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golden autumn

The golden autumn

Autumn is a golden and beautiful season. In the garden, golden chrysanthemum, golden dandelion and golden sunflower show their bright smiling faces.

In the orchard, the branches are covered with golden oranges. The golden pears bend the branches, and the whole orchard exudes an attractive fragrance.

In the field, the golden rice spread across the earth. From a distance, it looks like a golden ocean. Farmers with sickles in the sand in the middle of the rice cut, looking at a basket of heavy rice face smile, they enjoy the joy of harvest.

I like the golden autumn.

Chapter 2: golden autumn Zhu Ruihan

The golden autumn came unconsciously, and I saw the golden leaves leave the embrace of the tree mother, like a butterfly flying in the air. Groups of geese for a while in a line, for a while in a line of adults flying south. In the orchard, the fruit is ripe, there are red apples, golden pears, strings of grapes & hellip; & hellip; in the field, golden corn, red sorghum, white peanuts are really popular & hellip; & hellip; the farmer's uncle can't close his mouth.

How beautiful autumn is! Chapter 3: golden autumn

Autumn, a fruitful name.

The sky is like a blue tent, covering the golden earth.

In the orchard, red apples are hanging all over the branches, like a child's fiery cheeks. Red in jujube (children) like a small lantern. Clusters of grapes, like Amethyst, are shining in the sunshine.

In the farmland, sorghum flushed with joy, and rice bent over with laughter. The corn has golden teeth.

In the garden, clusters of chrysanthemums, red as fire, white as snow, yellow as gold, pink as rosy clouds, emit a faint fragrance.

Autumn is a charming picture!

Chapter 4: golden autumn

In the twinkling of an eye, summer passed and autumn came.

How beautiful the scenery is in autumn! Apple showed a red face, cheek, bite and sweet. Pears have become golden lanterns. They taste delicious and crisp. The rice is ripe and yellow. You can't see the edge at a glance. It looks like a Golden Ocean from afar! Chrysanthemum open, like children a happy smile! The children are singing and dancing in the chrysanthemum groves. Have a good time!

Although autumn is not as blooming as spring, nor as passionate as summer, nor as snowy as winter, it has its own unique beauty.

Stepping into the fields, what comes to us is a piece of gold, which indicates the arrival of autumn. A group of geese circled in the sky, as if to say: 'goodbye! We'll be back next spring! '

Blue sky, floating clouds, appears more blue, higher.

Chapter 5: golden autumn

Autumn, is a colorful season, is a harvest season, is the most beautiful four seasons.

Ginkgo leaves, Wutong leaves, willow leaves … … all yellow, floating down, autumn wind blowing, leaves like a dancing butterfly. Maple leaf red, red bean maple leaf is a small ant boat, take the little ant to the distance. Chrysanthemum opened a colorful smile, very beautiful! Geese fly southward in a zigzag pattern, and little magpies build houses with branches to prepare for the winter. Squirrels look for pinecones on and under pine trees, ready to eat in winter.

In the orchard, the grapes are purplish red and crystal clear. You squeeze me to touch the apples, competing for people to pick them! Persimmons are as red as fire. From afar, they look like red lanterns;

How beautiful autumn is! How charming autumn is! I love autumn, I love the most gorgeous autumn in the four seasons!

The leaves of autumn

Autumn is the season of fruit ripening and autumn leaves falling, which is a good time to observe the leaves. Taking this opportunity, I observed a kind of leaf, which is pumpkin leaf.

The shape of pumpkin leaf is similar to maple leaf, but if you look closely, you can find that it is different from maple leaf.

The pole of pumpkin leaves is covered with thorns, but these thorns don't stick in the hand, they just itch in the hand. The edge of the pumpkin leaf is serrated, and it doesn't prick. There are fluffy hairs on the leaves. Although they are not good-looking, they feel soft. The vein of pumpkin leaves is the thickest near the pole, and the thinner it is near the edge. Each main stem has a branching stem. The front color of pumpkin leaves is darker than the back color, and it also emits a faint fragrance.

There are many kinds of leaves. They don't have the same leaves. There are great differences in color. This is probably the magic of nature!

Let's walk into autumn together, observe autumn together and feel autumn. You must find that autumn is actually very beautiful, because autumn has fragrant leaves, mature fruits and blooming chrysanthemums.

