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Frustration tells me 500 words composition

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On the rough road of life, setbacks are like thorns. You may be black and blue when you step on it, but only in this way can you succeed.

Recently, I got a book by chance, which tells a story about how a person gets out of trouble and achieves success. So, I have a lot of emotion.

In learning, setbacks told me not to give up.

Looking at the red fork on the examination paper, I feel lost for a while. Why every time I enter the examination room full of confidence, I get such a result. I complained in my heart. "Bell..." In the past, the voice of expectation now sounds so harsh.

Sitting in front of the desk, I was shocked to see the unfinished topic last time. Isn't this the one on the test paper? I regret it. What was I doing that night? The third time I did this problem, I pondered hard. The stubborn problem prompted me to give up again. At this time, the miserable results of this exam seemed to tell me, look at your results this time, don't give up. I went on doing it again, and finally I did it. I am happy to dance, the failure of the exam, has long gone. It's frustration that tells me not to give up.

In life, setbacks tell me to believe in myself.

I remember learning to roller skate that year. As soon as I put on the shoes, I leaned forward and backward uncontrollably. Looking at my younger child, who could glide back and forth as light as a swallow, I was determined to learn.

Fall again and again, I regret, when I intend to take off my skates, countless times of fall seems to tell me, you can, believe in yourself. I went on learning again. Now, whenever I skate, I'm glad I believe in myself. It's the frustration that tells me to believe in myself.

Step by step, the same, experience a setback, will understand a truth. Persistence is victory, frustration tells me that not giving up is the way to victory, believe in yourself, believe in the future

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Recently, I got a book by chance, which tells a story about how a person gets out of trouble and achieves success. So, I have a lot of emotion.

Frustration is an embarrassing gray tone in colorful life. It can only be a deep regret to see that our efforts have not been rewarded. To catch up after suffering setbacks will be accompanied by success. If suffering setbacks and depression, it will be accompanied by failure.

Throughout history, every celebrity's success has experienced setbacks and failures. Only when he can stand setbacks and failures can he see the dawn of success. During the spring and Autumn period, King Gou Jian of the state of Qi, King Yue, was captured by the king of Wu. He suffered a lot of humiliation, but he never gave up. After returning home, he tasted bitterness every day and finally defeated the state of Wu and became the last king to unify the world in the spring and Autumn period.

Yes, as long as there is a belief, a firm belief, and strive in that direction, success is only a matter of time.

The attitude to failure is very important. Two shoe salesmen of a company were sent to Africa to sell their products at the same time. A few months later, one of them called the company in frustration: the people there didn't wear shoes at all. The other said happily: people there don't wear shoes at all. The market is very big. From this we can see that different attitudes towards the same thing will produce two different results.

As a middle school student, in the face of an exam, the ups and downs are difficult to express in words, there are the joy of success, but also the trouble of failure, and the most confusing and distressing is to pay hard efforts but did not achieve the desired results. In the face of reality, hesitation and depression achieve nothing. At this time, we need to keep a cool head, carefully analyze the loopholes in our study, and avoid making the same mistakes in our future study. We will certainly get the due reward in the next exam.

Setbacks tell us to be proud of setbacks and meet challenges.

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In the face of setbacks, if you are strong, it will be weak.

Kepler, a German astronomer, came to the world early after only seven months in his mother's womb. Later, smallpox turned him into pockmarked, scarlet fever damaged his eyes. However, with his indomitable and resolute character, he was enraged to study, and his academic performance was far ahead of his peers. Later, because of his father's debt, he lost the opportunity to study, so he studied astronomy on his own. In his later life, he experienced a series of blows, such as illness, the death of his good teacher, and the death of his wife. However, he did not stop his astronomical research, and finally discovered the three laws governing the movement of celestial bodies at the age of 59. He turned all his misfortunes into the driving force to push himself forward. With amazing perseverance, he won the laurel of science and became "the lawmaker of the sky".

In the campus of Hunan Huaihua University, every morning, a 23-year-old boy will take a 10-year-old girl to Shimen primary school by bike, and then pick them up at night to their residence, the staircase under the boys' dormitory. This boy is Hong Zhanhui, who was admitted to the Department of economics and management of Huaihua University from Xihua county, Henan Province in 20XX. The little girl is not related to Hong Zhanhui by blood. She is an abandoned baby picked up by her father who is guilty of intermittent mental illness. As his mother ran away from home, he brought up his sister. Since Hong Zhanhui was a senior high school student, he has been taking care of his younger sister while studying. He lives by doing small businesses and doing odd jobs. Now he has been taking care of her for 12 years.

He is beside us, Hong Zhanhui.

Frustration tells me: if you are weak, frustration is your stumbling block. If you are strong, it is the stepping stone to your success.