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Weekly notes of middle school students learning to read

1. 'life first, learning second' -- Sports and moral education, the world is full of knowledge, and human experience is the article & Q the content of this page is pushed by "" As an indispensable part of school quality education, physical education shoulders the main task of improving children's physical quality, and ideological and moral education is also one of the goals of physical education. Physical education is a compulsory course for students. The effect of Ideological and moral education in physical education is incomparable with other subjects. Physical education plays a unique and irreplaceable role in the process of human education and cultivation, which makes moral education in physical education become a hot topic concerned by the majority of sports workers.

The new "sports and health" curriculum standard not only highlights the three aspects of sports participation, sports skills and physical health, but also emphasizes the embodiment and penetration of the goals of mental health and social adaptation. It can be seen that physical education in schools should not only train the body, but also the mind. It is not only necessary to train students' healthy physique, but also to cultivate students' sound psychology and good ideological and moral quality.

Most of the sports activities are carried out in the form of teams, and the teams in sports activities are also diverse. Classes, groups, teams (groups) formed temporarily in teaching competitions, etc. all constitute teams. In collective events, team is the basic unit of sports activities. Sports activities are very beneficial to the formation of team consciousness. Team spirit requires team members to have a strong sense of cooperation and role. Cooperative spirit and role consciousness are not only a kind of psychological and ideological quality, but also a kind of practical ability. In a sense, the spirit of cooperation is permeated in the role, and the person who can play the role well in sports activities is considered to have the consciousness and ability of cooperation.

Therefore, in my daily physical education work, I grasp the personality psychological characteristics and ideological and moral status of contemporary children, and creatively explore the methods, strategies and skills of Ideological and moral education in physical education. Ideological and moral education should be carried out consciously, purposefully and systematically, and moral education should be integrated into physical education.

Happiness is more important than knowledge.

Interest is the best teacher, like is a kind of big knowledge.

Psychologists also believe that students in the state of interest in learning, keen observation, memory, imagination, will be excited, happy to learn, showing the enthusiasm and creativity of personality. When students participate in physical exercise and physical education classes, they often start from their interests. They like interesting games and competitions. They are particularly concerned about their own achievements and hope to be encouraged and praised by teachers for their practice results. In physical education teaching, teachers should organically combine the content of teaching materials, teaching requirements, ideological education with students' physical and mental activities, create lively and diverse teaching situations, and make students have a strong sense of role experience and strong interest in learning in specific and vivid scene activities.

Now we advocate "Happy Sports" in physical education. Happy sports refers to the deep psychological pleasure or sense of success, which enables students to experience the fun of participating, understanding, mastering and innovating sports in sports, so as to stimulate students' consciousness and initiative to participate in sports. Based on respecting students' dominant position in sports, we should pay attention to stimulating students' interest in sports, and think that the process of sports teaching itself is happy and attractive.

Happy physical education teaching mode is to cultivate students' strong interest in learning, stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning and mobilize students' enthusiasm for physical exercise with the best teaching means. Make the whole teaching process full of happiness, joy, harmonious emotion and atmosphere. Not only let students like to learn, willing to learn, but also let them know the purpose and significance of learning, consciously and actively participate in sports training, fully develop students' personality, cultivate students' good ideological and moral quality. This is the highest level of the art of physical education and the only way to successful education. Facts have proved that through the exploration and practice of happy physical education teaching mode, the main role of students and the leading role of teachers can be brought into full play in teaching, which greatly improves the quality of classroom teaching. Of course, happy sports teaching mode does not represent the whole process of teaching, but a point of innovative teaching in the teaching process, which is to cultivate students' interest in sports learning and lay a good foundation for forming lifelong sports habits.

"Happiness" is not without any pain of failure. Some people think that some sports events can not bring happiness to students, but they must be retained because they have some special sports value. Some people think that since they can not bring happiness to students, they should subtract these events and increase the items that students like. In fact, these two views do not see pain and happiness, The guiding ideology of happy sports can not deny the existence of pain and failure, because only after the success of failure can we really understand the meaning of happiness. Only through their own hard work can they feel real fun. These are the driving forces for students to devote themselves to lifelong sports. For example, long-distance runners have to experience chest tightness and suffocation for many times every day, and finally achieve their goals and break a record. At this time, only he can realize the happiness and essence of sports, Another example is the people engaged in sports who have traveled all over the country. They have experienced many hardships and tiredness, setbacks and pain to achieve their goals. Only he can realize the happiness and true meaning of sports. The meaning of happy sports is simply to put it as' teaching in fun ', which is the highest level of sports. The development of sports is the development of human pursuit of happiness. There is a natural connection between sports teaching materials and sports fun. It requires us to study, refine and use them to bring the inherent charm of sports to students.