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Lucky clover

On Sunday, my mother and I went to the street and saw a new kind of canned grass seed. I was full of curiosity about it and decided to buy a can to go home. Diary Diary of grade four

I don't know if the vitality of the seed is too strong, or because it nourishes the soil. In a word, by the next day, several small seedlings came out of the soil, tender green, and attractive. I thought, how big can it grow? In order to understand this problem, I decided to take pictures of it every day to see how long it can grow.

On the third day, the little seedling grew a little bit. Although it was subtle, it was a piece of cake with my superman observation! So I watered it every day, took pictures and ordered it one by one.

Wait until the next few days, in short, I can't remember very clearly, little Miao Er, oh no, it should be changed, now the Miao Er has exceeded the height of the flowerpot, although it is still thin and weak, but it is much stronger than before, inadvertently see those photos, review the efforts of Xiaocao for a few months, this is really rewarding!

The grass is full of green, one, two, three & hellip; & hellip; ah! There is a four petaled grass, listen to others say, pull off the four petaled lucky grass, make your wish in five seconds will come true, I hesitated for a long time, is it pull or not? When I think about it, it seems that there is no wish to realize now, so I give up the idea of pulling it out. I will use it when it is really useful!

Now the lucky grass has grown very high, I really look forward to the time when it is full!