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My future

'future' is a word with infinite fantasy! For the future, we have too much fantasy space. We never know what will happen in the future? But at least we can fantasize, fantasize about a better future. Maybe the future is not what you imagined, but at least your fantasy can be regarded as a beautiful dream! In this dream, you do whatever you want, do everything you want, and be the most perfect you you think! " The future 'is a focus worthy of attention and a climax worthy of our attention!

'future' - full of infinite beauty! Perhaps now the bedroom is a lazy child who doesn't love learning and doesn't listen to his parents. Then I will imagine that I am a diligent, hard-working and clever daughter in the future; Maybe now I am a cowardly, tearful and very timid girl, then I will fantasize that I am a strong, brave and strong woman in the future; Maybe now I am a little sheep bullied by others, then I will fantasize that I am a Wulin expert in the future, and let those people shudder when they hear my name.

'future' -- full of infinite longing! I fantasize that my future will be clear every day, and there will always be a colorful rainbow like a lollipop on the horizon; The place where I work is full of laughter, which has spread far and far; When I go to school to recall the past, I can hear the sound of reading; When I returned to my hometown, what came to my nostrils was the aroma of flowers, the aroma of the earth and the aroma of grass; See the beautiful flowers, the solid earth and the tenacity of the grass; More importantly, the children's laughter!

'future' -- full of infinite success and failure! When a person is born, he is destined to experience suffering and pain, because pain is a compulsory course for people to live in the world! But also accept the joy of success and the tears of gratitude. Maybe you failed the thing you want to do today, but 'failure is the mother of success'. Maybe you will finish what you want to do on that day in the future. There is a song that sings' how can you see a rainbow without going through wind and rain. ' Only after hard work can we see your hard work one day in the future!

Every child has the right to fantasize and dream! These fantasies and dreams need us to realize them one by one in the 'future'. Some people say that the future is an unknown time and space; Some people say that fantasies about the future are empty words. But I think as long as we lay a solid foundation now, establish a clear goal, and always work hard and study hard for this goal. Then the future is not an unknown time and space, and no one will say that the fantasies about the future are empty words!

