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Dad's back

At noon, Dad came back. Dad was carrying a bag and said to me: 'dad has brought back some good things for you. "My father took out two lollipops and a small bag of King candy from his bag and said: 'this is what your elder sister (cousin) brought back from Japan. 'I see the words on the sugar bag. It's strange. Dad said: 'it's Japanese. Your elder sister knows it. 'Dad took out four things and said: 'your mother's unit issued a card on women's day on March 8. She was not willing to buy anything for herself. She bought you bath supplies. I saw and bought: Strawberry shampoo for children, raccoon shampoo for children, Johnson baby shampoo, Johnson baby milk lotion. I like all these things very much, especially children's strawberry shampoo. The bottle is like a big red mushroom. In the afternoon, my brother came back. I let my brother see what my father bought. When my brother saw the big red mushroom, he would open the top and pour it into his mouth. I cried in a hurry: 'don't drink! "My brother said," let me have a taste. 'I cried again:' it can't be drunk! Brother brother said, "look, it doesn't say ‘ it contains walnut and strawberry dual nutrient essence &rsquo"? 'My brother took the mushroom bottle to grandma and asked her to judge. Grandma said: 'the real greedy cat is you. If you don't even look at the bath supplies, you have to pour them into your mouth! 'My brother turned over the mushroom bottle and looked at it carefully. Then he believed that it was shampoo. Diary diary 100 words, however, my brother and I shared the lollipop and King candy that my father brought back.