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Qingming Festival

It is April of another year, and it is our traditional festival - Qingming Festival.

This year, my parents and I went to see my dead grandfather. When we arrived at Grandpa's tomb, we cleaned weeds, added soil and burned money paper for Grandpa & hellip& hellip;。

After this Qingming Festival, I know our traditional festival - Qingming Festival. Qingming Festival poem "Qingjiang leads Qingming Day travel" 50 words "Qingjiang leads Qingming Day travel"

(Ming Dynasty) Wang pan

Where is the smoking ban in the West building?

The green field is clear.

Horses hiss through willows and people laugh on the swing,

Exploring Yinghua always teaches chun to get drunk. On the Qingming Festival composition: "let the Qingming Festival Qingming" up, 200 words Qingming tomb sweeping, remembering our ancestors, is not only a national custom, but also human nature. However, in recent years, more and more famous tombs have been visited in some places. Some people asked the great fairy witch to pray for Yin virtue for their ancestors and shade for their children; Some people sell small paper people, and most of them are fashionable women, saying they want to 'offer some romance to the elderly'; Some people think that there is not enough money, but also make a 'deposit slip'. The president and vice president of the deposit slip opening bank are the Jade Emperor and Yan Luo.

These practices desecrated the spirits of our ancestors, poisoned people's hearts, deviated from the original intention of tomb sweeping, and also defiled the 'Qingming' of Qingming Festival. If our ancestors knew it underground, I'm afraid they would not agree to do so.

Times have changed, and the way of tomb sweeping should be more civilized. Send a bunch of flowers to express sadness; By cultivating soil, plant a tree next to the grave, which is both solemn and frugal and greening the environment. The Tomb Sweeping Day is coming soon. I hope people will consciously stay away from feudal superstition and sweep tombs in a civilized way, so that the Tomb Sweeping Day can really become a 'Tomb Sweeping Day'. On the Qingming Festival composition: recalling my grandfather 1100 words during the Qingming Festival, I remember that five years ago, when I first got the test report of my grandfather's tongue cancer, I came out of the hospital and rode my bike through the most prosperous people's road in the city center. People in the street looked at me with strange eyes, but I couldn't feel the great sadness in my heart. At that time, the whole world seemed to be silenced by someone. Except for their own sobs, everything became dead silent. In the autumn of 2006, my grandfather drove the crane West. When I sat in the dark night and summarized my grandfather's life with some words that I couldn't do, I couldn't shed a tear in my eyes.

In my memory, my grandfather was thin and tall, dignified with kindness, serious with kindness. When my grandfather was a teacher in the town, he would take the enamel cup with the words "serve the people" to the market every morning to buy soybean milk. Grandpa walked all the way to wake up the quiet morning in the town with his hoarse cough. Almost everyone in the town knows his grandfather and will let him buy it first when he comes. The shopkeeper always fills it up more than others, and grandpa always pays one or two more when he finally pays. To be honest, in my memory, my grandfather in his early years was only welcome to pay attention to wechat: www 4hw to get more knowledge. From this impression, I never knew that my grandfather had served as the first president of Meijiang district school after liberation, and was also elected to the first to third National People's Congress of Pujiang County and the Fourth National People's Congress of Lanxi County. All these were known only when I saw those yellow certificates and awards when sorting out his relics & hellip& hellip;

After his retirement, Grandpa was invited to several schools to manage some infrastructure projects for them, like a burnt out charcoal. Although there was no passionate flame, he still played a waste heat. After returning to the village, he has been enthusiastic about the public welfare undertakings in the village, and has never taken the lead in donating money and materials. Later, the tongue cancer surgery cut off almost 1 / 5 of the tongue, and he seemed to be a little slurred when talking, which made his silent grandfather speak less. More often, he just nodded or made some nasal sounds to express his views or attitude.

Grandfather was hospitalized again on May 1, 2006. Before that, he had expressed pain for many times, but he never went to the reexamination. He thought it was just general lymphatic pain. He went to the drugstore to buy some painkillers and paste them to reduce the pain. Especially after my grandmother died in the autumn of 2005, my grandfather was alone, lacked a partner in his life, and his body was becoming thinner and thinner. After repeated persuasion, he agreed to come to Lanxi for treatment.

The preliminary diagnosis of the hospital is tumor metastasis, which should be hospitalized. In view of grandfather's age, the risk of reoperation was too high, so chemotherapy was used. By the time he was admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy for the third time, his grandfather was pale and his body was almost only a skeleton. The nurse couldn't find the blood vessels when she gave the hanging needle. Due to the pain of lymph nodes, Grandpa was hoarse and speechless. Several times he asked nurses for paper and pen to write for them. The note said: Please cure my speech!

When Grandpa was discharged from the hospital for the last time, his face glowed with childlike innocence and joy. He nodded and smiled one by one with his roommates, and smiled gratefully to the nurses and doctors. At the moment when the car left, Grandpa cast his last affectionate glance at the inpatient building in the sun behind him. Perhaps, Grandpa knew he would not come back at that time. He silently said his last goodbye to everything he knew.

