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The most meaningful thing

Little reporter life experience diary

The most meaningful thing

In the early morning of September 24, 2013, a cold crescent moon hung on the roof of the "Peninsula metropolis daily distribution station" at No. 62 Minjiang road. The station was already brightly lit. When the station was outside, it was full of people. Today is the "life experience day for small investors" of the small press group of peninsula Metropolis Daily.

5: 00, a 'peninsula city newspaper driver' stopped at the gate of the distribution station on time. With a 'here comes the newspaper!' The uncle of the distribution station nervously and orderly unloaded the newspaper from the car. The little reporters were divided into five groups and began to check the newspapers under the guidance of the postman's uncle: each entertainment news is two pieces together. First separate them, and then insert them into another incomplete newspaper. In this way, a newspaper can be divided. The work looks easy and hard to do! Newspapers in the hands of uncles are like dancing butterflies, rolling up and down quickly, one by one. But in the hands of the little reporters, it was not so simple. Either they didn't add it or they added it in double. After a while, the hands and faces of the little reporters were full of black ink. Then, like groups of happy birds, the little reporters chirped behind their uncles and ran to the streets bathed in the morning light.

7: The young journalists returned to the distribution station one after another with fatigue and excitement. I think today's breakfast is one of the most delicious breakfast for most young journalists, because some of the peninsula metropolis daily received at the residents' home this morning are distributed and delivered by us! At the same time, we deeply appreciate the hard work of the uncles of the Distribution Agency, and the most glorious work. A meaningful thing_ 800 words every time I think of this, I feel both funny and regret. Because of this, I become the 'protagonist' in my family's tea and dinner conversation!

The story goes like this. One day after school, I put the door key in the small bag of my schoolbag as usual. At this time, I found that the small bag had a hole, so I simply tied a rope and hung it around my neck. Everything is OK! I jumped back home. Along the way, I tossed and tossed the key. As soon as I wasn't careful, I threw the key to my back. When I got home, I used to touch the key around my neck. Without it, where did the key 'run'? yes! Should I have put it in the steamed stuffed bun just now? I put down my schoolbag and searched. The key seemed to evaporate in the world. I couldn't find it. It's broken! I suddenly realized that I had 'lost' the key! Because the bag has a hole, I think it should fall on the road, or it should be on the school desk. Go and find it. If you're lucky, you should be able to find it. Without much thought, I ran to school. On the way, I searched almost all the places where I could find the key, but I couldn't find it. So, holding a glimmer of hope, I came to the school and searched all the corridors and classrooms I passed. There was no shadow of a key. I had to go home disappointed. As I walked, I thought: if I go back and meet my father, I will definitely scold. Thinking, thinking, I unknowingly returned to the door of my home. I bumped into a man. I looked up and saw that it was my father. " Dad. " I instinctively shouted, and I looked a little panicked because I was ashamed. " What's up? It looks like a lost soul. " No, nothing. " I was still a little nervous. I stuttered when I answered my father. " Hehe, it's all right. I saw your schoolbag and red scarf at the door just now. I thought you were hijacked! What, where are you playing? "

I felt more nervous and sweating. Suddenly I felt something itching on my back, so I stretched out my hand to scratch.

'well, what is it?' I'll take that 'thing' down and have a look, huh! Isn't this the key I found so hard? It's funny and angry to think that I ran to my back just now because I was exhausted and frightened by this key.

'Hello! Boy, what are you doing there if you don't do your homework? " Dad asked when he saw that I looked strange.

Well, it's better to tell Dad what happened just now. Anyway, the key has been found. Don't worry about getting beaten. Thinking of this, I told dad what happened just now.

Dad was not angry, but said with a smiling face, 'I want to reward you!' what! Did I hear you right? What is the reward? " I feel happy to think that my father will reward me.

'you'll know later. You'll see! " Dad said with a mysterious expression.

At dinner, my father announced my story to the whole family, which made everyone laugh. My grandfather said I was riding a donkey and couldn't find a donkey. My grandmother said I was just playing and was too careless.

My mother criticized me and told me that this was the consequence of carelessness. She warned me that I must get rid of this problem in the future and asked me if I have confidence in it?

Originally, this is what my father said about the so-called reward. Although I made everyone laugh a little embarrassed, I understand that everyone said I was good for me, so I nodded confidently. A meaningful thing_ 400 words is a meaningful thing

One morning in the winter vacation, I accidentally opened the science textbook. At the beginning, I still felt that the things in the textbook were very boring and boring. Just when I wanted to close the book, suddenly, a small experiment in the book attracted me. The book said that black can absorb sunlight and white can reflect sunlight. Is it really like this? Out of curiosity, I decided to do this experiment to see if the results were the same as those in the book.