Let's work hard for that goal in the future! Composition on the future: in the future, under the faint yellow halo of 1100 words, I crawled in front of the desk and threw it in disgust. The 'PA' sound was still abrupt in the quiet air. The books printed with the words' Chinese classical Chinese books' lay in the arms of the earth mother, and it was obvious that they had just been abandoned by his master. I stared at the books on the ground with disgust, frowning as if I saw a gray black mouse. The breeze blowing across my face, through my fingers, lifted layers of white brilliance on the ground, and I gradually fell into confusion & hellip& hellip; As time goes by, it's twenty years. Now I'm an ordinary worker in a factory and a mother of a child. Because I didn't work hard in my early years, I was ruthlessly thrown out in the fierce 'college entrance examination war', and I foolishly wasted a few years of youth. Finally, I burst out of my house in my mother's helplessness, so I set foot on the high-pressure work of seven to nine, leaving aside the non-human grinding of my work, the most fatal thing is that my face is as thin as before, as I love face as before. Here's the thing. At a high school reunion, I walked into the meeting with my head held high, wearing the gorgeous clothes I had borrowed earlier and the jewelry I had just borrowed from my sister-in-law. The corner of my eye looked at the envious eyes around me. The high rent and the arrogance of my sister-in-law were floating clouds. I smiled proudly. However, this smile is in the former classmates' where to work, how about the monthly salary and how about the status & hellip& hellip;' Frozen in the topic of, I vaguely took it one by one. In a burst of high after a burst of flaunting, the sentence "I'm just hanging a manager's name in XX company. What can I say & hellip& hellip;'' Ouch! My family can only make so much money & hellip& hellip;' His face was full of an irrecoverable smile. I buried my head lower and lower, praying not to focus on myself. My gorgeous body was like a vicious face, biting me like a mockery with the surrounding boasting sound. Finally, I fled out of the meeting on the grounds of discomfort, as if one step late would fall into the abyss of eternal doom. After that classmate party, I didn't give my family a good face. I didn't like anyone. The more you look at your husband's poor and worthless bastard, your son's temper is getting worse and worse, but he never complains about himself. Over time, he lives like a vicious circle. Finally, my son couldn't help being angry and fell out with me completely. It was also a familiar scene after the college entrance examination. My son lost the list. Of course, I couldn't help being angry with him. At the end of the day, the half cold and half hot war was so deadlocked that no one spared anyone. As his son said, 'what qualifications do you have to teach me about things you couldn't do by yourself in those years!' And it seems that he slammed the door with all his strength, which completely gouged me into thousands of petals, and his heart was broken. After that day, I was unfairly robbed of some youth by time, and I was decades old in an instant. Lying on the hospital bed, looking at the white ceiling, I shed tears of regret, 'if I could study hard in my early years, I'm afraid I wouldn't be so happy now. If I had listened to my parents in my early years, now I wouldn't be angry with my son because of that cow's temper, if & hellip& hellip;' However, there is no "if" in reality, and time will not stop because of anyone's regret, and life is as cruel as ever. " Ding Ding & hellip& hellip;' The alarm clock beside me kept noisy, and I woke up with a confused start. It turned out that it was a dream. In the mirror, my face looked so pale, and my forehead was covered with cold sweat. I suddenly smiled and murmured, 'it's a dream, it's a dream & hellip& hellip;' I humbly picked up the classical Chinese reading materials lying on the ground and held it tightly in my arms. Fortunately, everything can be started again. Fortunately, everything can be changed in time & hellip& hellip; Senior Two: Tang Bixian's composition on the future: 450 words of the future ocean in my heart. On a silent night, stars are all over the sky. Stars in the night sky wink at me playfully. I stand on the balcony, holding my chin in my hand and facing the vast sea. In the future ocean, intelligent dolphins, huge and powerful whales, ferocious sharks and other marine creatures will no longer worry that humans will catch them and live freely one by one. At the bottom of the sea, not only fish can survive, but also people live on the bottom of the sea. Engineers first build the strongest and most waterproof (of course, tsunami proof) glass on the land (not transparent), then use this glass to build high-rise buildings, then move the buildings to the seabed, and finally transport the oxygen on the land to the houses on the seabed. In this way, a 'Haitian city' will be built, and people can enter and live normally as on land. Since you can get in and out normally at the bottom of the sea, is there any means of transportation? Of course the answer is yes. It's just that vehicles are no longer cars. Scientists believe that they emit too much waste gas and are easy to pollute water sources, so they have long been 'eliminated'. In the ocean, people generally use a small submarine, but this submarine does not live on oil. It 'eats' an ocean freshener. Even if the submarine breaks down, there is no need to worry about leaking oil. For a while, the content of this page was pushed by " reading" for you, which also brought my thoughts back to reality. " Oh, it's just a fantasy! " I murmured & hellip& hellip; Although this is only my fantasy, I firmly believe that as long as human beings protect the ocean and cherish marine resources, my fantasy will become a reality one day. Vi. composition on the future: I have 600 words in the future. Once upon a time, I imagined my future and myself in the future. I looked up at the blue and deep sky and shook the figure I grew up -- a red guest skilled in operating in front of the computer; An economist who turns over books and studies deeply; Facing the tireless scientists in the laboratory & hellip& hellip;' I love nature, environmental protection, limited resources and unlimited circulation. not bad I have always dreamed of being a scientist, a scientist of greening and environmental protection. Trees must be very familiar to all families. They grow in mountains and fields & hellip& hellip; Due to the existence of trees, many animals have their own warm homes. However, in recent years, the continuous deforestation of mankind has resulted in a significant reduction in forest area. Nearly 70 hectares of forests disappear all over the world every day. If we continue at this speed, in a few years, trees will be cut down, and many animals will die because of the loss of their living environment. This is a very serious global problem. In the future, I have graduated from Tsinghua University and become a young scientist. My colleagues and I worked hard and studied hard, and finally invented the 'tree rapid growth device'. It is only the size of a table tennis ball. Its usage is very simple. As long as it is buried one meter below the ground, it will work automatically. The efficiency of the tree rapid growth device is amazing. If someone cuts down a big tree, the next day, the growth period can promote the growth of a new, tall and straight tree. Even if all the trees in one hectare are cut down, the next day, the growth period can make many big trees grow there. Another feature of the tree grower is that once it is buried in the soil, it will continue to work until someone digs it out. The energy used by the tree rapid growth device is harmful to the soil, but it emits fresh air. How about it? Amazing! Looking at the trees, tall and tall trees. Will think of the previous efforts, the feeling is still sweet. The breeze blowing, with a trace of tenderness, looked up at the blue, deep sky, how quiet and peaceful & hellip& hellip; This is me, the future me & hellip& hellip; Comments: in the future, I have graduated from Tsinghua University and become a young scientist. With my colleagues' continuous efforts and hard research, I finally invented the 'tree rapid growth device' - the author's imagination is bold and rich. The efficiency of this' tree rapid growth device 'is amazing. It can repair the felled trees in time, decompose the harmful substances in the soil and emit fresh air-- The author's imagination is full of environmental protection thought and romance. I hope the author can realize this wish as soon as possible and benefit mankind.

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