A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day; The mourner's heart is going to break on his way. Standing in front of my grandfather's grave, the green mountains in the distance and the fields near me gradually became blurred. Everything in front of me seems so familiar. It seems that my grandfather was still writing Spring Festival couplets to the villagers, telling the young people not to pour garbage into the clear stream, and working hard to repair the ancestral hall in the village & hellip& hellip; In a twinkling of an eye, Grandpa drove the crane to the West and disappeared without a trace, like the water vapor in the rain. No matter how I grabbed it, I couldn't catch him, leaving a piece of moisture in the palm of my hand. The day before the Qingming Festival is the cold food festival. Fireworks are not allowed in the cold food festival. You can only eat cold food and cold dishes to commemorate Jie Zitui, an aristocrat of the state of Jin in the spring and Autumn period. Meson push, also known as Jie's push, Jie push. He followed his son Chong Er (later Duke Wen of Jin) to exile abroad. After Wen Gong returned home, he rewarded his entourage. Jie Zitui didn't get a reward and lived in seclusion with his mother in Mianshan (now Jieshan in the southeast of Jiexiu County, Shanxi Province). Later, Duke Wen wanted to grant him an official title, but he refused. Wengong was helpless and had to set fire to the mountain. He wanted to force him out, but unexpectedly he burned Jie Zitui's mother and son in the mountain. Later, because the cold food was connected with the Qingming Festival, it gradually became a festival, but the custom of steaming 'Zitui steamed bread' before the festival has been spread in Yulin and Yan'an in Northern Shaanxi.

'Zitui steamed bun', also known as old steamed bun, is similar to the helmet of an ancient military general, weighing about 250? 500 grams. It is wrapped with eggs or red dates, with a top on it. Applique around the top. Flour flower is a small steamed bun made of flour. It has the shape of swallow, insect, snake, rabbit or four treasures of study. The round 'Zi Tui mo' is for men to enjoy. Married women eat strip-shaped 'shuttle bun', while unmarried girls eat 'bun bun'. The children have noodles such as swallow, snake, rabbit and tiger. " Big tiger 'is only for boys and is most liked by them. Parents use pear branches or fine hemp thread to string all kinds of small flour flowers, hang them on the top of the kiln or next to the window frame, and let the children enjoy them slowly. Dried flour flowers can be preserved until the Qingming Festival in the second year.

Making flour flowers is a specialty of women in Northern Shaanxi. With their dexterous hands, they can knead fermented white flour into flour flowers of various shapes. The tools are only daily necessities such as combs, scissors, awls and tweezers, and the auxiliary materials are red beans, black beans, pepper seeds and edible pigments. The steamed flour flowers are lifelike, especially art treasures. They are unforgettable and can't bear to eat them right away.

'Zi Tui mo' and noodle flowers are not only eaten by themselves, but also used as gifts to relatives and friends. The mother wants to send cold food to her married daughter that year. Rural children send gifts to their teachers and let gardeners who leave their homes to teach and educate people in remote mountain villages share the delicious food of the festival. About the Qingming Festival composition: Qingming Festival boiled eggs 600 words Qingming Festival, the impression is to eat boiled eggs, swing and sweep the tomb.

Near Wansong mountain (the cemetery of revolutionary martyrs in central Shandong), the teacher took us to sweep the tomb during the Qingming Festival when we were young. Although he shouted slogans such as inheriting the martyrs' will and carrying forward the revolutionary tradition, his heart was attracted by spring outings and boiled eggs. Wansong mountain is surrounded by Xiaowen river. The pines and cypresses on the mountain are green. You can imagine how beautiful the scenery is in the Qingming Festival when spring returns to the earth. You think how happy it is for children who have been shackled by the severe cold to visit their graves here... Compared with children, pine trees on the mountain and willows on the river suffer. Pine branches and willows should be inserted in the eyes and doors of every family. The children folded the branches home while they were sweeping the grave. At that time, I didn't know who was inserting these to commemorate. I knew it was fun to play the willow flute and pine flute.

Swing seems to be a game only on Qingming Festival. We call it "Youqian". Find two nearby trees and a thick rope, which can be tied by strong adults, and several children will have their own world. A rope also allows children to play tricks: single, double, multiple, sitting, squatting and standing. We should take advantage of the Qingming Festival to have fun, because adults say: don't play before and die after playing. His uncle means that the swing must be played before the festival and die after the festival. It's a lie, of course. Maybe it's because adults are busy and afraid that it's unsafe for children to swing.

Eggs seem to be the most important symbol of Qingming. When I was a child, my family was poor. I had to sell eggs for oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar. It was rare to eat them several times at ordinary times. However, Qingming Festival is different. Every family cooked a few and dyed them red, green, purple, flower and even watermelon. More skillfully, they painted beautiful patterns on them for the children. Girls like to compare whose eggs are beautiful. Boys don't care whether they are beautiful or not. As long as they are hard, because 'bar eggs' is an essential program for Qingming Festival. Each person holds an egg and bumps it together. If it is broken, he will lose. He will give the broken egg to the winner. Therefore, in the Qingming Festival, whoever has the hardest egg will win everyone's worship, of course, because he can eat a lot of eggs.

Ten years ago, I went to school in other places. I received a letter from my father on Qingming Day. My father said: it's Qingming Day. You can buy some eggs to eat. Everyone in the family misses you. Your mother cooked a lot of eggs, but your brother said to keep them for you... His brother was only 7 years old at that time. Remember to read the letter and I cried. The 350 character sacrifice to our ancestors on Qingming Festival is a manifestation of filial piety. It is the most important etiquette to respect, miss and admire our ancestors. This time is a traditional death day. Commemorating our ancestors is the best time to visit our ancestors.

On Tomb Sweeping Day, many people will come to the tombstone of their ancestors and offer flowers, sacrifices and filial piety. I am no exception. My uncle, father and my little brothers came here to commemorate the departure and festivals of my ancestors. During the Qingming Festival, there was a lot of rain. These light rains hooked people's mood and came here with a feeling of nostalgia. Come to the tombstone of this respected ancestor and tell your heart