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Beautiful starry sky

Chapter 1: beautiful starry sky

At night, when I think of the mythical characters in the heavenly palace, I move a chair and stare at the beautiful starry sky.

How beautiful the starry sky is! In the dark night sky, countless stars blink, very lovely. Look at the moon again. In the moon, Chang'e seems to be dancing her sleeves and wriggling her waist to come to me. The jade rabbit beside her is also lovingly following Chang'e to come to me. It seems that the Cowherd and Weaver Girl on both sides of the galaxy are also reluctant to get together. The queen mother seems to be staring at the Cowherd and Weaver Girl with a ferocious face, trying to disperse them. Hazy, I seem to feel that I have come to the beautiful starry sky, to the moon, to Guanghan palace, to play with Chang'e Yutu, and ask them where the footprints of kalilin are and where the Jade Emperor lives. When I want to leave, I also say to them: 'I will come here often in the future, and I will remember it forever. '

A gust of breeze woke me up from my dream. Looking at the starry sky again, it was still so beautiful. I suddenly heard Xia Chong's whispering, and then I knew that it was getting late. I should go to bed. I was dreaming that Cowherd and weaver girl were crying on both sides of the milky way. The starry sky is so beautiful, I will never forget it.

Chapter 2: beautiful starry sky Cui Mingxia

Today, we come to the quality education base. In my impression, the deepest feeling is the astronomical museum!

At first, the teacher took us to a place where a semicircular sphere was built. After seeing this scene, I thought: 'what is this place? Is it a big Mongolian yurt Museum, or a former Hui building hellip;' with all kinds of questions, we went into this magical place, the astronomical museum!

After going in, the teacher asked us many questions about astrology, and produced many questions. Let's be both excited and skeptical. Finally, the Star Festival began. The first thing that appears on the ceiling is a lot of longitude and latitude lines. Only then can I understand what the big semicircle is for. Slowly a star slowly rose up, yes, this is a beautiful spring sky. In the spring sky, I see the most beautiful big dipper. I also saw that the Big Dipper keeps spinning, and the tail doesn't move in different directions all the year round. In the beautiful starry sky, I saw twelve constellations with my own eyes. I know the beautiful starry sky in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

And every meaning of every star, the pattern of several stars connected together. After watching the beautiful starry sky, I silently made a wish: 'after that, I will not pollute the environment, but often see the beautiful starry sky'. Chapter 3: beautiful starry sky

Yesterday, I went to my hometown. As soon as I looked up, I saw the beautiful starry sky. There are countless stars in the sky. The stars all over the sky are like countless fireflies flying in the air, like countless diamonds scattered in the Jasper plate, and like children's eyes, twinkling.

Looking at it, I'm fascinated. Beautiful starry sky, I really want to pick two stars for the blind, let them restore light. I want to pick many stars and string them into a star necklace for my dear mother. I also want to fly to the sky and play games with stars!

It's getting late. I have to go home again. I hope to see such a beautiful sky next time.

Chapter 4: beautiful starry sky

During the summer vacation at Grandma's house in the countryside, the family always like to sit in the yard in the evening to cool off. The bright moonlight sprinkles all over the yard, and the dark blue sky is dotted with stars. At this time, the night sky is so peaceful and beautiful.

Lying on the bamboo bed, looking at the beautiful starry sky, I like to count the stars. There are many stars in the night sky, big and small, dense and numerous; I like to recognize the constellations: Aries, Pisces, Orion, Leo, Altair, Vega & hellip; & hellip; They are all new friends I know; I also like to hear stories: Chang'e rushes to the moon, Wu Gang cuts down trees, and meets on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

I like the story that my mother told me about "meeting on the seventh day". The beautiful seven fairies went down to the world to play, and fell in love with the diligent and upright cowherd. They lived a happy life in the world. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. It was soon known to heaven that the queen mother was so angry that she took the seven fairies back to heaven. With the help of Laoniu, Niulang flies to the sky to chase Zhinu. When he sees that he is about to catch her, the hateful queen mother pulls out her golden hairpin and waves a turbulent River between Niulang and Zhinu. From then on, they can only look at each other across the bank all the year round. The kind magpies were moved by their infatuation. They agreed to fly to heaven on July 7 every year to build a magpie bridge on the Milky way, so that Cowherd and weaver girl could meet on the magpie bridge. This is also the origin of Chinese Valentine's day.

Late at night, around gradually quiet down, the stars in the night sky tired straight blink, I also close heavy eyes, into a sweet dream. Only the moonlight is still so gentle, so bright, the starry sky is still so mysterious, so beautiful!

Chapter 5: beautiful starry sky

At Grandma's house, my father and I were watching stars in the yard, because in the countryside, the sky was not polluted, so we could naturally see countless stars.

