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Reflection after examination

Reflection after the exam, although my academic performance is not very good, I know that my parents and teachers still have great expectations for me. I failed in the exam again, and I did very badly (second to last in Mathematics). The teacher handed out the test paper, and I browsed it carefully. The main reasons for failing in the exam are: carelessness and carelessness. Since you have made a mistake, you should correct it. Therefore, through this exam, I also thought a lot. In the future, I must correct my learning attitude and develop good learning habits.

First of all, I want to get rid of the bad habit of not reading questions carefully. Sometimes I often look at the first half of the question and begin to answer the question. The result is that the answer is not what I asked. This may have something to do with some other learning skills. In short, in the future, we will carefully review and read the questions in the process of doing the questions, and see the questions accurately and clearly. After you finish the topic, you should check it several times. You are absolutely not allowed to make similar mistakes again. Secondly, my most important thing is to strengthen the study of Chinese, mathematics and English. On weekdays, everyone gets together to do the same topic. I think I can do it. But once the subject changes a little, I won't do it. I finally understand: in fact, I don't really understand it at ordinary times. Maybe sometimes I happen to be right. I can't allow myself to continue like this, so I must redouble my efforts to catch up with other students. Draw lessons, prepare for the exam and lay a good foundation. I believe that where there is a will, there is a way, and I can achieve satisfactory results in the next exam. The skill of learning lies in continuous practice. In my life, I should strengthen my practice and review more. Before the exam, I should make a detailed review plan, no longer in a hurry and no direction. We should learn to think independently in our daily life and study. I hope the teacher doesn't lose confidence in me. Although I didn't do well in the exam this time, I believe in myself. I will try my best not to disappoint the teacher. After the monthly exam, I reflected on 350 words. This monthly exam was very bad. I was confident about this monthly exam, but I didn't arrive at & hellip& hellip; It was a sudden heavy fall from the sky to the ground. It's really painful and sad. It's always hard for me to understand why I'm so bad. Maybe I don't work hard, don't study hard and have a bad memory.

In the fairy tale Cinderella, Cinderella has dazzling glass shoes. The prince left a glass shoe with Cinderella at that time and successfully found the owner of the glass shoe, Cinderella. They lived happily ever after & hellip& hellip;

I think during the exam. Every girl and even everyone is Cinderella, with bright glass shoes. But they don't know. The exam is like a handsome prince, waiting and looking for the person in his mind, and will put on her shoes himself.

Therefore, I hope everyone should work hard. Find your glass shoes as soon as possible and become a happy person.

How can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms without some bone chilling-- Postscript

Everyone has to go through setbacks and hardships. Don't consider yourself an exception. Because only after the storm, they become stronger and brave.

Don't be afraid of hard work, only hard work. There was no regret about anything. Come on!

First day of Xingang Center: Zhu Qingqing

In the just concluded midterm exam, I made a lot of mistakes that I shouldn't have made.

I've always been good at Chinese, but this time, I made a lot of mistakes in Chinese. After my careful reflection, I think it has a lot to do with my careless reading. This also extends to mathematics and English. Many small mistakes in calculation and grammar cost me a lot of points.

I know the teacher has great expectations for me, but I still didn't do well in the exam. I'm very sorry about that. But since I made a mistake, I have to correct it. Therefore, I also want to learn a lot after passing the exam.

First of all, I want to get rid of the bad habit of reading questions carelessly in the exam. Sometimes I often look at the front of the topic and write down the following questions, but I make a lot of mistakes. This may also have something to do with question answering skills. In short, through the later exercises, I must carefully review the questions in the process of the examination, study and read the questions by myself, and look at the questions accurately and favorably. When time permits, you should check it several times and never allow yourself to make such unnecessary mistakes again.

Secondly, I will strengthen the three main subjects of Chinese, mathematics and English, as well as the exercises of politics, history, geography, biology and physics. Through the exam, I finally understand that there are mountains outside the mountain and people outside the people. On weekdays, we all get together to do the same topic. We can't feel any obvious difference. But as soon as I took the exam, I found that so many exam questions I had never seen before. I only blame myself for doing less exercises. I can't allow myself to continue like this, so I must redouble my efforts, learn lessons from this exam, increase my strength, and lay a good foundation for the next exam.

Try your skills in practice. In my life, I have to strengthen my practice and review more. Before the exam, I make a detailed review plan, no longer in a hurry and no direction. Learn to accumulate in daily life and study, accumulate good words and sentences in Chinese, accumulate more difficult problems in mathematics, and English is a grammar project. Doing cloze exercises is also a good way to improve English.

After all, the mid-term exam is not the final exam. I still have a chance. In the next exam, I will work harder and try not to disappoint teachers, parents and students. Don't let yourself down.

