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A little thing junior high school composition

Article 1: how can you be so stupid about a small matter? How can you make mistakes in such a simple problem?! I tell you, next time if you can't get full marks, don't come back to see me! Listening to the cries and curses from my neighbor Xiao Hao's family, my joy was gone. My heart was like a big stone, very heavy. I can't help but think of what happened this afternoon & hellip; & hellip; Ding Dong, Ding Dong & hellip; & hellip; just as the wonderful bell rang, the math teacher came into the classroom with a stack of test papers and a smile on his face, and happily said to everyone: yesterday's exam, everyone's results were good, nearly half of the students achieved more than 90 points, and several students achieved 100 points. I hope you can continue to work hard and strive to do better! As soon as the voice fell, there was a warm applause in the class. Now I'll announce the test results. Teacher's voice, Huang Yuzhang, 100 points! Suddenly, the students cast envious eyes on me, I took the test paper from the teacher's hand, my heart was as sweet as honey. &Hellip; & hellip; Wang Hao, 95 points. Xiao Hao's test is also good! I thought to myself, but Xiao Hao was chucking. He didn't look happy. After class, I came to Xiao Hao's seat and asked him what happened. He said with a sad face: it's not the exam paper! I didn't get full marks in the exam. My mother will criticize me severely! With that, he sighed. what? I looked at him in surprise. You scored 95. Isn't your mother satisfied? After listening to my words, Xiao Hao said nothing and looked out of the window. On the way to school, Xiao Hao is no longer as happy as usual. He droops his head and kicks the stones on the side of the road. He looks listless. Looking at him so sad, my heart is not taste. Come to dinner, son. My mother's words interrupted my thoughts. I Oh a, in the heart but how also can not calm: why Xiaohao's mother to Xiaohao's requirements so high? Why did Xiao Hao's mother criticize him like that? Can this kind of education promote Xiao Hao's healthy growth? &Hellip; & hellip; a series of questions drew a big question mark in my mind. At the same time, I'm glad that my parents don't ask too much for my grades. They often give me encouragement and help, which adds infinite confidence and strength to me. And such parents are really not many, most parents are blindly pursuing high scores, causing great psychological pressure to the children, let the children out of breath, such parents really should reflect! Although this is a small matter, it will be deeply imprinted in my heart.

Chapter 2: a small thing life is like a movie, a wonderful small shot, constitutes an interesting movie. That wonderful small shot is a small thing in life, as long as there are these small things, life will become colorful, in these small shots, there is a shot, it makes me unforgettable. It was a cloudy evening, the school just finished, When I went out of the teacher's room, I often looked at my hands and thought: what kind of weather is it? If I change my face, I will change my face. It's still sunny this afternoon, and it's going to rain in a twinkling of an eye. I pushed my bicycle to the supermarket in a hurry and wanted to go home before the rain, After a few minutes, I came to the supermarket, stopped my car and ran into the supermarket. As soon as I stepped into the door of the supermarket, I looked at the cashier. Because there were not many people waiting in line on rainy days, I happily said: great, I have to take advantage of no one to seize the time now, otherwise it will be hard to go when it rains heavily! I walked to the place where the biscuits were put, I picked up a bag of biscuits and went to the cashier to check out. After paying, I picked up the biscuits and walked to my bike. From a distance, I saw my bike overturned. I hurried over, picked up the bike in the dirty water and said, "which villain pushed my bike down? I'm so angry! Look at the other cars parked there, I was even more angry: why didn't I push someone else's and push mine down? I asked you to annoy you. I went to a car and kicked it down as soon as I handed it over. All the cars also fell down. I patted the sewage on my car and pushed it away, but I didn't take a few steps. I had a little regret and turned around to see how the cars were, A little girl about five years old supported an old woman (who looked like the little girl's grandmother) to the side of the car that I just kicked down. The little girl said to the old woman, "grandma, I want to help these cars up, OK? Can you do it? Yes. OK! The girl helped the old woman to sit on the chair beside the supermarket, and then ran to the side of the car, With two small and thin arms, she raised a bicycle. The old woman on the chair said to the little girl: hurry up, baby, it's about to start! The little girl said with a smile: I know! Suddenly, I think the little girl's smile is so bright, just like the blooming flowers. All the bicycles stand up again under the little girl's arms, The little girl with a satisfied smile, helped the granny to go to the distance, their back disappeared in the rain, my face suddenly ashamed like a red apple! This is indeed a very small thing, but it is deeply branded in my heart, remind me to always hold a helping heart

