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Beluga narratives

Hello, I come from the vast ocean. My name is whale. My body is very big, much bigger than an elephant. Our largest whale weighs about several hundred tons, and the smallest one weighs two thousand kilograms. My mouth is big enough to hold thousands of kilograms of fat pigs. My eyes are big and my nostrils grow on the top of my head. It looks very cute. My body looks like a fish, so many people call me whale. In fact, I don't belong to fish, but to mammals. I am viviparous. When I was young, I grew up by eating the milk of the mother whale. This feature shows that our whale is a mammal. There are many kinds of whales, including blue whales and killer whales. Generally speaking, they can be divided into two categories: baleen whales with whiskers and no teeth and toothed whales with teeth. I breathe with my lungs like you humans, which also shows that I am a mammal. After a while, we will float to the sea and spray water from our nostrils, just like a fountain in the garden. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer species of whales, and most of them have become extinct. That is because your human beings kill us and pollute the marine environment. Thanks to the people in the nature reserve, we whales have a peaceful home. Human! Save us. As long as you don't kill us and pollute the ocean, we whales can settle down. We are the best 'oral skills' experts in the whale kingdom. Our voices are changeable. In order to understand our voices, scientists made live underwater recordings at the beluga whale resort in the estuary Delta, and the results were greatly beyond people's imagination. They even heard the roar of beasts, the moo of cattle, the snore of pigs, the hiss of horses, the squeak of birds, the scream of women, the groan of patients and the cry of babies & hellip& hellip; There are so many kinds of things. We can also make hinge sound, bell sound, steamboat sound, etc.

We still have a lot of 'toys' to play with. A piece of wood, a piece of seaweed and a stone can be their game objects. We can swim and float with a long seaweed, and keep making a happy sound in our mouth. Sometimes we fall in love with a basin sized stone. First we arch over the stone with our mouth, then hold the stone in our mouth and jump out of the water. What's more, we will put the stone on our head and perform on the water like an acrobat.

We are genuine summer travelers. Every July, thousands of beluga whales start our summer trip from the Arctic. At least a few of us, more than tens of thousands, swam to the resort. Along the way, we played leisurely and performed continuously, and the usually deserted bays, estuaries and deltas were suddenly very lively.

We love cleanliness. When many beluga whales first swam to the estuary Delta, they were covered with many parasites. Their appearance and body color looked very dirty, and they seemed very uncomfortable. At this time, they dived into the water, rolled under the river and kept turning over. Some beluga whales brush themselves on the gravel or gravel of deltas and shoals. They turn over like this every day for hours. A few days later, we lost our old clothes and changed into neat and beautiful new clothes. composition

We are very lovely, but now, human beings capture us a lot, which has made us nearly perish. Please don't capture us and give us a happy and peaceful home! Ye Qiuyi, grade 5 of Hangzhou Daguan primary school, this article is an original article by users of this website. Reprinting without permission is prohibited! Moby Dick's readme! hello everyone! I am a little white whale from the Pacific coast!

We whales are divided into two categories. One is toothed whale, which has sharp teeth. The other is the baleen whale, which has no teeth. Among our whales, there are blue whales, the "soul of the ocean", humpback whales who love singing, sperm whales with mild temperament, and horned whales who raise their halberds

In 1535, the French explorer Jacques #8226; Cartier found the St. Lawrence River, and our family's fleet greeted him: singing and dancing in the water, the song was melodious and beautiful, and spread far away. The beautiful and pleasant voice amazed the sailors, so they kindly gave us a beautiful name "canary in the sea". You know, whales have no vocal cords, but our voices are particularly loud. We are also the most talkative cetaceans. At different times, in different depths of the sea, I can make different sounds, such as screams, cats, birds, the hiss of matches and the ringing of bells! Whale readme Hello everyone! I am a lovely little whale. My parents told me from childhood: we are viviparous, mammals, and our ancestors lived on land like cattle and sheep.

Next, let me introduce my big family. My big family is divided into two categories: baleen whales and toothed whales. Baleen whales mainly eat small fish and shrimp; Toothed whales mainly eat big fish and sea animals.

How much do baleen whales eat for a meal that big? Baleen whales eat 2000 kg of small fish and shrimp at a meal. How does he eat small fish and shrimp? We whales eat in many ways; The feeding methods of various whales are different. For example, the big winged whale is a kind of smarter baleen whale. They will first surround their food with an 'air curtain', gather the food together, and then open their big mouth to swallow the sea water and food into their mouth, then filter out the sea water and swallow the food into their mouth.

