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I'm Wangwang, the dog

hello everyone! I'm Wangwang, a little dog. I was carried back by my master as soon as I was born. I am very happy in my master's home. I have delicious dog food and meat and bones to eat every day. The master took me to play on the grass in the park. The grass was soft. The master was lying on the grass. I licked her face with my little tongue and lay down on her. I was very happy! Under the care of my master, I grew up gradually, and my lovely little body became bigger. I thought my master would be happy for my growth, but she began to dislike me. I nestled in her lap, she kicked me away; every day the bowl is full of dog food, day after day, I eat less and less meat and bones; the host is no longer taking me to the park to play & hellip; & hellip; once, I was sleeping soundly, suddenly picked up, I opened my tired eyes, found a box under me, gradually, my eyes were dark. I struggled hard to get out of this airtight place. Suddenly wobbling stopped, I used my claws to break the box, and found that there were several big garbage cans around, smelly, and a few flies kept flying around. I began to look for the owner, but the endless stream of cars blocked my way. I screamed a few times, but no one answered me. I know, the master did not want me, but what did I do wrong to make the master do not want me? I started my own life. I don't dare to snatch food from big dogs, because my left leg was bitten by big dogs. I hide when I see people, because they hit me when they see me. It's very cold at night. I sleep in the corner and huddle up, barely covering my body with the rags I picked up. My heart has been repeating this question: what did I do wrong, why did the host not want me? Slowly I fell asleep & hellip; & hellip; diary