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A day in the country

Saturday, June 30, XX weather: Sunny

Today, I went to grandma's house to play. I was very happy on the way! Because grandma's family has "three wonders". When there are many old people in the backyard, they have withered, but I push them straight into the backyard! Pink petals, straight stems. Listen to Grandpa, the lotus here are wild! I raised the small fish with lotus leaves myself. Now they have grown into "strong men". The clear water was still the groundwater dug by my father and grandpa. This is a great achievement. When I fed the big fish, I came to the second wonder: "Shiwai fruit garden", where there were many fruits. Because grandpa knew I liked to eat fruit, he planted many fruit trees, including grapefruit tree, orange tree, apple tree. I picked a ripe red apple and bit it in my mouth. Ah! That smell can't be said! In the evening, I look forward to it most, because the third wonder is hidden in it“ Here comes the dish! " Grandma shouted and brought up many "delicacies", including fried mushrooms with green vegetables and braised beef... Of course, the main course is black chicken stewed turtle. I picked up a piece of beef and put it in my mouth. The beef is delicious and soft. The turtle is better to eat. It's oily but not greasy... On the way home, I'm still remembering the "three wonders". It's really amazing!