Toothed whales are different again (such as' tiger in the sea '). Killer whales, they are the most omnivorous whales in the ocean. Their food includes sea animals, fish and cephalopods (octopus, etc.) because of their intelligence. Sometimes the predators will act together, sometimes alone. composition

We breathe with our lungs. Our nostrils grow on our heads. When we exhale, we float to the surface, and the exhaled air will form a column of water. But different kinds of whales eject different water columns: the water column of baleen whales is vertical, thin and high; The toothed whale's water column is inclined, thick and short. Look, we have a lot of knowledge about whales! Like a fountain, I envy me!

My home is full of warmth. When my partner is injured, we will try our best to help, push it to the surface and escort it to safety. My cousin blue whale is the largest animal in the whale family and the largest living animal in the world. It is bigger than some dinosaurs. It looks like a hill, with a length of more than 30 meters and a weight of 170 tons, 30 times heavier than the largest elephant on land! composition

We are covered with treasure and are now on the verge of extinction due to excessive hunting. Alas! I really hope human friends can be kind to us. We like this beautiful and colorful world! Our brain is the largest and most complex of all animals on earth. We have a strong memory and take care of each other in groups. For example, when we sleep, we always form a circle with several partners, head in and tail out, so as to prevent other animals from sneaking attacks. Many of our family are sea singers! Beluga, for example, can make hundreds of sounds, and the sounds are amazing. It's a rare enjoyment to be able to listen to the beluga whale singing with your own ears!

We are willing to live in harmony with human friends and hope that human friends can give us space for free activities!

I am a baleen whale. I live in the vast sea and travel freely in the sea every day. I am very happy.

I am about 15 meters long and weigh about 30000 kilograms. But it's like dozens of times the weight! Otherwise, I can't be regarded as the largest and heaviest animal.

I tell you, although I live in the sea, many people call me "whale". In fact, I don't belong to fish, but mammals. In ancient times, like the ancestors of cattle and sheep, my ancestors lived on land. Later, as the environment changed, my ancestors lived in the shallow sea near the land. After a long time, my ancestors' forelimbs and tails gradually became fins, and their hind limbs completely degenerated. The whole body became like a fish and adapted to marine life.

My life span is very long. I can live for decades or 100 years. There are many members of our family, including the killer whale known as the "journey in the sea", the "most blue whale on earth", and the "eloquence expert" - beluga whale. composition

I like Xiaoyu and shrimp best. When eating, even suck the small fish and shrimp together with a large amount of sea water into your mouth, then close your mouth, filter the sea water out of the middle of the beard board and swallow them into your stomach. As soon as I mention them, my saliva will flow out!

When I sleep, I always get together with several heads of the same kind. They usually find a safer place, head in, tail out, form a circle and float quietly on the water. If we hear any noise, we will swim around immediately. composition

Although I am very happy, I also have trouble. Our reproductive ability is very weak, and the number of members is gradually decreasing. Please don't kill us in the future. Whale's "readme" Xiaoxue 123

Hello! Children, guess who I am? By the way, I'm the famous whale. I am a beluga whale. My classmates who know me must know that I have a nickname, "oral skill expert". I can make hundreds of sounds and change a lot. If you want to hear it, I'll make you marvel sometime.

If you see an elephant, you will say that it looks like a big animal. In fact, our whales are much bigger than elephants. At present, the largest one in our family weighs about 160000 kilograms and the smallest one weighs 2000 kilograms. If I open my mouth and you stand in my mouth and raise your hands, you can't touch my upper palate. The four of you are sitting around the table and reading in my mouth. It still looks very spacious!

Although you call me a whale, I am not a fish, I am a mammal. In ancient times, like the ancestors of cattle and sheep, my ancestors lived on land. Later, for some reasons, the environment changed. My ancestors' forelimbs and tails gradually became fins, and their hind limbs completely degenerated into what I am now. Now, we still breathe with our lungs. Our nostrils grow on the top of our heads. When we exhale, we float out of the sea. The air from our nostrils forms a column of water. From a distance, it is like a fountain in the garden. It is very spectacular. Experienced people can judge what whales we are according to the shape of the water column. composition

There are more than 80 kinds of whales all over the world, and more than 30 kinds of whales in China's waters. Although we have few species of baleen whales, we are not small, and the smallest body length is more than 6 meters. My brother blue whale, he is the best in the world! The average length is about 26 meters and the average weight is about 150 tons. It is also the only Hercules in the world. Moving forward at the speed of 28 kilometers per hour, it can produce 1250 kW of power, which is equivalent to the front pull of a medium-sized train. Although killer whales are whales, they are our natural enemies. Dozens of them often eat us up. I'm most afraid of meeting killer whales. Due to human hunting, please pay attention to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. And the pollution of the marine environment, the number of our whales has decreased sharply, and many species