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Impression of new school

Some people say that the new school is a new world. That's right. When I entered the new school, excitement and joy poured into my heart together. The only thought in my heart was that I came to a new world. I would abandon all the previous burdens and shortcomings, reshape myself in the new school and welcome a new life.

Two dark red marble pillars stand on both sides of the door, like two majestic sentries. Step into the door, eyes full of green. From the door to the office building, there are only green grass and towering weeping willows. In the middle of the school is a big flower bed, in which there are peonies, roses and all kinds of nameless flowers. Breeze, willow Yiyi, flowers with the fresh air in summer swept my nose, let me really want to forget the loud cry: new school, I come!

The teaching building is inlaid with white tiles. Through the bright windows, you can see the neatly arranged tables and chairs. I walk around the campus with the flow of people. The exquisite and reasonable layout of the campus makes me sigh for the greatness of the designer, and the green and colorful flowers make me dizzy. Breeze breeze, sent wisps of fragrance, flowers in the bee butterfly phase by phase, but also add a vitality. On the right side is a sculpture made of books, which means "there is a road to the mountain of books, and diligence is the path."

Wait. What's that. Along with my steps, a chic white two-story building came to my eyes. Through its style, I can roughly judge that it was built in the Republic of China, and it is even more amazing that it can be well preserved. I walked around the small building twice, and found a blue stone inlaid on the wall on its side, which recorded the history of the building: originally, the white building was built more than 70 years ago, which was a base for teachers and students at that time. When the Japanese invaded the northern border of China, they used to extort confessions from more than a dozen students and teachers here, asking them to account for the position of our party leader. The teachers and students of our school would rather die than surrender, but they were killed by the Cruel Japanese army. composition

At the moment, my heart seems to be shocked in general. Touching the weathered stone slab, I seem to see the hot era, and the figure of more than a dozen teachers and students who have never met. Although their hands and feet are bound by ropes, their souls would rather die than surrender. In the face of the brutal atrocities of the Japanese aggressors, they did not give in. In the face of the bright sword, they held their heads high. Mencius once said: power cannot be subdued. This is a great man. They sang a song of life with their blood! I feel deeply proud of their sad experience, because today I stand in this campus, is their alumni, their classmates, our soul, will always be connected.

Looking at the distant classroom, my confidence is more full. In this new world, I must work hard and create my own glorious course. After two months of meaningful summer vacation, I came to Guangya primary school.

I came to school for the first time, and I was deeply attracted by the bad environment here. My impression of the new school is that there are many flowers, grass and trees, and the air is fresh. If you take a deep breath in the morning, your internal organs will feel very comfortable. Some flowers bend, some nod, some shake hands as if to welcome us; Grass hand in hand, around the flowers turn; Big tree grandfather see they jump so happy, also can't help for them accompaniment up. Walking into the alleys and flower beds on campus, I visited the classrooms and dormitories. The teaching building and dormitory building are very big. They are like giants welcoming us with open arms. The facilities here are very complete: the classrooms and dormitories have both fans and air conditioning; There are also projections in the classroom. I think: I study in such a beautiful campus, I must work hard to lay a good foundation. Thrive like a small tree. The principal's impression is that the experimental primary school is the most famous one in our county. This school not only has high teaching quality, but also has beautiful and quiet environment. I think it's great to go to such a school.

Due to the transfer of my parents' work, I finally had the opportunity to transfer to the experimental primary school.

It was an evening in the early summer of last year, my mother took me to the experimental primary school. We walked along the forest path, watching curiously by the afterglow of the setting sun, talking excitedly and timidly, and walking slowly to the depth of the campus.

Suddenly, through the light dusk, I saw a man walking in the distance. He was wearing a blue shirt, grey cloth pants, and a pair of Brown Sandals. My mother said to me gently: 'well, this is principal Lu of the school.' Oh, huh? " I didn't realize that such a headmaster was dressed so plainly & hellip& hellip; A feeling of admiration, can not help but spontaneously. This is the first impression that President Lu gave me - he was simple. composition

After completing the admission procedures, I became a student of the experimental primary school and began a new study life. Later, on the playground, in the corridor, beside the flower beds, I can always catch a glimpse of the busy figure of President Lu.

