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Civilization is only one step away

One day, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong came home with their schoolbags. They met a garbage can by the side of the road. There was a pile of dirty and smelly garbage beside. Mosquitoes and flies were flying around. At this moment, they are thinking: "who is this, littering, polluting the environment." Their faces were angry and distressed. The little boy said, "the rubbish has rotted. What can we do? If we don't clean them up, it will pollute the environment and harm people's health, but it's too dirty. " They hesitated, but the little girl said with a smile: "if we clean up the garbage, how many people's health and how much fresh air will be exchanged!" The little boy touched the back of his head and laughed, as if he understood something.

They are not afraid of being dirty and tired. They work very hard. Although they are gray headed and gray faced, their faces are full of happy smiles. The garbage will be cleaned up soon, but new problems appear again. Next time, what if there are still people littering? The little boy is very smart. He turns his eyes and has a good idea. He finds pen, ink and paper and writes a slogan, "civilization is only one step away" to remind everyone to take care of the environment. They go home happily. Since then, it has always been spotless.

That's what I'm talking about. The content of this page is pushed by "Sihai reading network". If everyone takes a small step, society will take a big step. Civilization is only one step away.

The five civilizations of a primary school are only one step short of civilization

Li Yikai, class 5, Huanglong No.1 Primary School, Wenzhou

One afternoon after school, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong happily came out of school. On the way home, they met a little boy throwing garbage. He walked one meter away from the garbage can and threw the garbage bag full of garbage to the direction of the garbage can. "Peng" splashed the garbage all over the ground. It was dirty, including melon seed shell, charred skin, banana skin There are many pieces of paper in the fruit kernel, which passers-by turn a blind eye to.

When Xiao Hong saw it, she picked up the garbage and said to Xiao Ming, "what are you doing! I don't want to help pick up the garbage yet At this time, Xiao Ming came up with a good idea. He took out a pen and a piece of white paper in his schoolbag and lay on the ground as if he was writing something. Later, when Xiao Hong cleaned up the garbage, Xiao Ming pasted the big words "civilization is only one step away" on the garbage can with double-sided adhesive tape. Xiao Hong and passers-by all boast that Xiao Ming is a good example. What a good idea! composition

People should learn from them and be moral! Later, people will not turn a blind eye to the past, people happily maintain this beautiful home. Civilization is only one step away. Civilization is only one step away. When school is over, the students come out of school like birds.

Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong are neighbors as well as classmates. They also carry schoolbags, happily out of the campus, full of joy on the way home.

Gee! What's the smell, it stinks They look around, oh! There is a garbage can. The garbage can is full of garbage. Seeing such a scene full of embarrassment and stink, Xiaoming and Xiaohong frown involuntarily, and their mood drops to the extreme.

Xiaohong can't help but walk to the garbage can, bend down and throw the garbage on the ground into the garbage can bit by bit. Xiaohong looks back and sees Xiaoming motionless and angry. Xiaohong: Xiaoming, what are you doing? Come and help me pick up the garbage. " Unexpectedly, Xiao Ming raised his hand and scratched his head, but he was still indifferent. Xiao Ming racked his brains to think: can Xiao Hong solve the problem with the local people? Xiaoming had an idea. He opened his schoolbag, took out his pen and paper, spread them on the ground, bent down, and wrote on the ground. At this time, Xiaohong has already picked up the garbage. She stands up and turns around. Xiaoming writes on the ground: civilization is only one step away“ What are you doing, Xiao Ming? " Asked Xiao Hong. Instead of answering, Xiao Ming turns around, takes out the glue and sticks the end of the paper on the garbage can“ Oh Xiaohong suddenly realized, thumbed up and praised Xiaoming for doing right and well. At this time, it's already dark. Xiaoming and Xiaohong are happily on their way home. Is composition civilization only one step short of colorful clouds? In the blue sky, Xiaogang and Xiaomin are walking happily on their way home. After walking for a while, they smell the disgusting smell. Pedestrians on the street cover their noses and rush to see it. It turns out that it's a dustbin, but there's no garbage in it, but the garbage outside it stinks.

They don't think about it. Why do people dump garbage outside the garbage can when there is a garbage can? Think again, since came, that clean up a bit, then small sensitive low head picked up 2, 3 minutes, her corner of the mouth exposed a town can't wipe off smile, ridiculous after, she frowned again, say: "I always can't come to pick up every day?"

Xiaogang said to her, "I have a way to do this." after that, he pasted a note that said "civilization is only one step away" on the garbage can. When they're ready, they're back on their feet.

The two children are right. Civilization only blooms in their hearts, but the world is not civilized. The wall says no littering, but it's still rubbish. The river says no fishing, but there are still many rare fish caught. The park says no smoking, but... Composition

The 21st century is a civilized century, but it is still uncivilized. I sincerely hope that in the near future, the flower of civilization will bloom in everyone's heart! Civilization is only one step away. Civilization is a lamp. If the light is brighter, there will be less darkness.

