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Warm winter

In my memory galaxy, there are many things I have forgotten, but there is one thing I still can't forget.

It was a bitter winter. I woke up from my sleep, rubbed my sleepy eyes and looked at my watch again. It was already 7:30. So I dressed quickly, picked up my schoolbag and ran to school.

About two minutes after we got to school, we had class. I was very lucky in my heart: it was dangerous, almost late! The next class, I hardly listen to, because I am very cold. After class, Xiaodie came up to me and asked me kindly: 'quiet, what's the matter with you? Are you cold I trembled and said: 'no, it's OK. I'm not, I'm not cold.' There was something wrong with Xiao die looking at me, but she went back to her seat. I managed to get to school and quickly packed my schoolbag, but I still stopped, because I saw that it was snowing outside, and I was shivering and very cold, so I didn't dare to go out. Gradually, I was the only one left in the classroom, but I still didn't dare to take a step in the classroom.

After a while, I saw a familiar figure coming to me. After a closer look, it turned out to be Xiaodie. I asked Xiao die, "Why are you back?" She said with a smile: 'I came back to get the book, eh? Why don't you go yet? " I said: 'I'm a little cold.' Xiaodie said with a smile: 'ha ha, just after class, I asked you if you were cold. You said it wasn't cold. Ha ha, let's see. " She went on: 'come on, put on my cotton padded jacket, and it won't be cold.' Xiaodie said as she took off her cotton padded jacket and put it on for me. I asked her, "what can you do if you put it on for me? Aren't you cold?" With a smile, she said to me, "I've been strong since I was a child, and I'm not cold." She put on my padded jacket and said to me, "let's go together." Good. ' I said. After a while, when I got home, she went straight ahead. When I tried to catch up with her again and give her back her padded jacket, she was gone.

This winter is cold, but my heart is very warm. About warm composition: warm winter 450 words day, gloomy, in front of, gray. what is wrong with me? I felt my head. I had a fever. What should I do? Adults are not at home, they can not do anything, vaguely dialed her phone: 'Hello, Zhang Xue? I have a fever. Can I come to my house? " What's up? Why do you have a fever? " Zhang Xue came to my house and asked anxiously. I don't know how to answer well at the moment. " What should I do? Take you to the doctor? There's no money. Do you have any medicine at home? How about some analgin? No, how about some paracetamol? No way. AH & hellip& hellip;' Zhang Xue said to herself Xue, there is a box of fever medicine in the front drawer of the TV in the living room. My mother always let me take that when I have a fever Well, you wait. I'll get it right away. ' Zhang Xue took the antipyretic. After I took it, I felt much better, so I forced myself to sit up from the bed and said: 'snow, thank you. My parents are not at home, thanks to you taking care of me.' What else can we say thank you? You wait. I'll get you a towel to wipe. Ha ha! " She is still so gentle, has not changed, so will take care of people, think of before I scold her, hit her & hellip& hellip; I shouldn't have. ' You see, you are so old that you can't take care of yourself. How sick you are. " Hehe, I can make it Look at you. When you are sick, you have to trouble others. Zhang Xue, who is as old as you, can take care of you. Look at you. What can you do? I can't do anything. When I come back, I'll learn from Zhang Xue and have a look at him& hellip;'' Oh, well, Ma, I see. ' My mother's words were interrupted by me. Zhang Xue, thank you for taking care of me when I was sick. It's so nice and warm. Winter is the most selfless and merciless season in the four seasons. It always oppresses people with severe cold, but my winter is warm as spring because of my mother& hellip;

When it comes to winter, what comes to mind is not ice and snow, but a cup of steaming orange peel water. Behind the orange peel water, there is a strong warm current all over my body.

When I was a child, in winter, my mother would soak a glass of orange peel water for me every day. Especially when I was at school, I could smell the faint fragrance of orange peel as soon as I went home. It was the orange peel water that my mother carefully soaked for me. I didn't like orange peel water. Because it does not have any sweet, even with bitter, every time is very reluctant to drink hard.

I even foolishly asked my mother why she wanted me to drink such bad orange peel water? My mother always said to me with a smile: 'orange peel water can drive away the cold and warm you up.' After listening to this, I was dubious and didn't care what my mother said. I casually asked my mother, 'then why don't you drink it?' " My mother wants to talk and stop, but she thinks her smile is beautiful, which makes me feel warm and kind that only mother and daughter can understand.

