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450 words of composition

People often say: 'no pains, no gains.' if you want to gain, you must pay.

Life is a fertile soil, what you sow, you harvest what: sow a state of mind, harvest a thought; Sow an idea and reap an action; Sow an action, harvest a habit; Sow a habit, harvest a destiny.

Everyone says that autumn is the golden harvest season, which seems to be imperceptible in the city. Only in the open country can we happily look up at the ever higher sky and endless golden waves. At this time, people's mood will become bright like the glass that has just been washed. But if you think about it, why is autumn the harvest season? Don't we get anything in the other three seasons? In pink spring, we harvest the chirp of migratory birds, and the tenderness of new willows; Grass green summer, we harvest the cricket song, rain on the shoulders of the happy; In the silvery winter, we harvest the dancing steps of snowflakes falling to the ground gently, and harvest the warmth of sunshine after a night of north wind.

Look, we have a lot of harvest in every season! In fact, what's more important is that our hearts harvest all the time. A light music wings the mood and flies to the sky like a butterfly; A gorgeous picture washes away the dust for the eyes and reflects the colorful sunshine of life like a diamond; A fascinating book sets the mind on the road of imagination, like a time shuttle between the past and the future& hellip; I hope you can also let you harvest in pleasure in your life; Harvest in moving, harvest in thinking and aftertaste & hellip& hellip; No pains, no gains. People often say, 'no pains, no gains.' If you want to gain, you must give.

I remember a teacher said to us: 'because you don't know how to give, you don't get much.' After listening to this sentence, I really feel very ashamed. Since the day I was born, I have paid very little, while others have paid too much for me. For example, my parents have paid for raising me, and my teachers have paid for educating me. Their efforts are not eager to return. And what about us? Not only did not pay, but also hope to harvest. When we see others being praised, we also hope to be praised by others, but what we have done is not worth praising at all. When we see others get excellent results, we also hope to get excellent results, but we don't study hard.

If the idea of "getting something for nothing" becomes a habit, then we will be very selfish and our interpersonal relationship in society will become very bad. Selfish classmates are not uncommon in our class. When you find a ball of waste paper under your feet, no one is willing to pick it up, but will kick the waste paper to another classmate's feet. And this student will not pick up the paper ball and continue to pass it back and forth. This kind of scene is like passing the ball on the court. Different from the players, each of us does not want the 'ball'.

In this way, until it reached the feet of an enthusiastic classmate, the paper ball could go to the garbage can smoothly. Sometimes the paper ball just stays in the middle of the aisle, and the students will turn a blind eye to it. How much energy can it take us to bend down and pick up the waste paper? Why should we be stingy of such a little love?

When we do something, what is our first thought? It's thinking that after doing this, you will suffer losses. If everyone thinks that they will suffer losses after doing it, who else will do it? The golden autumn in October ushered in the harvest season, everywhere a fruitful scene. The fruits are full of branches, the agate like grapes are crystal clear, and the high corn grains are full & hellip& hellip; The farmer uncle is harvesting his own fruits, which is a good harvest scene. And we who are the most middle school students are not like this? Looking forward to the past few months, I have gained a lot, and I also understand the true meaning of harvest only by hard work. Now I have entered the second grade of junior high school, and it is still a step away from the entrance examination. I have to study hard and strive to harvest a big and fruitful fruit in the near future, and harvest my own success in learning! I have heard such a story: a man walking in the desert, heard a voice prompt, please bring back some stones and stones. When he arrived at his destination, the man opened the package and turned the stones and stones into diamonds and jewels. These diamonds and jewels are a reward for this man, because he gives first. Walking in the desert is originally a difficult task. It is no doubt that taking stones and stones with you will increase the pressure and burden. How easy is it? But this man didn't know that these insignificant stones in the desert would turn into diamonds and jewels. Without any utilitarian purpose, he overcame the hardships of the road, spilled hard sweat, and brought back the worthless stones, which unexpectedly turned into diamonds and jewels. This is what he did not expect. It is a kind of reward and harvest for his efforts along the way. To be a master is to eat bitterly. A plough about a harvest, I will be in autumn in October, harvest self-confidence, joy and rich 'fruit'! Hongdong County, Linfen, Shanxi Province, Huaishu No.1 middle school, grade 184, grade 2: Guo Hang works hard and gains 800 words of composition. Looking back on this half semester, although the time is not much, it makes people feel that it has been a long time.

In the past half semester, I have known many people I admire and learned a lot from them.

