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Senior one: Yang Xinjing's composition about home: looking back at your 1100 word home, every wanderer who drifts in a foreign land will surge and explode in an instant when he hears this word. Their feelings for home can only be sent by the full moon. They walk farther and farther, their eyes are higher and higher, but looking back, their home is still waiting for you in the first place.

Every time, take out the silver bright key, insert it into the lock hole, and turn it three times to the left. The familiar crisp sound of 'click, click, squeak' echoes in my ears again, which is extremely rich in rhyme. When 'squeak' opens the door, a familiar smell comes face to face. This is home, my home.

Pull out the chair beside the table, I sit on the orange cushion my mother sewed for me, soft and feeling my mother's warmth. On this layer of transparent glass cloth, there are plates of delicious meals & hellip& hellip; The thoughts of memory drifted farther and farther back to the new year with the red lanterns hanging high. " Eat dumplings, eat dumplings! " Wearing a brand-new red sweater, I brought plates of steaming dumplings from the kitchen and put them on the table. Wisps of white mist came out, blocking my sight, but I clearly and clearly saw love under the Milky mist. He picked it up with chopsticks and spread out the fans like smooth and soft dumplings. I sat around with my mother, Grandpa and grandma, eating dumplings filled with three delicacies. Although my grandmother had no teeth, she was still so fragrant. The wrinkles on her forehead also 'danced' and couldn't close her mouth. Mother picked up a dumpling and put it in her mouth to taste it carefully. The taste of three fresh fillings slowly filled her mouth, and her face was filled with the warmth of home. I'm here

I didn't eat greedily this time. I kept on making dumplings for Grandpa. Such a reunion dinner more realized that having a home has a happiness.

My thoughts gradually returned to reality, and I came to my room. Every toy, every book & hellip& hellip; All this seemed to live, as if talking to me: 'I was a gift from your mother when you were eleven.' A small yellow flounder said, 'you have read me without thinking!'《 Anne's diary said. When I went to the bookcase, I flipped through one of the books and held it in my hand. I always felt heavy and had an inexplicable feeling. When I opened the book, the black words on the white paper were no longer rigid and lifeless printing, dancing my body in my vision. In the spacious desk, I have been sitting at my desk and writing books for many times. Every night, when the people are quiet, there is still a rustling sound of my writing in the room. When I am tired and sleepy, my mother always gently pushes the door open and comes in, puts on a warm coat for me and brings me a cup of fragrant milk. At this time, I feel more energetic, and a warm current swept through my whole body. This is home, unique love, unique love. There is no harbor waiting to embrace us. Doesn't the boundless sea make us despair? In the voyage of life, we need adventure and rest, that is, a warm harbor for us to rest. After the mysterious escape edification is too serious in our souls, the noise learned at home may be the human music arranged by God to relax our spirit.

Don't say, 'come and go naked without care.' At least, in this world, there is a kind of love called home, which is the biggest concern in our life. Composition about home: 650 words of time between fingers at home, rendering flawless mottled color sculptures. The sad city still raises its pen and waves ink to draw the traceless wind of the four seasons. Smile hides lonely tears, because in the whirling years, listening to no one's company and knowing each other. Those constant past events are dreams around the depths of sadness, filled with the beginning of the heart and the sigh of staring eyes. In the end, it's just like passing years. The wind is sad, but it's hard to pick up the old dream.

I thought I had to travel alone during this period of junior high school. Suddenly looking back, I found that there are so many love in my life. I can pick them up and store them in the softest place in my heart, so that he can always warm my heart!

In the evening of that sunset, walking alone in the shade, I thought I wouldn't love home, but in the shade of this dusk, the memory of home fainted and spread bit by bit.

Miss the temperature at home, miss the warm little bed at home, miss Mom and dad's smile and scold & hellip& hellip; I also think of my father's thick hands with a layer of calluses. When I touched the heart that was used to being surrounded by love, I woke up and thought of my father's increasing Silver Wire & hellip& hellip; I want to go back. In those days, his face was pure and beautiful, as bright as jade. He hugged it in his arms and was afraid of losing it like pity incense, but he only knew pity incense, not pity jade. No matter how bright it was, it could not cover up the dust accumulated on him for a long time. I knew that I would continue to fight for my dream. The three-year journey from junior high school was hard and sad, just like the sound of my fingertips touching the glass window, Shocked the fragile heart, bursts of pain, like a wave. Confused in the track of life, I don't know if I can finish the rest of the way! But no matter what the result, I got his love. Although this love seems to be lingering with astringent bitterness, I can't refuse its beauty. Just like our sun, sometimes we may hate its blazing, but we are always experiencing its temperature.