The leaves of autumn Dai Haotian

Just send off the hot summer, ushered in a crisp autumn! Autumn is a harvest season, but also a deciduous season!

Many trees are replaced in autumn. Most of the leaves are open in summer and fall in the fall. Wutong trees in Nanjing should know that every autumn, with a fall of autumn wind, a large area of land falls on the ground, just like a golden carpet for the earth.

The most beautiful is ginkgo biloba leaves, it is small and exquisite, has a fan like shape of leaves, there are a fine pattern on it, every autumn with the autumn wind falling from the tree, it looks like a little golden butterfly flying in the air, very beautiful!

In autumn, when you walk in many communities and parks, you can smell the fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans. Osmanthus fragrans is special. It blooms only in autumn. The trees of Osmanthus fragrans are very tall, but the flowers are very small. Small flowers gather together and hide in the leaves of trees, sending out bursts of pleasant fragrance!

There are maple leaves, it is also more special, and other leaves are not the same, it only in autumn when it is the most vigorous, the most beautiful, and only in autumn is more and more red, colorful! Some are like small palms, some are like five pointed stars, the number of petals and teeth are not the same, it looks like a burning fire from a distance!

I like autumn, more like autumn leaves! The leaves of autumn

All of a sudden, a cold wind came, blowing up the scraps of paper on the ground, which made the pedestrians on the road shrink their necks, and also made the yellow leaves fall down like a swing, like flying butterflies. It means autumn is coming.

Fallen leaves are the symbol of autumn. In my community, I collected three kinds of leaves, namely, triangle plum leaves, pomegranate leaves and magnolia leaves. Each of these leaves has its own characteristics. Like magnolia leaf, it is almost as big as the palm of adults, magnolia leaf also exudes faint fragrance. Pomegranate leaves are not small, the edge and plane are very smooth, the color belongs to dark green. I like Bougainvillea leaves best! Its shape is like a fan, and its surface is different from other leaves, other leaves are very smooth, triangle plum leaf surface also has hair, feel very soft. I also used triangle plum to make a bookmark, which is easy to use. After I have this bookmark, I don't need to fold the corner of the book. I didn't expect that a small leaf would be useful.

I love the cool autumn, but also love the autumn leaves.

Autumn leaves

Autumn is coming, autumn leaves are the most beautiful. The leaves on the tree are dark yellow. The breeze blows. Looking around, first there are golden waves and green waves. It looks like a colorful sea.

I look at them. They are different in size. When there is no wind, they bow their heads, like children who have been criticized. A breeze blowing, they are like a famous band, singing the melody of autumn together, and dancing, like a fashionable dancer. All of a sudden, a gust of wind blowing, they all cling to the branches, do not want to say goodbye to the tree. However, they still gently played a spin, slowly flying in the air, it wants to give the tree to dance the last dance, it quietly fell to the ground, and a gust of wind, it flew up, it seems to want to fly back to the branches. Finally, it lay quietly on my hand and ended its life.

I hold it in my hand, caress it carefully, feel very dry, I put it under my nose, smell it carefully, nose filled with the fragrance of autumn sun, I gently put it on the ground. I think he is willing to use his body to benefit future generations and complete its final mission. Next year green must have its shadow. Life is as bright as summer flowers, death is as quiet as autumn leaves. Autumn leaves are beautiful.

Autumn leaves

The hot summer passed, and the cool autumn came again. On a Sunday, I came to the botanical garden, as if into a colorful world. Ah! You are so gorgeous!

oh Look in the middle, this is a golden ginkgo tree, clusters of gorgeous colors, full of hope, like a golden ocean. Autumn wind swept, some leaves fall, like the yellow warbler flying. Ah! Autumn is golden.

oh Look to the left. There is a pine tree. It's like a green ocean. I didn't expect to see the vigorous green in autumn. The pine trees looked very tall and straight, like strong soldiers. Ah! Autumn is green.

oh Look on the right, it's a maple forest. What a flourishing leaf it is! They're burning like a fire. A gust of autumn wind blowing, leaves falling, some like a child's palm; some like a red butterfly; some like a red bird. Looking at such red leaves, my heart warm, also like burning. Ah! Autumn is red.

In the autumn wind, there is a rustling sound, which seems to welcome tourists from afar.

Ah! What beautiful leaves!