From the text "one night's work", I can see Premier Zhou's busy night and his life of working hard for the people day and night. Such a simple and hardworking Prime Minister not only brings me admiration and love, but also enlightens me with his actions: everyone should treat his study and work with this selfless spirit, and make himself exert the maximum value of life and society, so as to make his life more meaningful.

The ancient poem "15 March into the army" gives me deep feelings. The war is always cruel, whether it is the common people, or the soldiers guarding the border, the war brings them only endless sadness, no content of this page by the "Four Seas reading network" for you to push the desolation. Living in an era of peaceful development, we should cherish the hard won peace and happy life, learn to get along well with people of different countries and nationalities, have a heart of understanding and tolerance, and be determined to shoulder the great mission of maintaining peace.

The fisherman and his wife in the poor man didn't let their spirit be poor because of their poor life. In the family of five children's food and clothing difficult situation, SANA and her husband resolutely assume the responsibility of raising the neighbor's two orphans. How valuable this kind of simple and kind heart is! This golden heart moves us and inspires us. I believe that a happy family can be achieved if there is more love between married people in life; More love between students, that is a harmonious class; More care for the people around you, that is a beautiful world.

…& hellip;

In the past half semester, the most unforgettable thing for me is the exam.

The day before the exam, the teacher exposed many questions to us, let us go back to find the answer, even told us the title of the composition.

After listening to these questions, I felt that they were all a piece of cake. I didn't pay attention to them, and I didn't look for them when I went home.

I didn't know I was wrong until the day of the exam.

As soon as the examination paper came out, I was ready to answer it with confidence. I had just killed the first question before I got to the second one, so I was forced to stop writing. Oh, no, it's so hard! I was sweating for myself in my heart. The little words on the scroll seem to be dancing happily, "Hey, hey, hellip& hellip; Hey, hey, you don't know me. ' I'm really in a hurry. Look at the other students, the first side is almost finished. My heart a horizontal, forget it, tube him, the teacher also said that when the exam don't always hold on to a problem, so that the back to understand can't finish.

As time went by, the language base test was finally over, and then came the composition test.

When I got 400 squares, I made up my mind: since I had failed in the test, I had to write a good composition. Maybe I could recover a little. As soon as I started, I couldn't write any more. I really don't know how to continue to write. In an hour, this composition can be regarded as my forced squeeze out, because of the lack of time behind, so it ends hastily. I know I really failed in this exam& hellip;

Two days later, the teacher divided the test paper. I looked at the scarlet letter on the test paper and wanted to cry without tears. But I know it's my fault.

No pains, no gains. No effort, no good result.

Xiyu Central Primary School in Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province: 61 points of hard work, 800 words of composition, 1 point of hard work, 1 point of harvest. Xiao Bao, the protagonist in the film, is also a little boy who hopes to get something for nothing. His grandmother told him the story of baohulu since childhood. Once he had a dream that he went fishing and caught a long lost gourd by accident. However, he became the owner of the gourd and made an agreement with the gourd. He would never tell anyone the secret of the existence of the gourd. Baohulu tells Xiaobao that everything he wants to do can satisfy his wishes. So baohulu helped Xiaobao sharpen his pencil, tidy his schoolbag, clean up his room and cut his nails every day& hellip; So in a chess match, because Xiaobao was discussing: 'I want to eat cars' and then I want to eat elephants'. Baohulu let the little master eat the real pieces. Another time, because Xiaobao wanted to borrow a book, baohulu changed the book into Xiaobao's schoolbag. There were more interesting things like this! In the toy store, it's because Xiao Bao likes all kinds of toys, so baohulu has a shocking 'Toy Story'. All the toys go to Xiao Bao's home & hellip& hellip; There are so many busy people. But once Xiaobao was ridiculed. Once in a math exam, Xiaobao asked baohulu to help him cheat. As a result, baohulu lost time because he wanted to get excellent grades for his master. So baohulu copied other people's names into Xiaobao's test paper just before taking the test paper. As a result, because of the teacher's criticism, Xiao Bao threw the gourd back to the river. Through this matter, Xiaobao realized that it was impossible to get something for nothing, so Xiaobao decided to rely on his own efforts to prepare for the upcoming swimming competition, so he insisted on working hard every day. In the swimming competition, Wang Bao participated in the competition on behalf of the school. When the school was obviously behind, Wang Bao went on the stage and immediately returned to the top, so that the school won the competition. When he knew that this achievement was the result of his own efforts, he cheered excitedly. After watching this movie