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Let me unforgettable thing composition 350 words

I've experienced many things since I grew up, one of which made me particularly moved.

One day after school at noon, it was overcast and raining heavily. I walked to the main road in front of the school. Go to the school gate and look out, hey! On the main road, motorcycles, cars, bicycles and pedestrians crowded together, blocking up the traffic. The engine sound of motorcycles and cars, the sound of horns, the ring of bicycles, and the sound of people's voices all sounded like boiling water. As soon as I took a few steps forward, I was squeezed back. I thought: what should I do? Oh, yes! I sideways in the gap between the car, a moment left, a moment right, a moment around a bend to drill in the past, wow! Finally I got out of the tight encirclement, and I let out a long breath. Although I came out, I couldn't find my grandmother. I felt cold all over. When I was very anxious, a kind aunt, holding an umbrella, came up to me, patted me on the shoulder and said, "are you waiting for your family?" Yes. At this time, she dragged me to her side to help me shelter from the rain, I was particularly worried, thinking about my grandmother? I looked around, looked around, and stood on tiptoe, but I couldn't see my grandmother. I was about to cry. At this time, the aunt touched my head and comforted me: "don't worry, your parents will come soon." After about 15 minutes, I finally saw my grandmother. My heart was warmed by this kind aunt. My grandmother and I quickly thank the aunt. On the unforgettable composition: an unforgettable thing composition 350 words, it was a rainy night, I do not know what the reason, abdominal pain, can not stand the pain, I cried, my mother heard, then gently asked me: 'baby, what's the matter?' " 'stomachache, 'I cried.

Without saying a word, my mother carried me to the clinic not far from home. Although it was not far away, the road was not easy. The road is full of mud, and there are big and small stones around it. If you are not careful, you will fall a dog and gnaw mud.

On the way, my mother was afraid that I would fall asleep when I caught cold, so she put her coat on me and said gently: 'insist, it's coming soon. Don't sleep. '

Finally, I got to the clinic. At this time, my mother was tired and weak. She could take a break when the doctor gave me a doctor, but she said she didn't trust me. In this way, my mother looked at me until the doctor diagnosed me.

The doctor gave her two bottles of medicine and told her how to use it. The exhausted mother nodded, carried me on her back, turned and walked. On the muddy road, she left her feeble footprints and her reflection behind me.

Back home, my mother didn't sleep, but looked at me. At this time, my mother's eyes were bloodshot, but she still refused to leave until I fell asleep.

The next day, my mother cooked a bowl of chicken soup and said to me: 'come on, drink it, and you'll get better after drinking it.' I couldn't persuade my mother to drink a bowl of chicken soup every day. Gradually, my illness has been better, but I always want to say to my mother: 'Mom, thank you, I love you. You're the best mom in the world. ' About the unforgettable thing composition: an unforgettable thing composition 350 words I have experienced many things, but the most unforgettable thing is what happened that day, it has been deeply imprinted in my mind, let me unforgettable.

It was last spring, my parents and I went to the park to play. Just walked in, only to hear 'PA'. When I looked back, it turned out that a blonde 'foreigner' dropped a coin on the ground when he was pulling out his pocket. I fixed my eyes and saw that it was a one yuan coin with the national emblem facing up. As I was about to pick up the coin and return it to the foreigner, a soldier quickly walked up to the foreigner and stood at attention with a standard military salute. He politely said: 'sir, you have dropped the coin. Please pick up the coin you dropped on the ground.' " The foreigner was surprised. He said in blunt Chinese, "it's only one yuan. I don't want it." The national emblem is the symbol of the country, representing the dignity of the country, you should not let it fall on the ground, let people trample! Even if you don't have the national emblem, you shouldn't have it. It's from your sweat! " The PLA uncle said solemnly Good! I'll pick it up right away The foreigner is a little ashamed. He picked up the coin, blew it with his mouth and wiped it with paper. He carefully welcomed wechat: www 4hw to get more knowledge. Put it in your pocket.

At this time, I found that the five pointed star on my uncle's hat was so bright. It lights up the way of my life and teaches me how to be a man.

I think, if we all love our motherland like the PLA uncle, then our motherland will be prosperous and strong! About the most unforgettable composition of 2013: an unforgettable thing 350 words composition of piano competition I remember that day was at 9:00 a.m. on June 4, my mother and I came to the University for the aged, where Dandelion 'stars shine' young outstanding art talent selection activities were held. Come here, see a sea of people, small player's clothes, all kinds of beautiful. I thought: so many people, in case I play wrong, can't enter the final & hellip& hellip; Thinking, suddenly, I heard someone call my name. It turned out that I was going to enter& hellip;

When I got to the competition area, I couldn't help saying: 'how many people are there So many people made me worry and nervous at the same time, more and more people finished the performance, one, two, three & hellip& hellip; Ah! It's my turn. With a thumping heart, I stepped onto the stage, bowed first, and then began to play the piano. My light fingers danced on the piano. The beautiful sound of the piano fascinated the judges. Occasionally, I heard several judges say: 'this little girl is so cute.' Or 'this little girl plays so well.' At that time, my heart was as sweet as honey& hellip;

Sure enough, I won the silver medal, and the stone in my heart finally fell to the ground. I'm very happy, jump! Jump! I'm so happy!

