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Saturday, March 2, sunny

As the saying goes: sweet scented osmanthus in September is ten miles fragrant, which makes people intoxicated when they smell it. Then I'll take you to my grandmother's house to enjoy the fragrant osmanthus!

Seeing that grandma's house is coming, I am looking forward to the arrival of Osmanthus fragrans. Grandma's house finally arrived. I went straight to the osmanthus tree. The leaves of Osmanthus fragrans are rough, broad and evergreen all the year round. From the front, the leaves are dark green, separated by a large stem and countless small stems and veins. From the reverse side, the large stem veins and some small stem veins protrude obviously. The leaves of Osmanthus bring a breath of spring.

Look at the sweet scented osmanthus, which is composed of four petals, with pink stamens in the middle. The petals are solid and thick, but the juice tastes a little bitter, which will remind people of the taste of water and grass. The petals wrinkle a little, and the stamens are very fragrant. It seems that people can faint. The flower stalk of Osmanthus fragrans is a thin green silk, very tender, and there are dots and stripes on the stem, which looks very cute. A gust of wind blew and osmanthus flowers fell one after another, as if they had come to heaven. It's really unique

Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year for Osmanthus fragrans. Osmanthus fragrans dress up the osmanthus tree very beautifully. Although Osmanthus fragrans are not as beautiful as plum blossoms and not as rich as peonies, it has its own unique fragrance, which makes me have to like it -- Osmanthus fragrans observation diary 300 words. After science class that day, the teacher asked us to go home and plant a plant and observe its growth process. As soon as I got home, I asked my grandmother for some soybeans and carefully buried the beans in the soil. My grandmother told me that there should be enough water to grow soybeans. After I planted the soybeans, I began to water them. A few days have passed and no change has been found.

A week later, I found that the soil in the place where soybeans were planted was higher than that in other places. When I gently opened the soil, it turned out that the soybeans grew light yellow buds. Within a few days after they were unearthed, the buds turned green again. Two days later, light yellow little? Several leaves grow in it, tender and green. It's very popular. I have to see it every day.

As the days passed, the buds grew higher and higher. I took some sticks and inserted them in the soil. The vine of soybeans climbed up around the stick. It didn't take long to climb to the top of the stick.

Half a month later, a pod grew on the vine. There was a layer of fine hair on the pod. It felt soft and interesting. The pods also gradually deepened from the initial light green. Grandma told me that this is my favorite bean. I was full of joy when I watched it grow up. After the pods turn yellow, you can push and pick the contents of this page from "read. 4hw. Com. CN". I picked the pods from the vine. Hey, the harvest is really big. There are at least two soybeans in a pod. I have harvested a total of about 10 pods. There are more than 20 soybeans!

Six observation diary 300 words my family has a tree I can't name, which is placed in the corner of the living room.

Its roots were buried in a red flowerpot, from which long vines grew around a pillar in the middle. There are bamboo knots on the cane, which are not as neat as bamboo, but this one protrudes a little and that one is concave a little. There are also vertical lines on the bamboo joints, which feel very rough. There are some old vines. They keep climbing up, and some have been higher than the pillars. It seems that they are showing off to everyone with their heads held high! There are also some young vines, which not only don't climb up. They all fell to the ground, just like naughty children running out of their mother's palm and playing.

Now let's look at the leaves! These leaves pile together and look like an oasis from a distance. Take a closer look, ah! There are many yellow spots on the melon seed leaves, just like many small freckles on the melon seed face. Look more carefully, there are many stripes on it. These leaves are so delicate that they seem to break when touched.

Through observation, I found many characteristics of this tree that I couldn't find without careful observation. In the future, I will observe trees and plants more carefully and enjoy the fun of observation. Observation diary: Tortoise 300 words Sunday rain on November 14, 2013

Today, I observed my mother-in-law's little turtle.

The little turtle is very cute. It has thirteen green block patterns on its back, much like a green honeycomb. The background color of its belly is earthy yellow, with some patterns in the shape of oracle bone inscriptions. The little turtle's head looks like a snake's head, but it's much more lovely than a snake's head! As soon as you touch the little turtle, its head will retract into its hard shell. " The 'shrinking Turtle' is therefore named. The little turtle is so timid! Tortoise is good at swimming! Breaststroke, freestyle, diving & hellip& hellip; It's all self-taught! It becomes a 'fast Turtle' in the water. The tortoise is a carnivore. None of the intestines and livers of small animals is not the delicacy of the tortoise. Tortoise's claws have four 'fingers', short and fat, very cute! The tortoise also has a miniature pig nostril. Isn't it funny? It has a runny nose! I don't believe it. I saw it with my own eyes! It is said that the tortoise is an animal with a long life of thousands of years. It can live for at least hundreds of years! Therefore, it is a symbol of longevity!