'well, how long has it been since I saw such a beautiful star? 'I cried with excitement. The stars in the countryside are really beautiful. It's no exaggeration to call them twinkling stars. Countless stars are scattered all over the night sky, one by one like dazzling diamonds. I tried to find the Big Dipper, Taurus and Vega & hellip; & hellip; until I was tired and my neck was sore, I stopped and asked my father: 'the shape of the Big Dipper is like a spoon, but does he have any changes all the year round? My father said without thinking: 'in a book called scorpion crown, the secretary wrote four sentences of the Big Dipper, doubing refers to the East, and the world is spring; doubing refers to the guide, and the world is summer; doubing refers to the west, and the world is autumn; doubing refers to the North, and the world is winter. It's winter now. You can find out if the Big Dipper is pointing north. 'I kept looking for it all the time. Finally, I found the Big Dipper. Looking at the dipper handle, it really means north. The scientific theory is correct.

Looking at the beautiful starry sky, I can't help but think of two poems: the sky steps, the night is as cool as water, sitting and watching the petunia Vega. The stars are like pearls, inlaid in the dark blue curtain, like small electric lights in the dark, shining, more like children's eyes, bright and moving. I think of the ballad that my mother coaxed me to sleep when I was a child: twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle. The dark blue sky is so charming. There are more and more 'small eyes' flashing in the air. They seem to be communicating with me with their heart, making me happy. I close my eyes and feel it with my heart. I seem to see the Milky way on both sides of the wide Milky way. The beautiful and kind-hearted weaver girl is playing the harp, and the cowherd is fascinated. Even the swans in the river are dancing.

Hegel once said: 'a nation needs a group of people who look up to the stars. It's a pity that I can't appreciate such a beautiful starry sky many times in a year. If people can pay more attention to environmental protection and pollution, will we be able to look up to the starry scenery every day?

The charming starry sky

As night fell, stars appeared in the clear sky. Some of them shine and some of them appear and disappear.

Those stars seem to be clever students, following sister moon, coming to school on time every night; those stars seem to be nocturnal incense, only opening on time at night. However, you can't smell the fragrance of stars with your nose, but if you close your eyes, calm down and breathe deeply, you will feel a pleasant fragrance, slowly entering your heart.

I remember when I was a child, I often looked up at the night sky and curiously counted the twinkling stars: 'one, two, three & hellip;' I counted them, my eyes blurred, and I couldn't count them all. They are like a group of naughty children, playing hide and seek with me!

Twinkling stars, the formation of a bright galaxy, like a dragon, lying across the night sky. The most famous stars in the galaxy are Altair and Vega. They look at each other from afar. For thousands of years, they have left people endless reverie and beautiful legends. The Big Dipper, like a spoon, is also in line in Tianshan to show off. Their big brother, Polaris, can also guide people who are lost!

Looking at the beautiful and mysterious starry sky, I can't help but be crazy. I think: is there a corner of the vast universe inhabited by extremely intelligent aliens? When will man be able to make a home on another planet? Staring at the starry sky, I made up my mind: when I grow up, I will fly the space shuttle and go to the universe to find out!

Chapter 2: charming starry sky

The night in imperceptible gradually deep, very quiet. Only sister moon and little stars are working hard. From time to time, I opened my eyes and looked at me, which made me hallucinate & hellip; & hellip;

The endless milky way lies quietly in the blue sky. Brilliant stars in the Milky Way flash, like countless drifting on the Milky Way flash.

You see, you see, the stars close to the Milky way are more like a swan spreading its wings in the Milky way, that is the constellation Cygnus. The stars at the southern end of the Milky way are like a scorpion holding a double clip high. It is known as Scorpio. There are a few, like the ancient instrument harp, see them, as if to hear the simple, elegant music in general. Eagles are like eagles, flapping broad wings, as if soaring; Pegasus is like a galloping horse; Virgo, Leo, Aries and so on. Ah, I can't count! The cowherd star is so dazzling, looking at the opposite bank of Vega & hellip; & hellip; sky, really like a mythical world.

The little stars all over the sky, they do their best to gather the light bit by bit together. Although not as brilliant as the sun, not as bright as the moon, but their dreamlike light to the world.

Looking at the starry sky, I feel as if I was sleeping in my mother's arms, so warm, soft, dreamlike. Ah! I love the starry sky, it is so colorful, so beautiful, so charming, so mysterious! Chapter 3: Li Xinyuan in the starry sky on a summer night

How beautiful the starry sky is on a summer night! A bright moon in the sky, curved, like a boat, like a sickle. A few light clouds, quietly Rao the moon, for fear of breaking its beauty. Those twinkling stars are so calm and serene, like bright eyes and silver lamps, looking at me and shining on me, which makes me have many illusions & hellip; & hellip;

The soft moonlight spread all over the earth, and everything was covered with a layer of silver yarn. The hills in the distance are hazy. Poplar like a guard, guarding the beautiful Anyang River. Sister moon reached out her hand and gently stroked the river. You see, the stars close to the Milky way are more like a dove flying in the Milky way, and that should be pigeon. The stars at the southern end of the Milky way are like a scorpion with two clips held high and its tail tilted. Of course, it has