I prepared a piece of white cloth and a piece of black cloth, and took two cups, which were full of cold water. Then, I covered the two cups with black cloth and white cloth respectively, and then put them in the direct sunlight to receive the sunlight.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, I took down the black and white cloth and dipped my fingers in two glasses of water. I found that the glass of water covered with black cloth was much hotter than that covered with white cloth. " Ah, my experiment succeeded. The result is really like what the book says. White can reflect sunlight, while black can absorb sunlight. " I said excitedly. No wonder more people wear black clothes in winter than white clothes in summer!

Through this small experiment, I was inspired: some knowledge can not only rely on the answers given in books, but need to be tested by practice; When we learn scientific theoretical knowledge, we must be diligent in thinking and dare to practice, so that we can learn these knowledge firmly. Such a small experiment, but let me get such a big truth, isn't it a meaningful thing in the winter vacation? A meaningful thing in winter vacation_ 400 words recalling an event before the new year, I can't help but be happy.

Yesterday, the holiday, I thought: finally the holiday, a semester of hard work day is finally over. On the way home, I kept thinking of an assignment assigned by my teacher: 'do a meaningful thing' By the way, 'I suddenly shouted, at home & lsquo; Work & rsquo;, It can help the family and earn some tips. " When my mother came home, I put forward this request to my mother, and my mother agreed. I started my 'working' life. Every time after dinner, the 'Symphony' of bowls and plates sounded in the kitchen, which was very lively. If the clothes are dirty, I have to wash them. Students, although washing clothes seems to be a simple housework, reaching into the cold water will make your whole body shiver. At first, I wanted to shrink back and give up, but when I remembered that this was my first job in life, I must not give up halfway. I clenched my teeth and rubbed hard. Since there will always be a return, I look at the red hands and look at the clean and tidy clothes. It feels good! I do everything with my heart. My mother is satisfied with my work performance. I heard from my father that my mother will give me a raise! I can't sleep with joy. On the eve of new year's Eve, the table was full of rich dinners. Mother paid her salary, a total of 40 yuan. When the two brand-new twenty yuan were handed to me, I was happy because it was my own money. I decided to buy some good composition books and some school supplies with the money.

This winter vacation is really meaningful. A meaningful thing_ On Saturday morning, the sun was shining. I was attracted by bursts of happy bird calls. I asked some good friends to play together.

When we were having a good time, we only heard a bang, and a group of birds were scared to fly around. It turned out that a big brother was shooting birds with a toy gun.

At this time, I volunteered to go to my big brother and said, 'brother, please don't bully the birds anymore. With them, our community will be more vibrant and beautiful.' after listening to me, my brother left embarrassed.

I think it's very meaningful to help birds. The most meaningful thing_ One weekend, after playing, I went home and found my mother was not at home, and the house was very messy. I think my mother does housework every day, takes care of my life and has to go to work. She is very tired. So I made up my mind to help her clean up this weekend.

As soon as I say dry, I roll up my sleeves, wet and wring the rag, and then wipe the table, coffee table and chair one by one. Then, I put the scattered books back on the shelf neatly; I put it according to the classification: comics, literature, science and Technology & hellip& hellip; After putting the books, I clapped my hands, turned and picked up the broom. I want to clean the floor first. Because I didn't do housework at ordinary times, I cleaned the whole house for about 20 minutes. After taking out the garbage, I was out of breath. But the work was not finished yet. I had to mop the floor. After a few minutes of rest, I picked up the mop like my mother, and then cleaned it. I struggled to mop the floor from the hall. I don't know how long it took. I finally finished dragging the floor. Looking at the shiny floor, I don't need to describe how strong the sense of achievement in my heart is.

Finally, I should clean up my toiletries. However, when I was about to clean up, a 'Xiaoqiang' suddenly rushed out, and its emergence caused a war. I patted him with a mop, but he dodged quickly; Then he chased it with a wooden board, and it slipped away and easily hid. At this time, I was already furious. I wanted a nuclear bomb to blow it up. However, I only have primitive 'weapons' now. Finally, I decided to fight the guy with a broom. This time, I beat him in a few rounds. Watching the soul of Xiaoqiang ascend to heaven, I feel like a great hero. After cleaning up the mess caused by 'Xiaoqiang', I finally finished the cleaning of my home.

Look at the time, mom should go home. In order to accept my mother's praise, I took out my homework book and pretended to do my homework. Sure enough, as expected. Mom came home and saw a big change at home, and then she saw & ldquo; the content of this page is changed from "read. 4hw. Com. C