The sunset glow breaks the autumn sky and still reflects the way home. I can't imagine where the warm sunshine in my life would come from without your company in this life? Without your company in this life, who should water the beautiful little flower in my words? If I don't have your company in this life, how can the quiet tranquility in my sleep be brilliant? If I don't have your company in this life, is there a deep attachment in my soul forever?

So I want to be strong, I can't escape, move forward, don't let the immediate setback stop the persistent pace! Composition about hometown: Hometown water ・ No matter where I go, the river in my hometown always makes me unforgettable. Her quiet beauty, her flexibility and her beauty always make me recall & hellip& hellip;

No matter where I go, the river in my hometown always makes me unforgettable. Her quiet beauty, her flexibility and her beauty can always make me recall.

Jingmei? A green silk

Jingmei's hometown water is like a green silk, stained with the historical dust of his hometown for many years, carrying the boat called 'change' from the depths of the mountain. It is green, transparent, shiny and lovely, dressing up the villages on both sides of the Strait. Over the years, despite the ever-changing situation on both sides of the Strait, she still remains unchanged, quietly, silently, as always, has raised the people on both sides of the Strait. I remember sitting beside her quietly with several sisters and describing in detail the beautiful scenery of "one water will protect the farmland and two mountains will send green". After painting, my sister must see my masterpiece. Shy, I always cover the painting with my hand. But after a while, they forgot to cover up and had to let them succeed. Hey, I'm so forgetful. I love my hometown water and her quiet beauty.

Smart? A happy spirit

Smart hometown water yo, a happy spirit, with the dance steps of the wind, smiling, and the sun, playing a happy symphony, 'Hua Hua - Sha Sha - Sha' and the accompaniment of leaves. Layers of ripples also move the fish's heart. They are also infected. They play freely in the water, hide in stone cracks or dance with water plants. " Under the sun, the shadow is on the stone. If Huan m er dies, he moves back and forth. " I remember that I once competed with my friends here to catch fish and shrimp. I often won the first. Quietly tell you: 'in fact, I catch fewer fish and shrimp than anyone else, so I secretly pour the fish they catch into my bucket, ha ha, enough & lsquo; Yin & rsquo; Is that right? Don't tell anyone. " But I still have a strong water battle - three vortices. In this way, my childhood footprints are left here. She gave us happiness, generation after generation. I love my hometown water and her flexibility.

Graceful? A beautiful picture

The graceful hometown water, a beautiful picture, shows the moving beauty of both sides of the Strait. The trees by the river swayed gently and showed the moving dance in the water. The reflection of the village houses in the water was more and more and longer. She saw it in her eyes. What a picture of "people with small bridges and flowing water". I remember I followed my grandmother to the river to wash clothes. I picked up the water and splashed it everywhere. I picked up the stick and pounded the clothes. I almost broke the clothes and splashed the water on my grandmother's face. The river reflected the scars left by the hard years on Grandma's face. Yes, this beautiful picture also shows the diligence of people on both sides of the Strait. I love the water in my hometown and her graceful appearance.

No matter when and where, hometown water rhyme is with me, my heart will not be lonely. Homesick · go home after 500 words, it's not happy or novel, but I'm home! Only this thing that others seem ordinary adds a touch of color to my holiday. Home, what a memorable place! It is our emotional habitat, living place and warm harbor. More importantly, we can 'do whatever we want' at home. No pain, no bitterness. Do whatever you want and enjoy yourself.

Looking at the familiar things at home, I couldn't help but feel a ripple in my heart. This was the place where I lived for twelve years! See her again, still so familiar, so kind, so warm, so lovely. Yes, I am a homesick child. I travel hundreds of miles to go home, to touch this familiar and strange lifeline again, and to catch a glimpse of this familiar and strange light again. Family affection is the most holy and pure emotion in the world, and home is the carrier of this emotion. It carries our tears, our smiles, our tears and our sweat.

Now you know why I'm so homesick!

On the way home, there were too many disappointments, but when we saw the familiar light at home, for a moment, countless complaints and countless worries disappeared. Outside, we can run and struggle. Even if you're hurt, you won't be afraid. When I came home with my scarred body, I didn't regret it, because I knew that someone would wait for me silently at home and heal me silently.

When I was a child, perhaps because I had never left home, I naively thought I would never be far away from my home.

When I grew up, perhaps because I left home too much, I desperately thought I might not return to my home.

Ridiculous! absurd! absurd!

about to speak , but saying nothing.

…& hellip;

Home, like magic, tempts me; Home, like a divine power, attracts me; Home, like holy power, calls me. A good sentence describing home (leaving home, homesick, going home). I miss it very much, whether it's sunny, or full of stars, whether it's happiness or loss.

Home is warm, because my mother loves me and my father loves me. I grew up under the care of my parents.

In memory, every