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A famous saying I like

Everyone has their own favorite sayings, everyone will use their favorite sayings as your own motto, everyone will use their favorite sayings to encourage and educate themselves. I also have my own favorite saying, which is: knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing, knowing is also. This famous saying comes from Confucius, a great educator and thinker in the spring and Autumn period.

This famous saying means: know is know, don't know is don't know, this is really understand.

This famous saying often rings in my ears. I remember that once a math teacher talked about a thinking problem in class. Because this problem is more complex and some steps are more difficult to understand, the teacher said it twice. After that, the teacher asked us if we understood it. Many students nodded and tried to understand it. But I still don't understand a few steps, but I see so many students welcome to pay attention to wechat: www4hw to get more knowledge. I want to muddle through. At that time, it suddenly occurred to me: knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing, knowing is also. So I asked the teacher again, and the teacher said it to me seriously. Now I understand the whole process of the problem. The teacher saw my happy expression and laughed. After a period of time, this unit has been completed. It's time to test what happened to this unit? In this unit test paper, the thinking question appeared, and I wrote the answer without hesitation. Soon the paper came out, and I got an excellent result. I have to thank you for this famous saying. It is it that makes me get such a good result in the exam.

After this incident, I like this famous saying more. It often teaches me and encourages me to move forward, move forward and move forward again; It accompanied me to grow, grow and grow again every day; It's always on my front, back, left and right. composition

I like: to know is to know, to know is to know, to know is to know. I like a famous saying, from ancient times to the present, there are many famous sayings, they benefit us all our lives, they inspire us to the road to success. I like the famous saying: "nothing is difficult in the world, just for fear of those who want to." This famous saying has always been with me, when I encounter difficulties, it will inspire me to overcome difficulties, so I like this famous saying very much, and there are many examples in my life.

Once, my father bought me a sliding pulley and promised me to go to the prime minister. There was a sea of people there. Suddenly, a gust of wind came from my side. It turned out that an expert was coming. I thought: I must learn to be as good as him. My father and I came to a wall to practice. My father first supported me to slide the pulley, and then let my feet move forward. I moved forward according to my father's instructions. As soon as my father let go, the pulley flew out like an arrow. I thought to myself: slide the pulley, you must not let me fall! I suddenly saw a wall in front of me. I quickly turned left and twisted my whole body to the left, but I couldn't control my balance. I fell on all fours and scratched my knee. I angrily threw the sliding pulley aside, thinking: sliding pulley is so difficult to learn, so difficult to control, I think I'd better not learn, lest I get hurt again. Dad came over and seemed to see through my mind. He sat next to me and said to me earnestly: 'don't you give up? It's not like me. Didn't you learn a famous saying: there's nothing difficult in the world, just for those who want to do it? As long as you are willing to make up your mind to do it, there will be nothing wrong in the world. " After listening to my father's words, I thought: Yes! Nothing is difficult in the world. I'm afraid of those who want to do it. As long as I work hard, I'll learn it. So I got on the pulley again, and my feet moved forward rhythmically. I tried to turn, and my body twisted gently in that direction. I slowly turned a few circles, and then accelerated a little bit. There is nothing difficult in the world. I'm afraid of those who want to do it. I've finally learned to play with the pulley.

'nothing is difficult in the world, just for those who want to.' This sentence has been with me, guiding me forward, I like this sentence!

I like such a famous saying: confidence is the beginning of life.

With self-confidence, you will first achieve the beginning of success; On the contrary, without self-confidence, you can not reach the other side of the victory.

I remember such a thing still fresh in my memory. It was an ordinary math class. Just after the teacher asked a question, the whole class was silent. Around me, I saw some students holding their gills in thinking, some students in drafting. After a while, some students began to talk in a low voice at the same table, while others raised their hands with a smile. I had already worked out the answer, but I was afraid to raise my hand, for fear that the teacher would draw my wrong answer, for fear that the students would laugh... Just at this time, I thought of the famous saying: confidence is the beginning of life. I think so. Where can I get success without self-confidence? Whether he is right or not, what about being ridiculed? The big deal is to treat it as a setback. But if I answer this question, I will defeat myself first. Isn't that happiness? Finally, I raised my right hand timidly, and the answer still appeared in my mind for fear of saying wrong: 20x, 20x, 20x... Now many students have raised their confident right hand. The math teacher will look left and right for a while, and finally found me, so let me answer. At this time, the classroom was silent. I stood up and said, "20x." I was going to cover my ears, but as soon as I sat down, I found that I was wrong. I was not met by sarcasm, but by prolonged applause. The applause was lasting and warm. It seemed to say to me that I have taken another step towards success. I have defeated myself. Come on! Victory is already beckoning to me.

