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Parents' life

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I envy those who are parents. They have no homework, no exams, and do whatever they want. They are very free. Finally one day... "The child is his father! Wake up! Have breakfast and go to work! " Having become a parent, I got up vaguely, supported the bed board and got up to brush my teeth. After I had breakfast, I washed my face and went to work. As soon as I entered the door of the company, I heard the boss say in front, "come to my office." I immediately had an ominous feeling. After I came to the boss's office, although the boss didn't criticize me, he talked with me about work for more than an hour. My feet were sore before he let me leave. In the afternoon, I finally got off work. Dragging my tired body, I got on the crowded bus and went home. When I got home, I lay on the sofa to rest. Before the sofa was warm, I heard a low voice: "Dad, mom, I'm back." I sat up and said, "baby, what's the matter?" He bowed his head. The content of this page was pushed by " reading" and said, "this is the test paper for this exam." Then I took out a paper. I took it over and looked at it. It was 83 points. I was so angry at that time - such an excellent child only got 83 points?! I reached out and wanted to slap him. Before I could continue, I suddenly remembered that I occasionally had poor exams when I was a child. I was already very sad. How I hope to get the understanding and encouragement of my parents. I had to hold my breath, touch his head and say with a smile: "it doesn't matter. Just try to do better next time. If you make great progress, dad will have a reward!" He looked up with tears in his eyes, smiled and nodded, and ran to do his homework. When I finished checking my children's homework, my tiredness came up... "Bell, Ding bell, Ding bell..." the mobile phone alarm clock rang. I turned over and got up and looked around. Oh, it turned out to be a dream. i'm happy.i'm glad i'm not a parent hard it is to be a parent! I'm tired at work and have to bear it when I go home. Alas, it's better to be a child!