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After the examination papers are handed out

After the examination papers are handed out

Now I'll hand out the examination papers. As soon as the teacher's voice fell, the classroom, which had been silent, suddenly burst into a pot. Everyone talked and guessed their scores. I looked out of the window and felt that the sky became overcast, the air seemed to solidify, and the leaves did not move. The teacher's "quiet" brought me back to my senses. I saw some students around holding their chin with both hands and biting their lips tightly; Some put their hands together and ask the Buddha to bless them; Some hold their hands tightly. On the surface, I have the winning ticket, but in my heart, I have 15 buckets to draw water. His feet and hands didn't listen and kept shaking. Several students began to send papers down. Looking at the papers passing by me, the drums in my heart beat faster and faster. Suddenly, a classmate stopped in front of me. I stared at the paper in his hand and my heart jumped, "take it, Wang Jiarui, your paper" "Oh" I quickly took the paper from his hand. I closed my eyes and half opened my eyes for a long time. I saw my score slowly. I saw it clearly, 59 points! I was stunned. My mind is blank“ Hello, Wang Jiarui! What's your score? " A classmate next to me asked me“ I... i... I 59, "ah! No! " After hearing this, my face turned red. I wanted to find a seam to drill down“ After reading the paper, don't put it in your schoolbag and put it on your desk. After the parents' meeting, your parents will take it home, "the teacher said in a raised voice“ Ah! what? Parents take home? No, teacher, why are you so ruthless? "I whispered. The mother's serious and terrible expression and the nagging like the hoop curse appeared in her mind. Face it, I comfort myself. After school, with my heavy schoolbag on my back, I walked on the familiar road with my head down. Back home, I slowly moved to my mother and hesitated to tell my mother my score. Unexpectedly, my mother didn't nag me, but told me to work hard next time. One failure doesn't mean forever. Under the guidance of my mother, my heart suddenly opened up. I think the sky outside the window is particularly blue and the clouds outside the window are particularly white. Looking at a few slowly floating white clouds in the sky, my sadness was swept away.

After Wang Jiarui's test paper of class 60 of Shuangliu experimental primary school was distributed, our class had a Chinese test before the national day. After the test, I thought I did well and would get 100 points. Usually I am very strict with myself and always want to be the first.

On Thursday, when the examination papers were handed out, I only got 92. 5 points, I feel very ashamed. First of all, I lost 3 points in word formation, wrote "Ling" as "neighbor" and "Jiao" as "Jiao", and then lost 1 point in sentence making. Because the semantic expression of sentence making is incomplete, secondly, I lost 3 points in reading because I didn't understand enough and checked many wrong contents. These are all caused by carelessness, which should prove a short article "small animals" I read a few days ago, What it says is that "a little carelessness will suffer a small loss, and a great carelessness will suffer a great loss." My father told me that carelessness is that the basic knowledge is not solid and the learning attitude is rigorous. Give me examples, such as Newton, Edison, Li Siguang and many other scientists. They all developed rigorous learning habits from childhood, which made them achieve great achievements later. Therefore, I should start from my usual study, be meticulous, ensure the correctness of the original speed of doing my homework, and check it carefully after I finish my homework. Form the good habit of being serious and careful at ordinary times, and you will never make the same mistakes in the exam.

Get up from where you fall. Please supervise me. The examination paper was handed out. It was the last term of grade 4. It was about the final exam. The examination results of the city's demonstration primary schools will directly affect the honor of schools and classes. I should win honor for the school and the class in this exam.

The examination papers are going to be handed out. I am elated that I did well in the exam. But just as the examination paper was handed out to me, when I looked through it carelessly, suddenly, a dazzling score stunned me. My strong subject, mathematics, only got an 'x' score, which was lower than the average score of the whole class. Suddenly, I was so surprised that I couldn't close my mouth and my face was red. What should I do? I delayed the class and didn't win glory for the honor of the school.

It's really a 'narrow road for friends'. In the elevator of the Olympic school, I met Miss Lin. I didn't dare to face her face when I remembered the dazzling test scores on the math paper. My face was feverish and red again. I really want to hide. Mr. Lin spoke. How many points did you get in the math test this time! My eyes still dare not face her face, lower my head, whisper and tremble slightly, I got the test '& hellip& hellip;', It's true that the test is poor, but you can't determine success or failure at one time. Find out the reasons and be more careful. You will be able to do well in the future. Mr. Lin's words relieved me and finally passed the level.

However, how did this unlucky math score pass the level of mom and dad; What about grandma and grandpa? After school, I picked up my schoolbag and dragged my heavy legs home. I wanted to show the test paper to my mother-in-law and grandpa, but my trembling hand still stuffed the test paper into my schoolbag. composition

During the meal, my mother-in-law smiled and handed over a bowl of delicious rice and kept putting vegetables in my bowl as usual; And inadvertently asked about my exam results. The taste in my heart was unspeakable. The delicious food was insipid, but I still pretended to eat very delicious. I coughed and said, pretending to be calm, Chinese 97. 5, English 100, Math & hellip& hellip;, It's stuck. They listened to the excellence of the first two subjects and didn't ask & hellip& hellip;, Grandma and grandpa seem to have passed this level.

