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It's interesting to read the Impala crossing

Today, I read the article "impala ferry".

The article mainly describes that a group of impala was chased by hunters to the sad cliff of Jialuo mountain. When the Impala was desperate, a 'sickle head sheep' organized the antelopes into two teams, one young and the other old, with a roughly balanced number. After separation, suddenly, a young impala galloped and jumped. Almost at the same time, the old impala also raised its feet to run up quickly. The jumping time of the old, the young and the old was slightly different, and the jumping range was also slightly different. One by one, one high and one low, the young impala fell on the back of the old antelope and jumped the mountain by relay. But the old impala fell off the wanzhang cliff. Next! A pair of impala jumped into the air and drew dazzling solitary lines over the mountain stream. Every young impala's successful crossing means that an old impala falls to pieces.

There is no crowding, no competition, orderly and fast ferry. From beginning to end, there is no old impala to change its position and leave death to others.

Facing the critical moment of population extinction, the Impala even came up with a way to sacrifice half and save half. What's more, the old impala will die so calmly. They use their life to open up a way of survival for the next generation, so as to create a brilliant life.

After reading this article and seeing this heroic and tragic ferry, I was deeply moved by the spirit of sacrificing myself for others and self sacrifice. I must learn the 'impala spirit' and let it stand on the top of the lofty spiritual realm of mankind. Brave Feidu read "impala Feidu" and felt 350 words. Animals have the spirit of sacrifice, which human beings lack. Impala Feidu tells such a story. Today, I have the honor to read this article, which makes me feel very much.

The Impala ferry tells a story: the Impala was forced to the sad cliff by hunters. In order to prevent genocide, they automatically divided into two groups and jumped one-on-one. The old impala was the stepping stone of the young impala, the old impala fell into the valley, and the young impala jumped over the cliff smoothly until only the head of sheep was left, and it resolutely went to the rainbow.

At this moment, the picture still appeared in my mind: an old impala came out with a small impala. The small impala suddenly took off, and the old impala also took off. The old impala appeared at the feet of the small impala with skilled jumping skills and became a stepping stone for the small impala. The little impala kicked the old impala and jumped to the other side of the sad cliff with all his strength. However, at this time, the old impala fell down the cliff like a rocket. No, it was more tragic than a rocket.

After reading this article, I think of another story: if there is a fire suddenly, the ants will roll forward in a group. Although the ants in the outer circle will sacrifice, the ants inside can survive safely. On the contrary, some people think that their own interests are more important than anything, regardless of other people's lives to complete their own survival.

Until now, this story still appears in my mind. I really hope this rainbow is the bridge of life for the Impala! Today, I was lucky to read the article "impala ferry". I was deeply moved.

In the sad cliff of Jialuo mountain, there was a thrilling and moving scene: a hunter holding a gun

With a hound. Drove a herd of impala into the valley! The desperate impala has nothing to do. Suddenly, the sickle sheep came up with a way to sacrifice half to save the other half. Finally, the young sheep stepped on the old sheep's back. Reached the other shore six meters wide. There is hope for the survival of the spotted antelope race!

What moves me most is that the young sheep should reach the other shore with the help of the old sheep. In other words, the team of old sheep will fall into the valley and be broken to pieces! In fact, the old sheep can sneak to the young team and avoid death. But they didn't! The old sheep willingly became a stepping stone for the young impala. They put the survival of the race first and did not hesitate to lose their lives! How great they are! Seeing here, I burst into tears!. however

In fact, there are many brave people like impala around us. For example, firefighters who go to fight a fire are also in danger of losing their lives. But in their hearts, fire fighting and rescue talents are the first.

But there are brave people without impala. Remember the 512 earthquake in 2008? A teacher surnamed fan, after learning of the earthquake, threw down his students and ran away. It's really ugly!

I appreciate the Impala's courage, wit and unity. However, I also hate the selfishness and ferocity of hunters. After reading this article, I read the book slowly. Think back to the thrill just now. I hope the hunter will stop killing the impala and give the Impala a free world!

Kapok Bay Primary School: Wu Mengting felt 800 words after reading the Impala flying. I was deeply moved by the story of impala flying《 The article "impala flying" describes the feat of a group of impala forced to a desperate situation to get out of trouble by sacrificing half and saving the other half in order to win the survival opportunity of the population. The wisdom, courage and self sacrifice displayed by the Impala in crisis will shock everyone who has read this article and inspire people to re understand the world where all things coexist.

