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It's so happy. No matter I swim freely like a carefree fish, or swim desperately when I catch up with the choking water, it gives me a very free feeling, as if there is no pressure.

Let's talk about diving first. Go to the swimming pool, take a deep breath, then jump into the water, the water is cool, soft, from the side of the slide, the water splashed countless flying water, the sound of water spread with people's laughter. Ah! Diving is fun!

Speaking of backstroke, I'm proud to tell you that I know two positions. The first one is that both hands keep pushing forward on both sides of the body, and both legs hold water on the water from left to right. Because the legs are on the water, there is great resistance. After swimming for a while, you will feel that the legs are sour and weak, but this posture is easy to learn. The second is to paddle the water back and forth with both hands like oars, and to draw water with both legs up and down in the water. This is not only not tiresome, but also a feeling of floating in the sky. The body drifts with the current, wandering and relaxing. Backstroke is really a good choice!

Finally, let's talk about my favorite diving. If someone comes and blocks up the lane, I'll hold my breath, kick my legs, swish like a frog and dive to the bottom of the water and pass under someone else. Diving is like a roller coaster!

Students, after reading my article, do you also have a little interest in swimming, but you won't be like me. Only those who learn to swim can really enjoy it. What's the matter? Come and have a try! Swimming today, I went swimming with my brother, sister and mother.

When I got to the swimming pool, I ran in like crazy. There are so many people in the swimming pool! I took the swimming circle and bravely went into the water. The water in the pool was very cold. I'm wandering. The water sprinkles on me like a fountain. I wipe my face and turn to see that it's my brother playing sneak attack. My brother sees that I turn my head and hit again. The backwater is so fierce that I become a "drowned chicken". I wipe my face and turn to run. My brother is chasing me. Because I swim too slowly, or did not escape the palm of my brother's hand. My brother has repelled me twice. When he was overjoyed, I gave him a blow. Although not powerful, but scared my brother. He turned his head and saw that I had run away with my tail wagging like a tadpole.

This time, I not only had a good time with my brother, but also learned to dive. Swimming Friday, October 26, 2013

Today, I'm going to swim. My parents take me and Runrun to the swimming pool.

When I got to the swimming pool, I couldn't wait to go there. I took the key and went into the women's dressing room. Runrun and his father went to the men's dressing room. We changed our clothes and went into the swimming pool. I swam 500 meters in the deep water area first, and then my brother and I went to the shallow water area to play. We played a water fight, which was fun. We were about to hit me. I turned over and jumped to the side, ha ha! It's my turn to hit Runrun brother. I aimed at Runrun brother and pretended to hit him. He also dodged. I said, "brother, I haven't hit you yet!" I aimed at him again. This time he thought that I would not hit him, but I didn't expect that I really hit him and hit him. It's time to go. My mother came to call me. After we sent Runrun brother, we went home happily.

When I got home, I thought, "I'll swim again next Friday!" Swimming at three o'clock this afternoon, I went to the swimming pool with my uncle and aunt.

When I came to the swimming pool, I changed my swimsuit, stood by the swimming pool and did some pre swimming exercises. For a while, I lifted my legs, for a while, I twisted my waist, and then I took the swimming circle to swim.

Since I haven't swam for a long time, as soon as I got into the water, my heart would "plop plop" and jump up, like many ants crawling around in my heart. But a set of swimming circle, my heart stone fell down. I slowly swam along the swimming pool. After a while, I became familiar with it. I took off the swimming circle and swam around freely, just like a happy little goldfish. I kept practicing all kinds of swimming postures in the pool, for a while practicing breaststroke, for a while practicing butterfly stroke, for a while practicing backstroke.

After a while, I didn't feel interesting, so I competed with my uncle and aunt. The rules of the game are: 1. When you swim from one bank to the other, you can't bump into others on the way. The first one wins. 2. Freestyle is adopted in this competition. The game began, I quickly swing arms, like a light swallow in the lead. But later my strength was less and less, and finally my uncle surpassed me. The short distance of tens of meters seemed to me like a long distance race of thousands of meters. After the game, I was so tired that I left the swimming pool reluctantly.

Swimming is fun. I'll come again next time! Swimming holiday! be on holiday!

I cried happily, why? Because I can go swimming as soon as I have a holiday

My father can swim, so I learned to swim

I have been swimming in many places, such as sea, river, swimming pool

Once, when I went swimming, my goggles broke. Fortunately, I was in shallow water. If I was in deep water, I would be in a hurry and have a drink

Swimming is a bit dangerous, but more fun

Once, Dad's key fell under the water, and I saw it. I immediately said, "Dad, your key has fallen, let's see who can get it first." Dad immediately sank under the water and picked up the key. When I saw it, I was very worried. I quickly dived under the water, quietly swam to Dad's back, grabbed the key while dad didn't pay attention, and then my feet were in the swimming pool At the end of a pedal, quickly swam out of the water, shouting: "I won! "

Children, do you think swimming is fun? It's sunny on Sunday, July 5th

We can't stand the sun for several days. Today, I played in my grandmother's house and went swimming. I put on a life buoy and rushed into the water like a tiger. My hands glided from inside to outside, and my feet swam up and down like a turtle. I swam to the middle and played with my two brothers. I started the water out of the huge waves with my hands, making them hard to move. Later, they only turned to me and begged for mercy.

Then we were still throwing football in the water. The big brother kept the goal and the second brother helped. We went up together, left and right, and scored a goal. When it was my turn to keep the goal, the big brother threw a high ball, just like a big bird flying in the sky. Later, my second brother and I defeated my elder brother, which is really proud.