'Bell & hellip& hellip;' The phone rang. When I looked at the caller ID, it coincided with my heart. Sure enough, my parents called from Guangzhou. My heart was nervous again. On the phone, I bit, summoned up my courage and truthfully reported my math failure score. I was waiting for my parents to scold. Unexpectedly, my mother paused and said that failure is the mother of success. Grandpa, who was reading the newspaper, also interrupted and took this setback as a driving force. composition

Through this failure, teachers and parents' tolerance and encouragement to me, I take 'failure is the mother of success' as my motto. Since then, my grades have really been among the best in my class. After the examination papers were handed out, the second class in the afternoon began again. After having a part, the math teacher ran over and said, "now let's hand out the examination papers on Wednesday." After listening to this sentence, I broke into a cold sweat and was very nervous. Just after the exam that day, I expected that I could not get a low score. When the teacher read my name, I couldn't be nervous anymore. After taking the exam paper, I went back to my seat and picked it up, "ah!" I cried, but my voice was a little low. It was 77 points! It was a bolt from the blue for me. I almost cried and fainted because I had to be scolded again. Although my grades were good, I didn't master mathematics at all.

I took the paper, my hands trembled and wanted to tear it, and I completely collapsed. This is my lowest score in this semester. There are many forks and red spots on the paper. I couldn't help folding the paper and putting it in my schoolbag. Although my deskmate got 39 points, which is lower than me, I still can't compare with him. His score is a little poor, But the math teacher still likes him very much. The teacher told him to answer all the questions correctly and get 100 points, but I'm still not sure if he copied them.

After the math teacher left, the Chinese teacher continued her class, but I still miss the score in my heart. I thought: forget it, regardless of it, have a good class by yourself!

After school, I stayed in the classroom and revised my papers well. In this exam, I also felt that I didn't master enough mathematics knowledge. I plan to learn new knowledge better in the mathematics class starting next week! It also depends on my ability. The score of the exam goes by it. Forget it and hope to get a high score next time. The story tells that the old carpenter jepeto carved a small puppet named Pinocchio from a piece of wood given to him by the carpenter cherry master. Puppets can dance, play swords and somersault. Pinocchio put his feet on the brazier to sleep. When he woke up, both feet were burned. He sold his literacy textbook to see a puppet show. Later, because he didn't listen to the advice of crickets, he fell into the hands of robbers and was saved by the beautiful fairy with sky blue hair. Pinocchio hoped that one day he could become a real boy. The fairy agreed to his request, but he must learn to be honest, brave, not selfish, and sent a little cricket to follow him. Pinocchio was punished for lying, and his nose became longer and longer. From wood to puppet, from puppet to grow donkey ears to become a real donkey, to be pushed into the sea, eaten by fish, turned into puppet again, and then swallowed by fish... After many difficulties and tests, Pinocchio finally realized his wish, no longer a puppet, but a real boy.

Yes, we can achieve our goals as long as we face the difficulties bravely and are not frightened by them. I remember once the teacher said that I would have a Chinese test, so I set a goal for myself, that is, to get more than 95 points and get the first place. For this purpose, I review as soon as I have time. The examination paper was handed out. As soon as I saw that the topic was very simple, I quickly finished the topic and checked it again. I thought I did well in the exam and could achieve my goal. But I didn't get more than 95 points when I handed out the test paper in the afternoon. I am very disappointed, I want to give up, but my mother told me that as long as I bravely face the current difficulties and work hard to overcome them, I will be able to achieve my goal. In the second, third and fourth... Tests in the future, I took it seriously every time. My kung fu is really worthy of my heart. The content of this page is pushed to you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". I am very happy to achieve my goal.

"New puppet adventures" is really a very good book. After reading it, it makes me unforgettable. I suggest you read it too. The sunshine is always after the wind and rain. "On the road of life, I am willing to share all my joys and sorrows with you. It's hard to avoid falling and waiting. Look up bravely. Who would like to hide in a sheltered port, rather have turbulent freedom. The sun is always after the rain, and there is a clear sky on the dark clouds... "

Whenever I hum this song, no matter how difficult it is, I will challenge it and always win, because the sun is always after the wind and rain.

In the class, my academic performance is one of the best, and I haven't been in the top three in the exam. I remember a math exam. I didn't know what was going on. I wasn't in a state at all that day and didn't know how to do it. I made a mess of calculation problems and deducted a lot of points. The exam results became a waterfall of Changbai Mountain. When the examination paper was handed out, my tears were a little restless. I hid in