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Talk about new year's goods

My favorite festival of the year is the Spring Festival. During the Chinese new year, there are new clothes to wear, many good things to eat, and lucky money. Adults also have a holiday. How lively it is for everyone to play, eat and watch the new year together! And for adults, it's the most important thing to do new year's goods. I can't just eat ready-made, so I asked my mother to take me to do the Spring Festival. I said to my mother: 'I'm not only a good consultant, but also a good Porter, and I can also carry out small investigations! 'My mother was very happy because she had a little helper. Diary Diary of grade four

My mother took me to several supermarkets: Zhongbai warehouse, Metro, wushangmai, Carrefour, Hualian Supermarket and Xudong. No matter which supermarket is bustling, there are all kinds of goods to eat, wear and use. The shelves are lined up with dried fruits, fruits, snacks, tobacco, wine, sugar, drinks, biscuits, daily necessities, clothing, shoes and hats, stationery, toys, electrical appliances & hellip; & hellip; the freezer is filled with all kinds of food, and the water tank is filled with aquatic products and Seafood & hellip; & hellip; it's very rich.

There are a lot of customers in the supermarket, and people happily choose the goods they need. My mother and I also bought a lot of new year's goods. Every time we went to the supermarket, we all came back with a full load. I think we can have a feast for the new year.

Looking at so many new year's products, I suddenly thought of a question in my mind. I asked my mother: 'how did you celebrate the new year when you were a child? My mother replied: 'when we were young, we were very happy to have melon seeds, peanuts and sugar for the new year. 'My mother also told me that when she was a child, she didn't even have a supermarket, there were not many goods in the store, many things were still available by ticket, and adults didn't have enough money to buy too many new year's products.

I don't know. I'm scared! The reform and opening up has brought about such great changes in our motherland. There are more and more shopping malls and supermarkets, which make it convenient for people to go shopping. There are many kinds of goods, including those from the south, the north, domestic and imported. People's living standards have also been greatly improved. They can buy all kinds of things at any time, and every day is like a new year. Chinese children living in this era are so happy. We should study harder to make our motherland more prosperous and strong, so that children in the future can live a better life.