Since then, I have not been worried, not afraid, because I have learned that self-confidence is the connotation of the beginning of life. composition

It is this famous saying that always encourages me, inspires me, spurs me and leads me to the door of success. I like a famous saying, I read the famous saying like the stars in the sky, countless. But in my mind, the most impressive is "not in accordance with the rules, not square." This famous saying means: to be a man, we should abide by certain moral standards, and use these moral standards to restrict our words and deeds. In personal life, we should have independent consciousness, initiative spirit and sense of responsibility, and be diligent and thrifty. Only in this way can we become a moral person. Comrade Deng Xiaoping is a good example.

At the age of 15, in order to seek the revolutionary truth, Deng Xiaoping traveled from Guang'an County, Sichuan Province to France to work and study. He has done dirty work, hard work, miscellaneous work, temporary work and cleaning work. Hard work and frugal study not only tempered his will and cultivated his ability to live independently, but also made him accumulate rich experience in revolutionary struggle. Since his youth, Deng Xiaoping has been able to stand on his own feet and make unremitting efforts, thus honoring him for his immortal contributions to the Chinese people and becoming the foundation of a great man recognized by the world. In fact, in our life, there are many noble people, my mother is one of them.

I remember once, I picked up 1 yuan, and I was secretly happy! However, my mother sternly taught me: "a person should not be greedy for small gains, but should be honest. Mr. Lu Xun also said: the most immoral part of human beings is dishonesty and cowardice. So you should give the 1 yuan to the teacher. I was so ashamed that I bowed my head.

You see, isn't the spirit of these two people worth learning? Their actions tell us that we should cultivate the spirit of self-reliance and self-improvement from childhood, which is the requirement of the times for our teenagers and children. Therefore, in daily life, first of all, we should consciously exercise ourselves, take the initiative to do what we can, and do not rely on our parents or others. As the educator Tao Xingzhi said, we should sweat, eat, do our own things. People, heaven and ancestors are not heroes. So we should establish the consciousness of self-reliance and self-improvement, cultivate the spirit of self-reliance and self-improvement from childhood, and become the strong in life. My favorite saying is "books are the ladder of human progress", which is also the title of our school library“ Ha, this book is wonderful This is the third book I have read before the beginning of the national day. This national day, I didn't go anywhere. In order to "compensate" me, my mother bought some books from Xinhua Bookstore, such as "grass house", "kiss my mother" and other literary works. She knows, I like reading best, otherwise last time we took the train, how could we almost go to Suzhou?

Through reading, I got to know the beautiful snow white; Understand how steel is made; Knowing the profundity and profundity of the Chinese novel shangxia5000 years, I gradually move from a young and ignorant girl to a young man with independent ideas and character.

The book is a golden key, which opens the door of knowledge Treasury for us; A book is a boat, which leads us to the ocean of knowledge; The book is a ladder layer after layer, let's step by step, towards a better future! I like a famous saying, self-confidence is half of success, in this flawless world, self-confidence is indispensable. It seems that I always want to hide in the greenhouse, unwilling to accept the colorful life. I remember my father once said to me: "a leaf falls, does not mean that the tree is withered, try to come out, there is no one in the world against you."

I do not know which celebrity said: "self confidence is half of success." I think this sentence is very good. Confidence is half of success. isn't it? In the face of one turning point and fork in life, it's not easy to lack self-confidence. Recently, I scratched my ears for a math problem and tried to give up several times. But I heard the famous saying that once made me stand up again on the road of inferiority complex: "self confidence is half of success". I believe you can do it. When I finally overcome the difficulties, I was filled with joy and realized a truth: in the face of life's difficulties, if I say to myself, "forget it, I won't do it anyway." If you have no confidence in yourself and indulge yourself in this way, it is the real failure. This is the weak. If you think "I will do it", the result will be very different. We must remember that people should have self-confidence in the world. No matter success or failure, as long as you work hard, you will do well. I have always admired those creative writers and poets, and envied the literati who spoke out. However, they don't care about the sales of their works. They firmly believe that gold will shine sooner or later.

I began to perfect efforts to start happy, efforts to change themselves, have enough confidence in themselves. Later, I found out that I was also great. In fact, I knew self-confidence and had the brand of inferiority. But in the end, I recovered the confidence I had lost for a long time.

People! Just live once. Of course, you have to be smart, flying and confident. My favorite quote is my favorite quote