Ning Xing Junior 2: Liu Huilin

Today is the third day after the exam, but I still can't calm down for a long time. Why? I did badly in the exam! I was severely scolded by my parents. My parents said I didn't reflect well. In fact, I reflected. The main reason is that I didn't pay attention to listening in class.

On Monday, after I got to school, I was waiting for the teacher in my seat. Somehow, I performed very well today, really. After a while, the teacher came, but the teacher didn't scold me, but encouraged me. At that time, I thought that if I didn't do well in the exam, would I betray the teacher's trust in me? Teacher, I swear I will never fail you.

The first day of the ninth middle school: Li Chenchen's reflection after the quiz. 600 words today, the test paper of unit 2 of Chinese was issued. I looked, ah! 92 points! Why is it so low? I thought it was pretty good in the exam yesterday, but today & hellip& hellip;

I looked at the paper. Hey, it's typos again! Three points were deducted for this item alone. Which exam did I do without typos? This is an old problem. Why can't it be changed? Look down again, 'reading' also deducted 5 points. The first is that the summary of a natural paragraph is not good enough, and the second is that one of the multiple-choice questions is wrong. One - 2 points, one - 3 points, that's it, five points are gone.

Put down the test paper, I covered my face and meditated. Typos, this is where I lose points in every exam. In retrospect, every time we finished learning a text, the teacher asked us to write the new words after class. I also wrote new words and did my homework, but why do I always write wrong words when it comes to the exam? Hi, I remember. After the previous exams, my father told me many times: &ldq this page is pushed uo by " reading"; For new words, we should first recognize them, and then write more. We should find out the meaning of each new word by looking up the dictionary, remember its structure and characteristics, use it to form words and sentences, and know its synonyms and antonyms. Only in this way, new words will not regenerate. "

But how did I do it myself? Each time I write new words, I only write each word five times, and I don't write more than once; Do not check the meaning of words, do not remember the structure of words, let alone use new words to form words and sentences. Every time my mother said to me, I said, 'I can write. I don't have to write anymore. Besides, I still have a lot to do!' In this way, Dad's words didn't bother me at all.

Let's talk about reading. At ordinary times, when I preview the text, I first read the text for the first time, then take out the "words and sentences", look at the above text analysis and copy it. Because I only wanted to finish the homework assigned by the teacher at that time, I didn't seriously analyze the content of the text. After copying, I was finished. Therefore, in the reading of this exam, although I have read the content of the article several times, the summary paragraphs are always not comprehensive, and the language is not refined enough. Especially for multiple-choice questions, the contents of several choices are very close. I didn't have an idea for a moment. I chose one in a muddle headed way, and the result was wrong.

I have a lot of lessons to learn from passing this exam. First of all, I should correct my learning attitude and take everything seriously. Especially when writing new words and previewing texts, we should be willing to spend time, write and read carefully. For each new word, we should write more and practice more. First look up the dictionary to clarify the meaning of the word, be able to use it to form sentences, and find out its synonyms and antonyms. In this way, I can remember the new words. Secondly, when studying, we should think carefully and seriously understand the main content of the article. In this way, my reading level will be improved.

Hi, I hope you won't make this old mistake again in the next exam! Reflection after the exam 550 words now, school and employment all need exams. Who wants to take the exam? Just like the parents said 'to test you'? No, it has a more important role.

One person participated in three examinations of a company. The first time was 99 points, ranking first. The second is Xiaomi, with a score of 95. The second exam, the topic was the same as the first! The man was too lazy to think. She waved her pen with confidence. She handed in her paper less than half the exam time. This time she still got 99 points, and the second one was Xiaomi, 98 points. The third test question was still the same. She didn't even read the test question and wrote down the answers. This time, she scored 99 points, but she didn't dominate. Xiaomi also scored 99 points, the first. The man was not nervous and thought she couldn't squeeze herself. But there was no one on the list released on the fourth day!

She went to the manager, who said, 'we appreciate your test scores, but we didn't promise to hire anyone with a high score. For us, the score is only a basis for hiring employees, not the final result. The staff we need should not only be talented, but also know how to reflect. Only those who are good at reflecting and discovering loopholes can make progress. Only those who make progress can develop. These three examinations mainly test your reflection ability. "

On the other hand, the significance of examination is to let us reflect after the examination. This examination is like a mirror. It is used to reflect on your shortcomings and reflect, not to stop and enjoy your beauty. The exam is not for nothing. You should take the experience and lessons after reflection as a crutch to help you forge ahead, give full play to the power of reflection, and the exam is worth it. Examination, we must clear our high heart. Without examination, we will be pretentious, no longer reflect and stagnate. But the exam will be useless