Although this matter has passed, but the scene at that time, still vividly. About the unforgettable composition: let me unforgettable thing composition 300 words people's life will have many unforgettable things, I am no exception. This time I saw this question, my eyes could not help but wet, let me think of a long time ago, let me still unforgettable.

It happened when I was in kindergarten. It was a thunderstorm night. It was raining cats and dogs outside. It was time for us to finish school. It happened that my parents couldn't pick me up that day. I saw many children were picked up by their parents one after another. Their happy expression made me very sad. There are fewer and fewer people in the classroom, which makes me feel scared. In the end, I was the only one left. The doorkeeper's grandfather was going to lock the door, but he didn't expect to see me. So he came over and asked me why I hadn't come home. I told him the truth. After hearing this, he said to me: 'don't worry. Your parents will come to pick you up soon. If they can't make it, I'll let you go to my house first and let your parents come to my house to pick you up.' After a while, my parents haven't come yet. So my grandfather decided to take me home. He did not hesitate to give me his raincoat to wear, and then take me back to his home. When I got to his house, he asked me to call my parents and tell them I was at his house. After a while, my parents came to pick me up.

The next day I went to school and didn't see my grandfather. It turned out that he was ill. In order not to let me get wet, he was ill. I'll never forget it. About the most unforgettable composition of 2013: 350 words composition of an unforgettable thing in 2013, everyone has their own most unforgettable thing, there are many unforgettable things in my memory, one of which I will never forget.

It was a Sunday, mom and dad are not at home, my stomach began to coo, but mom and dad are not at home, what can I do? I have to go hungry! Goo Goo, the earth shaking 'thunder' is ringing again. Needless to say, it must be my little stomach protesting again. It's really hard to suffer from starvation! " no way! I can't starve to death here. I'll cook for myself! " Hunger made me have a bold idea in my heart. My mother told me many times at home not to use gas, fire or electricity, especially gas. My mother said it would be wrong to use it. I thought to myself: 'Mom, if it's true, don't blame me. It's better to blow up than to starve. '

I turn on the gas, cut vegetables and put them into the pot, and I operate them skillfully. When the food is ready, I have to make rice. I put half a bowl of rice, cover it, and when the rice is ready, I wolfed it down. " I seem to have forgotten a very important thing. What is it? " Oh, I remember. I forgot to turn off the gas. It's over! I ran into the kitchen in a hurry. Fortunately, I still had time.

Because my carelessness is almost dangerous. Carelessness is really a fatal problem!

This matter is always remembered in my heart, it reminds me not to be careless in anything. Last Friday, my mother and I came to the district government with a new bike, because today I will learn to ride a bike!

At the beginning, I was full of confidence, but when I got to the bike, I knew: it's easy to see flowers, but it's hard to embroider! It seemed to be against me. As soon as I got on the bike, it fell down. When I got on it again, I fell over. At this time, I was frustrated and didn't want to learn any more. How could it be so difficult to ride a bicycle?

Mother seems to understand my mind code, came over and said: 'you don't give up halfway, this is not good

After listening to my mother's words, I picked myself up again. I asked my mother to hold the back seat of the bicycle so that I wouldn't fall down. I sat on it. I was glad that the bike didn't fall down this time. I stepped on it carefully for fear of falling. Slowly, I seemed to find the feeling. In the summer vacation of the third circle, I saw a big stone in front of me, but I haven't learned how to turn! I ran right into it, and my leg was crushed by the bike. The pain made me cry and say to my mother: "why don't you hold the bike? It's killing me. ' Looking at her mother angrily, her mother said: 'you are a brave child. I think you ride very well, so you let go of your hand& hellip;'

Hearing my mother's encouragement, I began to learn Ninja pain again. Soon, I could master it.

Finally, I understand: as long as the Kung Fu is deep, the iron can be ground into a needle. Let me unforgettable thing composition 350 words class quiet, only the teacher 'rustle' the number of papers, a see the teacher's frown and his loud voice, don't guess must be the test failed. My heart speeded up every second, as if to see the teacher angrily towards me.

The names were reported one by one. Some of the people who got the examination papers were frowning and some were smiling. I thought: how many points will I get? Don't fail in the exam! Du Xueyuan came down with the test paper. I squinted at it and got 96 points. It was good,