One day when I came home from school, as usual, I was still welcomed by the fragrant orange peel smell, and then my mother slowly came to me with the orange peel water in her towel. She took off my heavy schoolbag and handed the hot orange peel water to me. Action is always as careful as ever, more serious than finishing an important thing. When I took the orange peel water from my mother's hand, I could not help shivering. The back of my mother's hand became red and swollen. I quickly asked my mother: 'Mom, how did you do this? Does it hurt? " Mom didn't even look at the back of her red and swollen hands and said, "it's no big deal. It's strange that mom just wasn't careful& hellip;' After listening to my mother's words, I felt sick. My mother scalded me because she soaked me in orange peel water. I always complain that orange peel water is bitter and astringent & hellip& hellip;

From that day on, I love to drink orange peel water. Instead of complaining, the bitter taste from my heart has long disappeared. I think it is the sweetest and sweetest drink in the world, sweet to my heart. I drank it all in one breath, and I felt my blood boiling up and down. I ran to the world of snow, standing in the cold wind, looking at the snowflakes floating all over the sky, I no longer shrink as usual. I finally understood my mother's good intentions. She put my love, soak in the orange water, in the cold winter let me drink, the sincere love in my little heart.

Mother is the spring blooming in the cold winter, is the scorching sun hanging in the cold sky, all the warmth are projected on my heart, no matter how harsh the cold wind in the mother's warm love in front of retreat in the corner.

Teacher's comments: This article is a small to see the big, a detailed description of a trivial life, to write the mother's gratitude.

Instructor: Shan Jie's composition about winter in Baishan middle school, Huadian City, Jilin Province: "warm winter" 450 words winter, a beautiful season. I like winter best. I can sleep at home with a thick quilt every day. In winter, you can watch the Spring Festival Gala, receive lots of red envelopes, eat lots of fruit candy that my mother usually doesn't let me eat, and drink lots of Sprite. Even if I drink enough burp, no one cares about me.

Maybe some people don't like winter. It has neither the warmth of spring, nor the fragrance of autumn, nor the pleasure of swimming in summer, but the cold that all things hate. When you walk on the road, a cold wind blows, suddenly the whole body is creepy, the neck also involuntarily shrinks to the clothes. You have to wear thick body armor.

But I think winter is warm, it brings us happiness. Even if you're wearing a bulletproof vest, you can't move. I've seen other people making snowmen, having snowball fights and skiing on TV. I'm so happy and envious. It's a pity that Zhangzhou can't get snow. Ah! How eager I am to make Zhangzhou snow, even a minute is enough!

Warmth is everywhere in winter. In the dormitory, the life teacher cleans up the dormitory, turns on the air conditioner in advance every night, the hottest gear, waiting for us to go back after class. In the classroom, gentle and kind teacher Lu's how careful, looking at our dry lips, grief! Keep telling us to drink more water, be careful to catch cold! What a warm thing it is!

'the sky is cold and green, and the north wind is dry mulberry '. How beautiful winter is! How warm! I like winter and its cold wind; I like winter and its heavy snow; I like winter, like its' warm '& hellip& hellip; Dancing in the cold winter, warm snow 800 words, the cold winter has come, the North has ushered in its own snow season, the snowflakes dancing all over the sky, oh, please repose my most sincere thoughts for my brother far away.

Last year, it was also a cold winter snowy night. That day, the sky was overcast and the snowflakes were flying. It was when my brother was going to leave me. " Can't cry, must & hellip& hellip; My brother said that Ruirui is the strongest and must not cry& hellip;' I whispered to remind myself again and again. My brother grew up with me, and he was my most important relative. In the countryside at that time, the two brothers were the happiest scenery in people's eyes. People often see us playing and fighting together.

And our favorite is winter, because it will snow and we can have snowball fights. Invite a few neighborhood children, split up immediately, grab some snow from the ground, quickly make a snowball, then see each other hit. My brother and I have never been separated, one throwing snowball, one doing, division of labor is clear and orderly. Even the adults on one side joined us. Snowball filled the sky and the ground was full of laughter.

But there is no feast in the world, my brother was admitted to a key boarding school in the city. I know that I may be separated from my brother. So in that cold winter snowy night, a person shrank in a corner of the yard, let the snow fall on his head, crying silently. Tears ran across my face, a cold wind blew, and my body trembled. A person should appear beside me, cover me with a thick cotton padded jacket, and then sit with me.

I turned my head and looked at him with tearful eyes. My brother's concerned face made my heart feel a little guilty. Yes, my brother was admitted to a key middle school. I should congratulate him. However, I squatted in the corner and cried alone, which made my brother worry.

'Ruirui, didn't my brother say you were the strongest? Why do you cry? My brother knows that Ruirui can't bear me to go, and so can my brother. Who wants to be separated from his closest brother? " My brother hugged me and said After his brother left, Ruirui must take good care of himself. His parents are too busy. Don't treat him badly. We must study hard and get into my brother's school so that we can get together again. "

I nodded hard, then got up and went into the room with my brother.

At this time, the broadcast of the railway station awakened me from my memory. My brother's train was about to start. I ran to the platform and saw the familiar man lean out of the window and wave to me. I yelled to him: 'brother, take care all the way, I will be happy