Article 3: a little thing today, when I came home from school, I went into the room and started to do my homework at the desk. Suddenly, from the kitchen came a crisp 'Ding Dong Ding Dong' dripping sound. With curiosity, I ran to the kitchen and saw that, oh, my mother didn't tighten the tap. Drop by drop of water was dripping into the water tank where my mother put it. At this time, I remembered that my mother had told me: 'don't tighten the tap, let it drop by drop into the water tank, the water meter will not go, so that we can save money. At that time, I secretly praised my mother for her intelligence! All of a sudden, I found a layer of "water feet" at the bottom of the water tank, but the water just dripping from the tap was clear and there was no debris at all, which made me feel very strange. The next day, I came to the school and asked the nature teacher, only to learn that there was a lot of dust and other debris in the air. Because there is no lid on the water tank, the dust in the air floats to the surface of the water and sinks to the bottom of the tank. The more active it is, the more water feet it becomes. The teacher also told me: 'originally, the water from the tap was very sanitary. In this way, the water was filled with dripping water, which inadvertently caused the water to be polluted for the second time. 'after listening to the teacher, I nodded if I understood. In the evening, when I came home and saw my mother knitting a sweater, I went up to her and told her everything our teacher said, and said to her: 'Mom, although you are greedy for a little bit of cheap water by using dripping water to hold water, you have actually suffered a loss. If you have Mao's disease, the medical expenses will be dozens of times more expensive! After listening, my mother said, "what do you know about your children's home? Then he went to knit again. No matter what I say, my mother just doesn't believe it. I really can't help her. After a while, I frowned and suddenly came up with a way. I turned and ran into the room, picked up two clean tea cups and went back to the kitchen. I first used a spoon to mix the water in the water tank, then scooped out a cup of muddy water, and then filled a cup of fresh water just released from the tap. I put two glasses of water on the stove, then ran to my mother, shook her hand and said: 'Mom, mom, you come with me to see it! 'My mother was so noisy that she had to put down her knitting and come to the kitchen. I pointed to the glass of water and asked my mother proudly: 'Mom, which glass of water would you like to drink? "My mother looked at the two glasses of water carefully, and saw that there were many floating objects in one of them. Not only was it turbid, but there were many 'feet' at the bottom of the glass. At this time, my mother was ashamed to say: 'I'm really a smart man who did stupid things. Oh, I'm not as good as you! In the future, we will no longer be greedy for small and cheap things. After listening to my mother's words, I said mysteriously: 'Mom, didn't you teach me to be a person who cherishes national property before? Now you use the water tank to drip water, which is neither sanitary nor a waste of national property. 'My mother laughed heartily and I laughed happily.

Chapter 4: a little thing in a hot holiday, a little thing happened at home, which I still remember. On a sunny Monday, my parents went to work. I was at home alone. I'm so excited. I'm playing around. After playing for a while, I didn't think it was fun, so I took my mother's jade bracelet to play. I was curious. This jade bracelet is crystal clear and can shine. I put the jade bracelet in my hand and turned it around. Suddenly, the jade bracelet flew out and hit the wall. With a "clap", the jade bracelet broke. I thought: how to do, this is my father brought back from Beijing to my mother, worth more than 1000 yuan, if my father knew, he might have to kill me. Panicked, I swept away the debris and hid it. At noon, mom and dad came back. Mom found that the jade bracelet was missing, so she asked me: 'did you take it. 'I trembled and said,' No. "When my mother saw the broken jade bracelet on the ground, she asked like a mortar: 'did you break it. 'I shook my head, looking at my mother with my eyes, and staring at the sleeping kitten with my eyes. I had an idea and said:' Mom, it was the kitten that broke it. "My mother believed me. She picked up the broom and beat the kitten. The kitten ran away like a bird in a fright. The kitten was unconvinced and looked at me as if laughing at me:" I'm a dishonest child who didn't admit what I've done wrong. "After hearing this, I was very irritable. I thought of the last time I was beaten for doing wrong. Now I'm afraid I'll be beaten again if I admit it again. But I wanted to be an honest child, so I summoned up the courage to say to my mother: 'I broke it, I was wrong. But my mother didn't hit me and said, 'son, just admit your mistake. 'after listening to this, I felt nervous and happy. This small matter, I learned: it takes a lot of courage to admit mistakes, in order to be an honest child.

Chapter 5: a small thing, there are many small things in life, they are like many grains of sand, forming the golden beach of life. Among so many grains of sand, only one is still fresh in my memory. It was this summer vacation, the weather was extremely hot, the sun was like a steamer, let us gasp. So my best friend Li Shiyun proposed to go swimming. I was surprised, swimming? Although I have studied, I have failed in my studies. I tell you, I have studied for more than a year, and now I dare not even go to the deep water area! Shh - you can't say it. Well, I really want to do what I want. "Let's go to the deep water area more this year and exercise. 'ah, it's over. I can't drown? Alas, time is really fast. In a twinkling of an eye, it's time to swim. I deliberately put on my swimsuit, cap and goggles slowly. When I was ready, I moved to the swimming pool like a snail. Smelling the unique and breathless smell in the swimming pool, looking at the swimming pool as far away as the Yangtze River for me, I can't help but feel happy