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800 words composition of Parthenocissus


Another spring arrived, I moved to a new home, the window of the new home, no green Parthenocissus, in front of empty, can not help but feel lost. The days accompanied by Parthenocissus are clearly presented in front of my eyes

When I was in primary school, I like to sit at the desk by the window to read and do my homework. On weekends, I listen to the music from a middle school not far away, and occasionally look up outside the window to see the climbing tiger. Parthenocissus vines in the wall around a circle and a circle, huge leaves layer upon layer. The wind, the leaves turn over in turn, neatly jumping, is the green waves, is the ocean of Parthenocissus! Occasionally one or two kittens roll by, and the petite figures chase each other. The Parthenocissus gently slaps them, slaps their young childhood, and holds up the green umbrella cover for them. At this time, calm down, you can hear a surging sound, call -- "call --", this is not the lonely autumn wind sweeping leaves, not the happy cry of the stream jumping over the stone -- call --, low, but lively. Ah, that's the ocean of Parthenocissus, the wave of the ocean, the rumble of the wave!

In the dead of night, there are a few stars in the sky like water, and it's dark all around, but I can still feel the existence of Parthenocissus. The rumble of the day doesn't go away. In such a night, it's louder. Who turned on the headlights of the people downstairs? The light fell on the Parthenocissus through a tall magnolia tree, falling out of the shadow of the shuttle. Once in a while, a sparrow came to visit, carrying a Parthenocissus' little berry, and flying to the distance with another wing. Can you feel all this? Parthenocissus, the whole night in praise of it loudly!

Spring is coming again, a year is so fast. Sparrows gathered under the Parthenocissus, chirping for food. Looking at their exquisite size, I am also happy for the Parthenocissus who has taken off their winter clothes. No, look at the leaves, green and full of vitality!

But I didn't expect that I and Parthenocissus would have a different day. One evening, when I came back from school, my father excitedly told me, "son, we are leaving tomorrow!

Where to go? My blood seemed to stop flowing, and there was no wind around.

Go to a new house. We have a new house in Nanhu.


It was a very quiet and cold night. Suddenly a gust of wind, Parthenocissus leaves began to clatter, the sound is so rapid. I shed tears, played the old violin, and presented the last song of "friendship forever" for Parthenocissus. Bitter tears, endless tears, accompanied by the sad sound of the piano fly to the sky, wet the dream of the stars, the moon sad to hide in the clouds, Parthenocissus no sound.

That year, both Parthenocissus and I grew up to one year old.

Secluded Parthenocissus

It was a secluded Parthenocissus.

When I first arrived there, I was impressed by its unique green. The angular and clear green leaves came together closely, which made me think of Ye Shengtao's masterpiece the foot of Parthenocissus. I went close to observe the little creature in the hands of this famous man. The little leaves were bright green, the size of which was like sieving, and they covered the whole wall in a neat way The dripping green is even more attractive. It's very comfortable to touch it along the leaves, just like a hand brushing on the smooth green jadeite. The breeze is blowing, and Ye Er smiles and nods frequently

I don't know which night, a strong wind suddenly started, and then a torrential rain poured down. The rain hit the ground fiercely, and the roof tiles "Pa, Pa" sounded. I woke up from my dream, and my heart was full of worry. Parthenocissus, are you ok? The next morning, I ran early to have a look, ah! That piece of Parthenocissus in the rainstorm last night, not only was not defeated, but after the baptism of the rain, the leaves became more green, dazzling green, green fresh, green pure, green intoxicating, green as bright and lovely as emeralds.

I don't know how many months have passed. When I passed by this green and secluded Parthenocissus, it had already climbed to the wall of the second floor. It was so green that there was no gap. It covered the whole wall thickly.

This has become a simple and beautiful landscape. When pedestrians pass by, they can't help but look at it more and enjoy the vigorous green of Parthenocissus and the gift of nature

"Look, how vigorous they are "What a beautiful Parthenocissus!" Day by day, no one noticed anything, until one day, when I opened the dense leaves, I saw the face of the wall, oh! This is a dilapidated wall, very old, the color has changed. A black wall, when Parthenocissus is still very young, you may still remember it and imagine its appearance. However, when the lush leaves of Parthenocissus fill the whole space, you may have long forgotten this wall. Its false appearance is covered by gorgeous coat. However, without it, even if the vitality of Parthenocissus is tenacious, who can it cling to?

In front of the green eyed Parthenocissus, I vaguely see a white haired coach and a triumphant athlete. Most people only remember the name of the champion, and only give flowers and applause to the athletes who win gold and silver. What they forget is the coach who is hardworking and devoted silently!

It's not just a mountain tiger!

