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My childhood is like a song

Childhood is like a song

Childhood is a leaf that will never wither. I put it on the first page of my diary. Childhood is a gust of fragrant wind, which makes me feel fresh and cool. Childhood is a special chocolate, which makes me have endless aftertaste.

It is said that childhood is a song, and every story in childhood must be every note in the song.

The tortoise and rabbit race must be known to all. When I told this story to my four-year-old cousin, he said, "the tortoise is dishonest. My mother said that if you want to be honest, then the tortoise should also be honest. Why doesn't it wake up the rabbit?"

After listening to his words, I immediately laughed, but I don't know why, I always feel that what my cousin said is right. The tortoise really didn't wake up the rabbit. How many people will find the tortoise's mistakes from the tortoise?

When I was a child, I once saw a cartoon. I don't remember the title of the cartoon. I only remember the story inside. A kitten was sold, but it escaped on the road and went back to find its mother. As a result, her mother had disappeared.

When I saw the end, I cried and the adults laughed at me, but I thought that a person or an animal should have a mother, right? So far, I no longer cry for the plot of TV series (except for the very touching plot). So, the story of childhood is my best memory.

Like this kind of thing, everyone's childhood has it. Now, I have grown up, but I miss my childhood. A few children can play together from dawn to dark, and they won't be scolded by adults.

Childhood is like a song, childhood is just the beginning of life, but also everyone's most innocent, most beautiful moment. I can only miss childhood, but the people in childhood do not know how to cherish childhood, so everyone is missing childhood.

Childhood is like a song, praising the beautiful spring, but also in memory of the good time passed away!

Childhood is like a song

In my singing childhood, I did a lot of funny things. They are like one small note after another, laughing and jumping. Now I still think it's so cute.

I remember when I was 7 years old, that winter vacation, I went back to my hometown Guangyuan. When I came back to Chengdu near the beginning of school, there was a heavy snow. It was the first time I saw snow at that time. I was so happy that I was skipping and playing with snow in the garden downstairs.

What a beautiful snow scene! The snow is flying all over the sky. Piece by piece, just like fairy flowers, beautiful and moving. Like pear blossom, like cotton wadding, like goose feather, pure white. After a while, the world is like hanging a vast white curtain. Facing the building. Vaguely, as if in the fog, as if in the cloud. After the snow stopped, houses, grasslands and woods were covered with thick white cotton padded jacket, and the small village became a world of powder and jade.

I was stunned because I had never seen snow. All of a sudden, I had an idea. I put on my gloves and ran downstairs with a plastic bag. Step on the snow, make a "creak creak" sound. I hold the snowflake in my little ice hand. I put it into the bag. I put it into the bag again. I picked up a little bit of dross and threw it on the ground. After a while, I made a bag of spotless snowflakes.

"Darling"! "Darling"! My mother-in-law called me loudly, I had no choice but to go home.

As soon as I got back to you, my mother-in-law asked me what was in my pocket?? I said it was snow. It was so nice that my aunt heard me and told me it would melt. I didn't listen to my parents' advice, and the next day my study disappeared for no reason! I really don't know where they "ran" until the third grade, the science teacher gave me the answer.

Now, whenever I think about it, I can't help laughing. Childhood is like a song, I grow up day by day in this interesting childhood

Childhood is like a song with colorful flowers

The sky of culture is colorful because of art, and the ocean of art is surging because of culture. How happy we are to explore in the sky of culture and roam in the ocean of art!

Today, the superior leaders are going to check and accept the work of our school in creating Sichuan art school. In order to welcome the superior leaders, the school decided to hold a welcome party in Chengnan Exhibition Center. We are very happy that the school has entrusted the glorious task of interaction to our sixth grade.

This afternoon, I got on the bus with full confidence, thinking: today I must perform well and win glory for the school. On the road, I look out of the window at the neon lights, my heart more unspeakable joy. "Almost there, almost there"! I looked out of the window in the excited shouts of my classmates, and a magnificent building appeared in front of me. "Wow, what a beautiful exhibition center"! I couldn't help crying. I got off the bus in a hurry and took this opportunity to see the real face of this magnificent building. Then with the teacher into the exhibition center. The exhibition center is ablaze with lights, and a steady stream of people come to watch the show. I was fascinated by the lively atmosphere and magnificent buildings. After all, I saw them for the first time. So, according to the arrangement of the teacher, I sit in my own position, waiting for the arrival of the leader. 10 minutes passed, 20 minutes passed My heart could not calm down. The time of expectation finally arrived. The loud welcome song rang. I immediately stood up and clapped my hands to welcome the leader.

When the performance began, the announcer stepped onto the stage with a smile on his face, introduced the leaders present, and announced the first program -

Years of passion. The wonderful song seems to bring people to another realm. As soon as the first program ended, there were bursts of thunderous applause. Then the wonderful programs came into our eyes, one by one, with bursts of applause.

Time flies. More than a dozen performances are over. Colorful fireworks are shooting into the air. We clap our hands heartily to send our respected leaders away from the venue.

Childhood is a melodious and beautiful song; childhood is a colorful flower - childhood is like a song, colorful flowers.