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Everyone has his own dream! Some want to be a nurse, some want to be a president, some want to be a scientist & hellip; & hellip; in short, there are quite a lot of things, what about me? My wish is different, I want to be a movie character - Harry Potter! I envy Harry Potter because he has a broom that can fly.

If I were Harry Potter, I would ride my flying broom and travel all over China, no matter it's the great wall or the terracotta warriors and horses in Xi'an, as long as it's a place of interest in China. Be China's own Harry Potter.

If I were Harry Potter, I would ride my flying broom and make friends with birds to make hawks vegetarian. Why? Because Eagles always eat chickens. When cocks grow up, they can crow and wake us up. When hens grow up, they can lay eggs. When Eagles eat chickens, who will crow and lay eggs? So, I will try my best to make Eagle eat vegetables.

When I was a child, I used to look at the white clouds in the sky, like many cream cakes. When I looked at them, my saliva came down. If I were Harry Potter, I would ride my flying broom and pick some clouds for you to taste.

If I were Harry Potter, I would ride my flying broom to fairy Ho and let her sprinkle some snow in the hot summer to cool everyone.

If I were Harry Potter, I would clone 1.3 billion broomsticks that can fly, so that all Chinese people can fly freely in the sky and realize people's desire to travel in space.

If I become Harry Potter, I will serve the people sincerely.

Six if there are 100 words, if life can be interpreted,

Does the future world have my merit?

If failure becomes eternity,

When can I step across?

If the world is always bright,

Am I happy in my life?

If the body has been weak,

When will the lion stop galloping beside me?

If tomorrow is a myth,

How am I going to make sure?

If you succeed, you will come right away,

When can my heart be calm?

If the sky is infinite blue,

Where will the rainbow be buried?

If the stars in the sky blink forever,

Will the moon be ignored forever? If I were a bird and if I were a flower are 100 words written by Ai Qing,

I should be open to the sun, too.

The soft and warm sunshine,

This moist and fresh air,

This is the motherland that nurtures our growth,

It gives us the conditions to live.

When life comes to the end,

Even the petals turn into spring mud to protect the flowers.

Maybe you're curious,

Why can I live such a short life

So brilliant

Because my heart is full of love.

Beihai Hepu Wujia middle school grade three: Lin Changmin imitates "if life deceives you", if life does not deceive you 100 words, if life does not deceive you,

Don't be too proud.

You can be happy in the future,

Believe it, happy days will not leave you.

My heart is always like how to live in the future,

Believe it, as long as not proud, the day will be good.

The good things in the past can be kept in mind,

The bad things in the past can be forgotten.

If life doesn't cheat you,

You can be happy,

Live a happy life.

Believe it, happy days will come.

Jingxiu middle school grade one: Chen Liuzhen if, everything is if 300 words, last night I went home with a smile, wake up in the morning, want to laugh. I just kept laughing until my face became stiff. --Inscription

How terrible the world is.


I exist only to set off the magnificence of others.

My love is just a laughing stock in other people's eyes.

I am such a hopeless crazy child.

Tiny brown marks on the tips of your fingers,

If the conclusion is a mistake.

Then the broken sadness will not be able to explain.

The world died cruelly in the broken cell consciousness.

At the end of the mountain and the end of the river, only the heartstrings never die.

Waiting, longing.

The body is floating like this,

The soul quietly becomes a wandering soul.

Entangled in their own brewing illusion,

And where does the whole world fly?

Everything in front of me was so pale,

And brain cells travel far away,

Like a cloud curling up,

It makes me excited,

In the desire, messy words flow into a river.

He whispered in a low voice.

By accident,

A thousand strands of hair,

It's wrapped around my heart,

Tangled, the pain is unbearable.

What on earth have I done?

Disordered brain cells, no rules, no whereabouts,

If, everything is if.

I just laughed wildly,

One fold, one fold,

Finally it's a cat's face.

Shenzhen middle school grade one: YY @ if not, 500 words if & hellip; & hellip;

People like him very much and ask him to help them when they can't finish something. Can he really help us?

'if I get good grades, I won't be nagged by my parents every day & hellip; & hellip;' it's the same age's if.

'if the time is never, I will fulfill my unfulfilled dream & hellip; & hellip;' this is Huajia's supposition.

'if I could live a new life, I would be a good man.

