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Science and technology papers

Science and technology papers

With the reduction of energy, people gradually pay attention to energy conservation. When I was in primary school, the teacher taught us to save energy so that we human beings can live forever on the earth. In real life, most people still don't know how to save energy. Energy saving is just a thing that can be said but can't be done completely. It often causes some unnecessary waste due to the lack of scientific saving common sense and "tips". Now I'd like to introduce some tips on household power saving.

1、 Tips for saving electricity in rice cooker

Now there are two kinds of rice cookers on the market: one is mechanical rice cooker, the other is computer rice cooker. When using a mechanical rice cooker, cover the rice cooker with a towel and be careful not to cover the air outlet, so as to reduce heat loss. When the rice soup boils, lift the button, steam the rice soup dry with the waste heat of the electric heating plate, press the button and simmer for 15 minutes. After the rice cooker is used up, be sure to unplug the power plug, otherwise when the temperature in the rice cooker drops below 70 degrees, it will be automatically powered on, which will not only consume electricity, but also shorten the service life. Try to choose a high-power rice cooker, because cooking the same amount of rice, a 700 watt rice cooker saves time than a 500 Watt rice cooker. Computer rice cookers generally have a large power, about 800 watts, so as to save energy. composition

2、 TV power saving tips

TV energy saving can be achieved in the following ways: first, control the contrast and brightness. Generally, the power consumption of the brightest and darkest color TV sets can differ by 3O watts to 50 watts. It is recommended to open a fluorescent lamp with low watts indoors and adjust the TV contrast and brightness to the middle. Secondly, control the volume. The volume is large and the power consumption is high. In addition, a way to save power is to watch the DVD, preferably in AV state. Because the signal is directly connected in the AV state, the work of TV tuner is reduced, and the power consumption is naturally reduced. Secondly, after watching TV, you can't turn it off with the remote control. You should turn off the power on the TV. Because after the remote control is turned off, the TV is still in the standby state and still using electricity. Generally, standby for 10 hours is equivalent to consuming half a kilowatt hour of electricity. Finally, add a dust cover to the TV. This can prevent the TV from absorbing dust, which increases power consumption. composition

3、 Computer power saving tips

Try to turn off the power switch when you don't use the computer, which can reduce the power consumption. When you don't use the computer, you should use a cover to cover it. Don't let dust enter the computer and reduce power consumption. You should also take out the motherboard and other parts inside the host from time to time for cleaning, so as to better reduce power consumption!! Don't use a computer when you can try not to use it.

Energy saving is very important. Everyone should use these tips and should not stop doing these things because of trouble. These things are of great benefit to everyone. It only takes a little effort. Relevant departments should also increase the ability of festival and publicity. Let all mankind save energy, which is not always there! Let each of us cheer and work hard for the benefit of our future generations! There are many scientific and technological things around us, such as electric rice cookers, computers, televisions, and electric lights. Our science is really making more and more progress, which is created by everyone's efforts.

Science brings us many benefits and makes our life better! Scientists' efforts were not in vain! The former Huangni road → sand road → cement road → has evolved into today's asphalt road, which means that our traffic has improved. The former moonlight → firefly → oil lamp → kerosene lamp → has evolved into today's electric lamp, which means that our fire lamp has made progress. Now there is another new thing. The specific situation is as follows: Recently, it was found that there would be cars running traffic lights on our road, so a camera was installed. Once a car ran through the red light, it would be fined 200 yuan. That thing would take a picture of the scene at that time,! My uncle is an example. We all blame our cousins for their curiosity. Now we can all cross the road at ease! How convenient!

We have cars on the road, ships on the sea, planes and rockets in the sky... We have got rid of the "two legged car". This is the progress of science. Science will bring us a better life! In 2013, I was the chief of the traffic police brigade! On an ordinary and special morning, I walked into the duty room and opened the monitoring system. The interchange traffic line was immediately displayed in front of me. The yellow line network designed by me was eye-catching and beautiful. It quickly won the love of citizens with high-quality service and extraordinary functions

Don't underestimate the yellow traffic line. It's a magical line. It will make pleasant music, identify violations of each vehicle like the best and most experienced traffic police, and it will be merciless to illegal vehicles like the most impartial judge

At 8:10, the monitoring system gave an alarm and saw a rickety car driven by a drunk driver on the screen. The yellow traffic lines on both sides feel the situation of drunk driving through the smell sensor. They immediately become transparent and flicker continuously. At the same time, charming dissuasion music comes out. After the music, the yellow traffic lines immediately remind the driver with a beautiful voice: "sorry, you drive after drinking and violate the traffic rules, please stop immediately." But the driver turned a deaf ear to the warning of the yellow traffic line and stepped on the accelerator to rush straight. At this time, the talking yellow traffic line immediately issued a strong magnetism and firmly sucked the car. The robot police walked over, gently mentioned, and sent the illegal car and driver to the dedicated air line to be criticized and trained by the traffic police team.

