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The Window

Rain, pattering underground, everything is so beautiful. The scenery outside the window is so warm, inadvertently, has entered my heart.

A lonely lamp

Rainy night, quietly came, a lonely lamp lit up the world, slightly yellow light, as if the mother's loving eyes, warm words, let me have a feeling of crying, the original cold heart, instant melting, as if back home, back to the mother's arms.

I do not know how long, I am a little tired, looking at the lamp, think of home, living in a different place of loneliness and loneliness, unknowingly, has been this lamp rendering into infinite power. composition

Perhaps, this lonely lamp was sent to resolve homesickness!

Comfort in the dark?? A lonely lamp enters the heart & hellip& hellip; composition

A bright moon

Imperceptibly, the rain stopped, a bright moonlight shining into the window.

Looking up at the bright moon, the competition is so beautiful, the happy light illuminates the fragments, and the innocent smile of childhood emerges in front of my eyes. The childish song drifts to the edge, and everything seems to have happened yesterday. Moon, do you also think of the past

A bright moon, bring is not sad, is happy, good memories, lingering for a long time.

With a bright moon like mood, I write happy words, blue flowers blooming on the checkered paper, the dark night is not hard & hellip& hellip;

A bright moon outside the window?? Into the heart & hellip& hellip;

A blue sky

After the baptism of rain, the greetings of the moon, it is a new day, not in the gray, not in the sad mood, a blue sky, in the window.

It wants to give the great mind to the people, it wants to convey the blue mood to the world, hope is not dim, success is not far away!

With the blessing of the blue sky, I set sail, the ideal goal is ahead!

A blue sky outside the window?? Into my heart & hellip& hellip;


The scenery outside the window is so unique. Maybe it is because of poor observation that we have lost the opportunity to appreciate it. Why not let the scenery outside the window enter our heart? The scenery outside the window in the morning, the first ray of sunlight through the window to illuminate every household, my little bedroom is also a glow, beautiful and warm. Open the window, take a deep breath, give the sky a smile, give the world a smile, the sun comes out, it is a new day.

Standing in front of the window, you can see green everywhere. The green grass everywhere, the reeds gently swaying in the breeze, and the bushes full of wild herons are like a three-dimensional pastoral painting, which quietly unfolds in front of my eyes. Looking to the East, you can clearly forget the sparkling light of the lake and the international hotel. Looking southwest, the newly built customs building stands majestically, displaying its magnificence in the morning light. Many times, I just stand for a long time, intoxicated in the scenery outside the window.

What a beautiful view out of the window!

The sun is the main scenery outside the window. In the morning, the sun rises slowly, giving people a fresh feeling, feeling that everything around exudes the breath of youth. At noon, the sun is burning, full of enthusiasm, and the hot temperature always inspires people to march forward. In the evening, the setting sun sets in the west, which makes people feel lost. But if there is no fading of the setting sun, how can we meet the joy of the rising sun! Warm feeling always stay in my heart, I just stand for a long time, intoxicated in the scenery outside the window. composition

The scenery outside the window is so beautiful!

There are four different views outside the window. In spring, the grass on the lawn is not green, but a few jasmine and apricot flowers compete. In summer, the sun shines on the leaves outside the window, reflecting a little bit of dazzling light. Occasionally, the wind blows gently from the top of the tree, or passes rapidly, and the whole top of the tree moves, and the bright spots flicker alternately. Occasionally, a few sparrows can be seen flying from one tree to another. From the window to see the autumn and winter, nature is another piece of fallen leaves and silver wrapped scenery. Many times, I just stood for a long time and silently looked at the scenery outside. composition

Outside the window, always full of novelty & hellip& hellip; The scenery outside the window is poetic and picturesque. It's beautiful outside the window. When you stand in front of the window, you will feel more beautiful.


I remember that time I found you 'strange', it was in the mid-term exam of junior one. When I finished answering the paper, I raised my head and looked out of the window. It happened that you were passing through that window. Maybe it was arranged by God. You were looking in and I was looking out. My eyes were just opposite. For the sake of girls, I blushed and lowered my head to pretend to check the paper. I thought: did you blush then?

But the feeling of that time, your eyes, strange, but give people a kind, if you use a friend's words, that is: this page content by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" push for you 'I was captured by you! " composition

The scenery outside the window that day was wonderful. It was beautiful when you stood in that background.

Since then, I have your shadow in my heart. composition

After that day, I began to watch you in the dark.

A term passed quickly, winter came and spring came, and a new term came again.

On Tomb Sweeping Day, when I went to the martyrs' cemetery, I found that you were sitting in a daze on the steps of the cemetery. I went over and went into the cemetery. When I left, I found you still there. I couldn't help it. I stepped forward and touched you. You looked back at me. I suddenly had a fancy and asked you, 'can I be your girlfriend This sentence makes you even more confused, completely spread in your childish face, maybe this is the boldest in my life

It's just a matter of time.