The little turtle is so cute! Unexpectedly, it turned out to be an amphibian. What a surprise! I like little turtles! This afternoon, the teacher walked into the classroom with a smile and said to us, 'today, let's play a little game instead of writing a composition.' The teacher took the flowers to us and explained the rules: the teacher plays the drum, you pass the flowers, and whoever the flowers fall to will perform a program! Okay& hellip;& hellip;'' OK! OK& hellip;& hellip;' The cheers of the students filled the sky. Beating drums and passing flowers opened the curtain in the laughter of the students!

The game began. My heart was pounding like thousands of little mice. I waited quietly, and suddenly the flowers fell into Zhang Jing's hands. She wanted to sing a phoenix combination for us: (Moonlight in the lotus pond)! Singing and singing, we couldn't help singing this song. I seemed to be in a fairy tale world. I saw the bright moonlight hanging in the sky and shining. The lotus flowers in the lotus pond were blooming and crowded. The fish swam freely in the water, waving waves of microwaves and happy like gods.

…& hellip;

As time went by, the game of beating drums and passing flowers ended in the songs of the students. I hope the teacher can hold such activities again! Observe 300 words in the diary and listen to others say that beans will take root and sprout in water. To prove this experiment, I also soaked some beans.

September 10th

I took a bowl and filled it with some water. Then I put the beans in it. After a while. When I came to the kitchen, I was surprised. How did its skin wrinkle? I picked it up and had a look, oh! It's going to peel.

September 12th

Today, when I changed the water for it, I found that its roots had grown out. Look at other beans, they are still like shy little girls, hiding inside and afraid to come out. So I buried the rooted bean in the soil.

September 13th

Today, I came to see the bean I buried in the soil. Eh! I was surprised to find that a white and tender bean sprout had sprung up, and there was a pair of evenly symmetrical bean sprouts at the top of the bean sprout. So I brought some water and fell down. At this time, I found that the symmetrical leaf was no longer symmetrical, and it had been developed.

September 15th

Today, I came to them and found that it was fat and tall. It turned into a bean sprout. The beans on both sides fell off, leaving only bean leaves and roots.

The experiment of soaking beans is really interesting. Let me understand the growth process from beans to bean sprouts. It has benefited me a lot.

Observation diary of No. 4 Experimental Primary School in Wuhu County, Anhui Province 200 words Tuesday, September 29 weather: Sunny

Today, I soaked more than a dozen small mung beans. The shape of mung beans is round. It was very hard before it was soaked. Its big coat was green. After taking off its big coat, it was white. After soaking for a few days, the mung bean began to grow slowly, as big as a thumb, and its skin became light green. How I wish my little mung bean would grow up quickly!

Friday, October 2 weather: fine

The beans have been soaked for several days. The water in the bowl is decreasing every day. It seems that they like drinking water very much. The beans are getting fat and their clothes are bursting. That night, when I went to see them again, they had sprouted. Although the bud was small and short, it was enough to excite me. The next morning, I went to see them when I got up together. I found that the sprouts of these beans are long, short, curved and straight. I didn't expect such a big change overnight.

I'm very happy. I'm looking forward to my beans growing up soon! Observation diary two 500 words 500 words the teacher said let's go home to observe the snail and give us a magnifying glass!

As soon as I got home, I finished my homework. Maybe I have too little homework. I'll finish it in a minute. I hurriedly took out the snail and put it on the ground. I saw it slowly get up. I was afraid it would climb under the sofa and say, 'little snail! If you are good, I'll call you & lsquo; Darling & rsquo;. If you're not good, I'll call you & lsquo; Bad & rsquo;! ' I know this method doesn't work, but I always have to try! The little snail seemed to understand what I said. He stood still and swayed his tentacles, as if to say, 'little master, I'm good. Call me & lsquo; Darling & rsquo; Come on! " I laughed and said: '& lsquo; Darling & rsquo;! '' "Climb and climb, climb to the table, I picked up the magnifying glass and looked at 'darling'." Darling's shell is left-handed. It's said that left-handed is very rare! Its body is soft and feels like chewing gum; ' There are four antennae, two long ones and two short ones; The black spots on its long tentacles are its eyes.

Sunday, October 20, sunny

That day, I was idle and bored, so I picked up a magnifying glass to observe 'darling'. Suddenly, a long, thin, black line appeared in the excretion place of 'darling'. oh dear! That's shit! I covered my nose and shouted, 'mom! Come here& lsquo; Darling & rsquo; Shit! First aid, first aid! " Mother picked up a paper towel, wrapped it up and grabbed the 'good' feces. I said, 'it's disgusting! Disgusting! Mom, you dare to touch it. You're so awesome! " Catch yourself next time! Don't count on me! " Mother said impatiently.

In fact, 'darling' feces are not very smelly, but why do I cover my nose? Observation diary 200 words today, I observed ants and found a wonderful thing.

Today, I was playing in my yard when I suddenly saw a group of ants crawling on the ground, as if looking for food. So, curious, I want to see how ants talk and move things.

I'll go inside, get some bread crumbs and a magnifying glass, and put the bread crumbs in