'the sickle head sheep was standing in the young impala, his eyes turned back and forth between the two impala, bleated sadly, and walked with heavy steps to the old impala. Several middle-aged male impala followed the sickle head sheep and automatically came out of the young impala and returned to the old impala team. " When I read this, my eyes were stunned. I was shocked by the actions of the sickle head sheep and the middle-aged impala following the sickle head sheep. Because they show a noble spirit of willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of race and others. Entering the ranks of old impala obviously means death, but why should they take the initiative to enter? Are they stupid? No, they are not stupid. They deeply understand: the content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" for you. Although they are dead, their offspring can live, the population can be saved, their death is worth it, and they can die without shaking! Ah! As a low-level animal, the spotted antelope has this spirit of self sacrifice for the sake of the collective, but how can we, a high-level animal, human beings lack this spirit? This problem is worth thinking about.

The article finally wrote: "the sickle head sheep, who successfully commanded the group of impala to fly, walked to the gorgeous rainbow with firm steps. It went up and disappeared in a brilliant scene." Sickle sheep's great spirit of calmly going to death is worth learning. The magnificent death of scythe head sheep shows its arrogant nature, perhaps a silent protest against human practices! Hunters, how can you bear to see these great creatures die so tragically? You are so cruel! Although you make a living, do you think of animals, but they have lost their life! This world is shared by animals and human beings. Human beings have the right to live, and animals absolutely have the right to live! The survival of animals is not for human beings. They should be equal with us! Although we dominate the world, we must pay attention to animals! Animals and plants are closely related to our life. The organisms of the whole earth form this ecosystem. If we want to maintain ecological balance, we must protect animals and plants as much as possible to prevent them from harm.

Think about it now, it is rare to see wild geese moving south in autumn. But once upon a time, geese in the shape of "human" and "one" flew in groups at high altitude. Why? Why? Isn't it all the hunting and killing of wild geese and environmental pollution?

I would like to appeal to people: 'animals, like us, are creatures of nature. We humans should not slaughter and plunder animals in order to satisfy our greed. We want to build a harmonious world in which all things coexist equally! " After reading the Impala ferry, I feel that there are colorful creatures in the wonderful world. Whether they are kind-hearted or not, they are all part of the world. We can't hurt them.

In this beautiful world, as advanced animals, we humans also have our own interests and hobbies. Some like flowers and trees, some like novelty, and some like lovely animals!

I believe you must have seen one called & lt& lt; Impala flying & gt& gt; This famous story.

This is a touching story, which describes the whole process of survival and self-help of a group of impala when they were forced to the sad cliff by humans and fell into a desperate situation with the help of the old impala. He praised the great spirit of self sacrifice and solidarity among animals. It praises the self sacrifice spirit of the old impala willing to die for the survival of future generations.

After I read this story, I felt not only sympathy for the tragedy of animals, but also indignation at what human beings did. In the story, human beings play an ignominious role. They are natural invaders and predators. You know, animals are our good friends. We shouldn't kill them all. From the perspective of the story, the Impala has more noble sentiment than human beings. They can change their lives instead of life and death. They are willing to sacrifice for the younger generation. No impala has a selfish attitude. Today's human beings will only fight for their own interests. They can freely take resources from the natural environment and sell others for themselves. But they have never thought about what will happen to the world when resources run out. How can they face their conscience by framing others? It seems that in this regard, as advanced animals, we can't compare with the tiny impala.

As a great human being in control, I hope you should love small animals, not only the national protection of animals, but also treat small lives kindly. In addition, for animals to have a 'comfortable' home, please don't cut trees without plans.

I know that animals see us as friends from the front, and we don't appreciate it. We destroyed the beautiful 'home' of animals. Make them homeless and slowly become extinct; We killed relatives of animals and made them afraid of us. We owe too much to animals. The earth does not belong only to humans. If there is an animal law, I think humans have made many mistakes.

May animals all over the world grow happily without human interference. After reading the Impala ferry, I felt it. I read the Impala ferry written by Shen Shixi.

A group of impala were chased to sad cliff by hunters. " Stepping back, there are roaring dogs and a dozen shotguns that can spit fire and lightning; Going forward, there is a precipice dozens of feet deep. "

Sad cliff is six meters away from the opposite peak, and a impala can only jump five meters at most. What shall I do? I'm really worried about them.

At this time, a rainbow appeared in the sky, with sad cliff at one end and the mountain peak opposite at the other end.

Suddenly, the leading male impala seemed to be inspired and let an old impala jump down. Then, let a little impala jump to the old impala