You stay for a while and jump out a word: "OK!" In this way, you become my friend.

Later, I found out that you are always playing You probably like to play.

Gradually, I found that you began to play basketball, for quiet you, is not a small breakthrough, every time I will watch in silence.

Time is like a book, and day is every page of the book, so the book turns over page by page.

Every weekend morning, I pray for the clock to ring 9 o'clock faster. At this time, you will knock on my door and say to me: 'come on, follow me; Play & quot; Go! "

Then, pedestrians on the street will see a boy pulling a girl running around like a madman; People in the library will see a boy dragging a girl like a mouse in a 'rat hole' made of books; Your friends will see you holding my hand, like a preset, coming out of this library and into another store in the blink of an eye & hellip& hellip;

It happens every weekend. I like it.

In your words, 'every weekend, you take me to & lsquo; Play& rsquo;'

Later, I do not know why you transferred to a private high school, perhaps because you like playing too much. On the day of parting, you gave me a pendant and a cross. The work was very meticulous, and you said: 'wait for me. When I have a holiday, I'll take you with me; Play & quot;! '

Yesterday was my birthday, you sent a message to me, but this time is not stupid.

Sitting in front of the window, looking at the autumn wind and yellow leaves that used to be your background, it's so beautiful, but suddenly I find that I lack you.

With the cross you sent me around my neck, I picked up a piece of red leaf and gently pressed it on my cheek. I stood quietly in the autumn wind and yellow leaf that used to be your background, praying & hellip& hellip; The scenery outside the window sitting by the window, the wind blowing my hair

Things outside the window move backward as the car goes forward

Looking at the coming and going vehicles, the bustling crowd

The mood appears especially calm

It seems that I am an outsider in this world!

Everything does not belong to me, is lonely, is lonely... Composition

Perhaps, only at this time can I seriously think about

Sometimes I often think: what did I come to this world for??

It's not just reading, it's working!!

The scenery outside the window is moving or quiet

Bus every stop, people will flow, up and down. After each thing

They may just be a passer-by in your life

When you look for them through the window again,

They have disappeared at a fork in the road

Many things in the world are like the scenery outside the window

Come fast, go fast

It's predestined!!

Things outside the window go backwards

The law that never changes

Life seems to be just like this!!! The scenery outside the window, outside the window, is still the familiar old banyan tree, behind the tree, extending a large area of paddy field, by a green and yellow crisscross ridge disorderly divided into a piece, next to, a pool of water, irrigation. The pool is surrounded by willows. As long as there is a little wind, there will be round after round of green waves.

Spring is the time of the year. When the spring thunder rings, the villagers will go down to plant rice seedlings one after another. I like it. I like sitting in front of the window and watching them quietly, bending over, transplanting rice seedlings, walking, and repeating skilled movements again and again. This is very primitive and perfect. Although there are many hardworking people, they don't speak much. I'm in a hurry. At this time, the most crisp sound is the croaking frog.

The sun in summer is always so hot that everyone's blood is boiling. There are a lot of people busy in the field. Everyone talks and laughs, very harmonious and energetic. The most important things in this season are water diversion, fertilization, soil loosening and pest control. People are not lazy. Maybe, because there are many things in this season. After dusk, people in twos and threes are scattered under the banyan trees on the Bank of gengtou River, smoking, drinking tea and chatting. This voice is clear, elegant and far away & hellip& hellip;

When the rice is ripe and yellow, everyone is harvesting the rice. At this time, the happiest thing is the millet harvester. They are always singing one after another, just like the world is full of charm. This voice, listen to feel comfortable, perhaps, this is the voice of success. composition

The children are also very happy. The kites in their hands are flying in the autumn wind, but a few simple kites also make the sky more open. Fly, fly. In the call, the higher you fly, the farther you fly.

In such a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, we can't feel the cold of winter at all, so we are still busy. There is no snow flying, there is no cold wind raging, there are people here, always working hard. This silent voice, I prefer to listen. composition

I like to see the scenery outside the window, like to listen to the sound outside the window, more like to see the people outside the window. Today is the beginning of spring. Although the cold winter air is still not completely subsided, but the branches have spit out new buds, full of the breath of spring. Standing in the house, I was watching this warm picture.

Yes, spring has come quietly. After a long winter's sleep, everything begins to recover. Listen! Where did the silver bell like song come from? Looking up from the sound, it turned out to be the birds outside the window. Are they singing for the coming of spring? I think it should be, they must have experienced the attack of cold current in the severe winter just passed away, and ushered in another warm season in the cold and long waiting.

The birds are so happy, and the children are no exception. Just then