At 9:15, a bus full of guests galloped from east to west. The number sensor of the yellow line immediately made a clear sound: "sorry, your car is overloaded with 10 people, please stop immediately." As soon as the driver heard that the yellow traffic line knew so well, he had to stop the car obediently. The robot traffic police immediately found another bus and put the overloaded guests on the bus. composition

The yellow traffic line shows great power on the traffic line. With it, I, the traffic police chief, can be much easier. Traffic accidents have become history, and crossing the road has become a kind of enjoyment after work

I hope to invent a machine that can dissolve garbage in the future. When garbage piles up, it will launch corresponding dissolution bombs according to the number and type of garbage, and the garbage will slowly dissolve and finally penetrate into the ground. The garbage dissolver can also suck some iron elements in the garbage into your body to make energy for yourself. composition

The shape of this machine is similar to that of the current Mini BP machine. There is a transmitting tube in front of its body, which can be carried with you. If you find that there is garbage in the place where you work and study, as long as you align it and press it gently, the garbage will disappear without a trace. In addition, there are large models of this machine, which is specially used to deal with piles of garbage in the dump.

May this garbage dissolver come into our life as soon as possible and create a clean and beautiful environment for us. I believe that in the near future, I will use my wisdom to make this wish come true!

Note: This machine will never dissolve non garbage items, please rest assured!

Now the number of cars is increasing greatly. We can often see a lot of black gas emitted from the rear of the car, which not only pollutes the atmosphere, but also endangers human health. I think: it would be great if we could invent a car with good quality without oil!

The sun is the largest energy pool available on our earth. The technology of concentrating solar energy can be used for heating, cooking and bathing. Solar energy has the advantages of convenience, economy and no pollution. So it's best to use it as energy for cars! The shape of this car is very special. It is a bit like the body of a radio. There is a beautiful silicon plate on the top to absorb solar energy. At the current position of the car's fuel tank, there is an energy converter that can convert the absorbed solar energy into electric energy and store it as energy for listening to music, turning on air conditioning, lighting and other internal facilities in the car.

This is the car I want to invent, solar car. Do you like it?

I hope to invent a hair suction machine in the future that can make the small hair disappear without a trace.

When you have just finished cutting your hair, there will be many small hairs on your head and between your clothes. If you wash your hair, it's inconvenient and can't be washed off completely. Using the hair suction machine I invented, you only need to suck a few times where you feel itchy.

The structure of this hair suction machine is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. It is small and convenient. It can be used only by installing a No. 5 battery. There is a small box at its tail. This small box is for the small hair sucked in. After smoking, just take out the small box and pour out the small hair inside.

This is the hair suction machine I want to invent. Do you like it?

This is the temperature controlled automatic bed I want to invent. This bed is warm in winter and cool in summer, which not only makes people's life more comfortable, but also reduces a lot of trouble for mother. Our bed has many disadvantages. For example, it is hot in summer. My mother needs to take off the thick cushion, dry it, put it away and put on a mat. It's cold in winter. My mother wants to put away the mat and put on a thick cushion and quilt.

I want to invent a temperature controlled automatic bed, which can automatically adjust the temperature with the change of climate. When the outside temperature is high in summer, as long as the switch at the head of the bed is turned on, the bed will automatically control the temperature at about 20 degrees, and people feel particularly cool when they sleep on it. In winter, when the outside temperature is very low, as long as you turn on the switch at the head of the bed, you can automatically control the temperature at about 25 degrees. Sleeping on it can make you feel the warmth of spring in cold winter. Students, do you like it?

In the face of the increasingly serious problem of garbage pollution, I hope to invent a garbage can that automatically classifies and digests the garbage one by one in the future. When people put their used and discarded domestic garbage into this dustbin, the dustbin will treat the plastic into rice like particles, and the waste paper will be compressed into biscuit like paper cakes; Glass products are melted together into liquid, and domestic garbage such as vegetable leaves are fermented into fertilizer. Every day, cleaning workers just classify and load the garbage digested in the bucket, and then sell it to manufacturers who need these fertilizers to reuse these garbage.

The shape of this dustbin is similar to that of the current fruit shell bin. It is made of recycled plastic and glass. Its base has a microcomputer, which is responsible for sorting and processing the garbage put in by people.

This is the automatic digestion dustbin I want to invent. I hope it can bring us a clean and beautiful environment!

I want to invent a multifunctional spacesuit. Wearing it, you can fly directly from earth to outer space. The spacesuit is made of a special plastic that can withstand high temperature and high pressure, absorb natural gas and convert it into energy.

The structure of this space suit is like this: there are two small rockets on the back, which is the power device of the whole suit, * it can be used by humans in the vast universe