Students, there are too many things you can do. How many things can't you say to yourself? 'if you don't work hard when you are young, you will be sad when you are old! "It sounds like a callouse, but why do my parents and teachers often mention him? This is our golden age. Don't waste it.

Just talking, not practicing. Don't always use "if" as an excuse to make your own way. Don't always go the way of others. If you try it yourself, you may have another idea. Have confidence in yourself. How do you know you can't do it without a try! If you have a dream, you have to work hard to realize it. The result of my own efforts is the best. Even if there is no success, it is sweet in my heart, at least I will not regret it. Because I tried

If one day I am old, do in bed, think about their young brilliant achievements. Don't get old, do in the head of the bed, just want to be at the beginning I work hard, now it's not like this. Hee hee & hellip; & hellip; it's useless to regret it;

If not, will people change? Will you make progress?

Yumo middle school, Yumo Town, Jinsha County, Guizhou Province, grade two: Wu benting, if I had a geese of Niles 566 words, today we learned the adventures of Niles riding geese, my mood could not be calm for a long time, I lay in bed at night, thinking, if I had a geese of Niles, how nice it would be! Thinking about it, my eyes began to blur & hellip; & hellip;

My body became as light as a feather, floating in the air. When I was about ten centimeters above the ground, my body returned to its original weight. At this time, a white goose came up to me, he respectfully introduced himself: 'Hello, I'm Martin. When I heard this, I grew up and thought, can't I also become the size of a thumb? Thinking of this, I quickly look at myself. Fortunately, everything is the same. I introduced myself in a hurry and said: 'that & hellip; & hellip; Hello, my name is Xiao Wu. 'he nodded, motioned me to his side, and I went. He invited me and said: 'may I travel with you, please? 'I hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded and agreed. I got on Martin and he said to me happily: 'it's a long journey! '

Martin carried me to the Great Wall, and we couldn't help but be overwhelmed by his magnificent style; we flew to the 2008 Olympic Games venue, clapping hands for every movement of the athletes; we flew to Huangguoshu waterfall, forgetting to return for his magnificent sight; we flew abroad, laughing with foreign children & hellip; & hellip;

At the end of the trip, on the way home, I was blown off Martin's back by a gust of wind, and I fell down & hellip; & hellip;

'ding Ling Ling & hellip; & hellip; 'the damned alarm clock destroyed my good dream again. I dressed quickly and sat up, but I still savored that dream in my heart. I thought: if we all had a Niles goose, would the world become better and more harmonious?

Reading a good book is to talk with a great soul, is a kind of enjoyment to improve the value of life.

Reading "if you give me three days of light" is a great enjoyment.

Helen Keller is a person who lives in a blind and dumb world. When she was 19 months old, she was blind and deaf due to a scarlet fever. Later, thanks to the efforts of her mentor Anne & middot; Sullivan, she learned to speak and began to communicate with others. I graduated from Harvard University.

Helen Keller, a disabled person, has created so many miracles. She showed us the dignity and greatness of the disabled. However, many people suddenly live in a lightless and silent world, and they will abandon themselves and degenerate. But Helen Keller shows us the special side of the disabled.

Helen Keller once said: "if people live every day as the last day of life, it would be great! This shows the value of life. '

Yes, if we think that time is still quite long, then our every day will not be so meaningful, energetic and full of enthusiasm.

We should learn to cherish. We should not only cherish what doesn't belong to you, but also cherish what we have now.

We have to learn from Helen Keller. When we encounter difficulties, we have to bow our heads, face challenges bravely, and persevere to live a better life.

If one day 459 words If one day I get to the sixth grade, my life will become tight and I don't want to rest for a moment. How I hope to get to the sixth grade, so that my life won't have so much free time, I won't be free and loose, and I won't have nothing to do. Instead, I can look at myself at will without the words of my parents Like the number of types, do not play all day, you will not want to do nothing now! Although some people say that what I said is too simple, but I just want this!

If one day I become a writer, how happy I am to write what I want to write and publish all over the world. How I want to publish a book, but what can I do, because I am just an ordinary primary school student.

If one day I become a qualified teacher, my life will become rich and colorful. Today I teach Chinese, tomorrow I teach math, and I can laugh and cry with the lively children. It's such a good feeling! I want to live like that!

If one day I become a fashion designer, I can design, make and sell fashion by myself. I can design clothing and then sell it! I imagine that day, that river of fashion, flowing from