Civilization is a window, open the window, light will come in.

Civilization is a flower. If we water and fertilize it more, it will blossom more luxuriantly, brightly and brilliantly.

--Title Composition

I have seen such a cartoon; On a sunny afternoon, there is a garbage can beside a busy street. The residents here take out the garbage here, but they are afraid of being tired. They always take out the garbage a few steps away from the garbage can, and the scattered garbage still smells from time to time. Passers-by cover their mouths and noses and speed up their pace. At this time, two middle school students came over, looking at the people, quietly picked up. The garbage can was clean, but they worried that someone would dump the garbage, so they pasted a note on the garbage can, which said: civilization is only one step away!

Yes, in our daily life, civilization is one step away. Civilization is only one step away. Maybe this step can reduce the garbage a lot; Civilization is only one step away. Maybe this step can make the world a better place; Civilization is only one step away. Maybe this step can make you, me and him smile. When we cut this step for relaxation? i. You may lose a lot: Yes, the garbage is not reduced, but the beautiful environment is reduced; The world has not become better, but our clean environment has become worse; We did not smile, but frown... In fact, such as spitting such a small thing is very common: water loss, lazy hands; Take a short cut and step on the lawn Some people, for the sake of convenience, take a step less and do not speak of civilization. As long as you take one more step, you can build a beautiful campus, a beautiful city and a beautiful earth. If we go one step further, we may see green grass, red flowers and people's bright smiling faces. composition

In this cartoon, I also found some small questions: why do some people turn a blind eye to garbage? Why can't we take a few more steps and put the garbage in the garbage can? Why can't we pick up the garbage and throw it into the garbage can like two primary school students? Is it because garbage is not so eye-friendly? Is it because I'm too tired to walk? Is it because the garbage is too dirty? Too smelly? No, these are not reasons, the real reason is: those people have no sense of civilization!

As early as 2000 years ago, Confucius used his keen mind to tell us: "warm, good, respectful, thrifty, let it be." This five character Maxim full of philosophy is the most profound interpretation of civilization“ "I know the etiquette when I'm in the warehouse." now I'm in the warehouse, but I almost don't know the etiquette. " He is kind and friendly as a brother; The evil spirit greets people and harms the soldiers. " If you are civilized to others, they will respect themselves. In the long history, many people have realized the importance of civilization, but now there are still so many people who do not abide by civilization. Isn't this not even worse than people in ancient times?

Once, comrade Lenin came down the stairs. In the narrow corridor of the stairs, he met a woman worker carrying a basin of water up the stairs. As soon as the woman worker saw that it was Lenin, she would go back to make way for him. Lenin stopped her and said, "you don't have to do this. You've already gone half way with your things, and I'm empty handed now. Please go first." He said the word "please" loud and kind. Then he pressed himself against the wall and let the female worker go upstairs. He went downstairs. Isn't this also the embodiment of good civilized etiquette?

Yes, both celebrities and ordinary middle school students will abide by civilization. And as us, can't we also contribute our civilized behavior? Civilization is a boat, which leads us to an ideal harbor; Civilization is an eagle, leading us to fight against the sky; Civilization is a horse, leading us to run on the vast grassland; Civilization is a simple truth of right and wrong. Civilization is also a touchstone to measure a person's character, but it is difficult to practice. In short, as long as we are enthusiastic, as long as we work hard, as long as we pay, with our determination and action, with our hard work and sweat, strive to be a civilized citizen and create a harmonious campus! Civilization is only one step away. I read a cartoon, which tells such a story.

One day, after school, Wang Gang and Wang Yanyan were walking home together. They talked and laughed all the way. How happy they were! At this time, they are passing a garbage can, can not help but frown, because a lot of garbage is lying around the garbage can. Wang Yanyan is a civilized and hygienic student. When she saw the rubbish on the ground, she couldn't help bending down to pick it up and throw it into the garbage can. But Wang Gang, a wise man, was different. He thought: according to Yanyan, we have to come here to clean up the garbage every day after school, but it can't solve the problem fundamentally! I must come up with a wonderful way to make those who litter aware of their mistakes. Wang Gang meditated for a long time. Suddenly, his eyes brightened and he came up with a good idea. He quickly opened his schoolbag, took out a piece of white paper, spread it on the ground and wrote a few big words: civilization is only one step away. Just at the moment when Wang Yanyan finished picking up the garbage, Wang Gang's words were also written. Wang Yanyan looked at them and said straightforwardly: 'resourceful, really resourceful

This cartoon satirizes some people who are not civilized and litter in life. In fact, we all have the responsibility to take care of the environment. If everyone is civilized, we will not have a beautiful home