One day, it was class time, the classroom was quiet, and the students were listening attentively to the teacher. But I accidentally knocked over the ink bottle on the table, and the thick ink ran all over my legs and hands. What a bad luck! The teacher found out this situation and asked me to go out and wash it. I quickly rushed out of the classroom, ran to the faucet, the faucet turned, it is painful to wash up. When I'm washing, I just hear from behind; A genial voice:'hey, this classmate, be careful where your pants are wet. I turned back quickly. Ah, isn't this headmaster Lu? He is looking at me kindly. When I saw it, I quickly moved my body back. Principal Lu saw it and said with a smile: 'that's right This is the second impression that President Lu left me - he is kind. composition

Time flies. In the blink of an eye, a semester is coming to an end. I remember that was at the end of last semester, and it was also an evening with grey sky. My classmate Lu Jianhao and I were going out of the blackboard newspaper of the squadron when a man came in. I had a close look. It was principal Lu. He said with concern: 'ah, it's so late. Haven't you come back yet I said: 'this is the task given to us by the head teacher. We must go back after we have finished our work.' Principal Lu said: 'no, it's too late. You'll be hungry. Besides, the big test is coming soon. You have to review your lessons and write again tomorrow. We said: 'the teacher will criticize us.' Principal Lu said: 'it doesn't matter. I'll explain it to your head teacher tomorrow. ' He even pushed and said, "go, go, don't be so late." We left the school at ease. This time, President Lu engraved a third impression on my heart plate that he was dutiful.

Yes, President Lu is dutiful. He is always concerned about the all-round development of our primary school students.

President Lu, President Lu, I used to hear that you are a good president. What's so good about that? I, a student who has just transferred to another school for less than a year, really can't make it clear. However, up to now, the three impressions you have given me are profound, and they will surely become my precious memories《 After reading the new thirty six stratagems, I read some books during this holiday. What impressed me deeply is that it is based on the rich experience of struggle in ancient China. It is also a treasure book of wisdom most valued by Chinese and foreign politicians, militarists and entrepreneurs. The book is divided into six parts: Victory plan, strong plan, attack plan, scuffle plan, weak plan and retreat plan. Each part fully shows the wisdom of the new 36 plans.

The new thirty six strategies is a wonderful book of military science. I can sum up my feeling after reading this article, because the new thirty six strategies is really a good book that is thought-provoking and worth studying.

Among them, there are totally 36 stratagems, which are wonderful. Here I would like to talk about the bitter meat scheme, the serial scheme, the beauty scheme, the empty city scheme, the anti agency scheme and so on. These are all very famous schemes, but the most famous one is the last one, that is, the 36th one -- "going is the best one.". In short, there are many stories from the thirty-six stratagems.

After reading the new thirty-six stratagems, I just want to say one thing: it's a wonderful book that enables you to understand the idea of "using troops like grandson, plotting thirty-six" in popular and vivid words and beautiful pictures! composition

"Thirty six stratagems are the best." This is a sentence I often hear from movies and crosstalk《 There are some difficult and easy stories in the new thirty six stratagems. I don't understand some words very well, but I think they are catchy to read: Golden Cicada getting rid of its shell, robbing while the fire is burning, closing the door to catch a thief, frightening the grass and frightening the snake, plotting against each other, hiding a knife in a smile, leading the sheep by hand, diverting the tiger from the mountain, pointing the mulberry and cursing the locust& hellip; Read it carefully, I can't put it down! In particular, the empty city plan left a deep impression on me: during the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang stationed his troops in Yangping, and all the troops were sent to attack the Wei army. Only a few old and weak soldiers stayed in the city. Sima Yi led 150000 soldiers to attack the city. At this time, it was too late for the rescue of Shu soldiers. In the face of danger, Zhuge Liang ordered the city gate to be opened, and he climbed to the top of the city building to play the piano, Scared away Cao Bing. This bluff, the strategy of combining hardness and softness has been spread as a beautiful talk. I really applaud Zhuge Liang for his calm and resourcefulness! Of course, there are many aftertaste stories in the book. It collects many excellent military thoughts and rich experience of struggle in ancient China, which can be described as wonderful. War and business need Thirty-six Strategies, and our teachers can't live without them. At ordinary times, you should never 'hide the truth' and 'fish in troubled waters'. When you see things like "stealing a beam and changing a pillar" and "making something out of nothing", don't stand by and watch the fire from the other side. The development of the school and the construction of the grade need your advice. I'm here to 'fight against the guest oriented' and 'throw a brick to attract jade'! Junior high school impression some people say that junior high school life is like a movie, everyday life is like a plot, constantly deducing the story of youth, constantly looking forward to surprise. I stood in the blue sky, quietly closed my eyes, my mind came up with these days of junior high school life bit by bit of memory. Time seems to seal the silent heart, the memories of junior high school in my mind are engraved in the torrent of youth.

When I was in primary school, I yearned for junior high school life very much. Watching groups of elder brothers and sisters graduate from school and enter junior high school life, my heart itched. I hope I can be like them. Now I have become a glorious junior high school student like them, which means that I will step into my dream of junior high school campus to complete the three-year learning task, I have a kind of unspeakable excitement in my heart.

I still remember that dawn, a new student in a brand-new school uniform, a smiling face full of happiness, a light vigorous and majestic pace, accompanied by the rising sun, stepped into the quiet campus. We are playing games on the playground, watching the seniors of grade two and grade three fighting on the court, in the shade of the forest