and remain indifferent??? Criminals are not born to steal, and thieves are not born to steal. When they need protection, help, love and respect, as long as we give a love, a little more care and understanding, and give full play to our light and heat to these people, even a smiling face, a word, a kind look, a cheap handout and a casual call, our world will be full of warmth and love, Full of humanity, full of light.?? I remember a sentence in Caigen Tan: "in case of fraud, move it with sincerity; In case of violent people, fumigate them with harmony; In case of a person who indulges in evil private music, he will be stimulated in the name of integrity; All the world is under my cultivation. " It means that when you meet a cunning and deceitful person, you should move him with a sincere heart; When you meet a violent and grumpy person, you should use a gentle attitude to influence him; When you meet a person who is not upright and selfish, you should stimulate him with righteousness and integrity. If I can do these things, people all over the world will be influenced by my virtues.?? No matter who comes to this world, there are times when they go through detours and lose their way, and they will encounter one kind of misfortune or another. For example, some criminals are not born. The reason why they become criminals is that they have already borne great mental pressure before they want to. He also hopes that at this time, someone can give him guidance and help him free from pain and disappointment, so as to awaken the beauty of others' sex and kindness. But he can't see this. All he sees is indifference, discrimination, or expressionless faces. Therefore, the beauty of his kind human nature was immediately covered by ugliness, turning others' injustice to himself into a flame of hatred and anger, and awakening the world's perception of reality at the cost of extinguishing the fire of his own life.?? Writing here, I think of the Lebanese writer Amin · Rehani said in his article "seeds for Sowers": "everyone has a spark of good, and the ash of error, no matter how thick, can not extinguish the spark. Everyone has a little bit of love and truth