In memory, that wall climbing tiger

Once upon a time, I sat with you under the green and black Parthenocissus on that wall, welcoming the sunrise and sending the sunset together

At that time, you were naive, lively and mischievous. The whole day is a face that is about to burst with laughter, as if nothing in the world can make you sad and disappointed. In retrospect, I haven't seen such a smile for a long time. You, always so smile, so carefree smile. So far, I still don't know why the laughter has such a strong appeal, when I am full of worries. Your laughter can always whisk away my worries and make me have a pleasant feeling of seeing the sun through the clouds.

Do you remember the afternoon when you graduated from primary school? Perhaps the washing of time, you have already forgotten it. But I will be that day's picture in my mind forever freeze frame, dust sealed. Because that day, it was time for us to go our separate ways. That day, after taking the graduation certificate, you and I sat on the grass of the school, behind which was the green black Parthenocissus. The setting sun hanging on the top of the mountain will mark the end of the day. But it seems that it is also a sign of the end. A bunch of yellow sunlight slants on your head from the top left, yellows the hair over your ears, yellows the white face, but at the same time, it's also a face I've never seen you so melancholy. Dusk, you suddenly turn to look at me. I look at you, too, but I've never seen that expression on your face: your eyes are shining with blue light. Normally, your lips are closed tightly. His face was full of melancholy, and he wrote all the sorrow of leaving. I was shocked. Is this you who I know and I have been in primary school for six years? If so, where is the usual bright smile. I looked up and saw that the yellow sunset was already half down. So, I seem to understand. Almost looked at each other for a second, but a second left a lot of taste in my heart. Then, you stand up. Facing the wall behind, Parthenocissus. The setting sun pulls your shadow to the elder, and the evening wind blows up your hair on your forehead. I see that different expression once. It turns out that

When the setting sun is about to shed its last touch of afterglow, I and you shoulder to shoulder, walked out of the school gate side by side on both sides of the green path. Then, due to the different direction of going home, I go north, you go south. Although I walk like that every day, I think it's a long way home today. At the thought that you will always go south, and may never return to the north, every step of my life seems to be a kind of suffering. That day, we walked back to back

In this life, when can you and I sit together again under the green and black Parthenocissus, welcome the sunrise and send the sunset together

Parthenocissus from home

I often think of my hometown's Parthenocissus.

Every spring, the first green is the climbing tiger on the wall. They are like a green barrier, enclosing the whole village. Who on earth are they?

Back to a village Party ten years ago. Everyone got excited and talked about everything: what's in Zhang's family and what's in Li's family. Finally, the hot topic is that the houses in our village are cold in winter and hot in summer Sitting in the corner shivering dumb old woman has been listening. People in the village dislike the old man. She can't speak, she's dirty, she lives alone by the garbage station, and she lives by collecting garbage.

"Catch the thief! Catch the thief One night, I was awakened from my sleep by the cry, so I immediately jumped out of bed and rushed to join in the fun. Everyone rushed out of their homes, some in pajamas and slippers, some with brooms. As soon as I got to a place where there were many people, there was a lot of discussion. Someone said: "this mute has no children. He doesn't talk on weekdays. He looks quite honest. How can he do such a thing? It must be too poor! " Others sneer: "is it sleepwalking?" It made everyone laugh. I couldn't resist curiosity. I squeezed into the crowd and saw an old man with dark skin and skinny skin sitting on the ground. She looked at everyone with helpless eyes. Her eyes were cloudier in the moonlight.

When the thief saw that everyone was coming, he yelled: "hum, she must have overheard our speech. She knew that we had a gold bracelet in our family, so she came to steal it. Don't think I don't know that! Today we must think of a way to avoid losing things again. " They were afraid that their hard-earned money would be stolen, so they all cried out: "thief, go away! Go away, thief When I was young, I hid behind the adults for fear.

The next day, the dumb mother-in-law died. It's like nothing happened, just digging a hole and burying her.

In the spring of the next year, everyone was surprised: the roots of every house were covered with Parthenocissus, but the place where the dumb mother-in-law lived was nothing. Later, we found that the house was much more comfortable than before, because Parthenocissus had the effect of preventing heat and keeping warm. At this time, we understand that a year ago, the dumb mother-in-law was wronged by everyone. She planted the Parthenocissus. She came to the walls of every house and quietly planted the seeds of the Parthenocissus.

As a result, the dumb mother-in-law's grave was repaired and made beautiful, and every year the villagers would sweep her grave.

Now, whenever the evening wind blows over the Parthenocissus, every household will ring the song of Parthenocissus climbing the wall.

Just like this mountain climbing tiger

I'm doing my homework.

Suddenly, I want to have a look on the balcony. Has been stuffy in his room, even the air is muddy. It is sunny, through the window to see the outside, a tempting brilliant.

In this way to the balcony, holding the railing feel natural.