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Summer vacation week of age five: summer vacation summary

Tuesday, August 30, XX weather: Sunny in the summer vacation, I learned a lot. For example, swimming, riding an electric car. But there are thrilling times.

&N the content of this page is pushed BSP for you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN"; Once I went swimming and accidentally took a sip of water when I was in the water. So I hurried out. If I don't come out, I should hang up the dishes. In fact, this often happens, but this is the most dangerous time. The night I learned to ride an electric car, (I remember I seemed to have written an article about learning to ride an electric car) when I got off the bus, my right hand turned back, and the car ran forward. I quickly turned forward, which avoided the disaster. Although I can't hang dishes this time, I will also bump into others, and the consequences are unimaginable. One thing I regret is my homework. I write when the summer vacation is almost over. Although I have finished it, it is also a bad habit. I should write my homework as soon as I have a holiday. I gained a lot this summer vacation and had a very happy time.