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600 words in the first week of school

What is happiness? Knowing gratitude is a kind of happiness.

Today, school begins. We are facing the new semester, new students, new teachers and new learning environment. And "the first lesson of school" gave me a new feeling. There are many peers suffering, but we are always in the midst of happiness. We always complain that we don't eat and wear well enough, that our mother is wordy, that our study task is heavy, and even that we don't have three heads and six arms & hellip& hellip; But I don't know that having a bowl of white rice on the table is a kind of happiness, that having a mother beside me is a kind of happiness, that sitting in a spacious and bright classroom is a kind of happiness, and that having a sound body is also a kind of happiness & hellip& hellip;

There was a little boy who was blind. But in his dark world, there is a source of light, that is his dream. He loves piano. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. Although he couldn't see it, he didn't give up his dream and always insisted on and worked hard to complete his original dream. Because he firmly believes that every drop of water wears away the stone, there will be a harvest if there is a pay. Because his family is not rich, he has never had the opportunity to touch his favorite piano. But his love for the piano moved the kind-hearted people, also enabled him to accompany the piano day and night, and practiced his extraordinary piano art. Behind his success, there has always been a person who silently supported him, that is, his mother. It was his mother who took him all over the streets to learn. When he couldn't see the music score, his mother sewed the blind scores for him on the cow leather with a needle and thread. With his hand feel and love for notes, the little boy 'read' the music scores and played the beautiful songs. When the mother saw her son's hand jumping quickly on the keys, she showed a happy smile on her face.

Yes, maternal love is the greatest and most selfless. Isn't the mother's love for her children the blind spectrum sewn one by one? The blind child knows this. He loves the piano, but he loves his mother more. He knows how to be grateful. He wants to repay the love his mother gave him. He wants to play the most beautiful music in the world with the music score his mother gave him.

At this time, I couldn't help thinking of my mother. My mother always encouraged me when I was lost, my mother always taught me when I made mistakes, and my mother always told me when I was going to school, but I always complained about my mother. I finally know that this is your deep love for me! I want to say 'thank you' and 'sorry' to you!

My heart is full of mixed feelings, the greatness of maternal love and the greatness of gratitude & hellip& hellip; All this is because they have a selfless love and gratitude. My mother loves me in every way. Do I feel it? Students, think about it, do you feel it?

Today, we started a new semester. Let's work hard for our new semester and new students! Let's work hard to repay everyone who cares for us -- because we all know that gratitude is happiness.