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The road of growth 700 words composition of junior high school

My way of growing up

Lu Xun once said, "there is no road in the world. If there are more people walking, it will become a road.". And my growth road is not only built with labor and sweat, but also a growth road that needs optimism, wisdom, morality and courage.

I've been through 14 years of spring, summer, autumn and winter. I really miss the past. I miss the warm and happy feeling of nestling in my parents' arms, and the tranquility of listening to lullaby and falling asleep. At that time, I was so free, carefree, happy and free, living in my colorful childhood dream.

Time passed slowly from my side, I also put on my schoolbag, put on my red scarf and became a young pioneer. From then on, I went into the magical palace. Under the guidance of the teacher, I roam in the sea of knowledge, and I am very interested in all subjects. Smart and studious, I have always been ranked in the top of the class. I have always been the monitor of the class. Especially in English, I have participated in the National Olympic competition for two consecutive years, and I have won the first prize and certificate. I have never been proud of it, and it is my motivation to learn.

In the twinkling of an eye, I bid farewell to the study life of primary school, ushered in a colorful junior high school life, and also provided me with a broad space for development. The road of youth, I will not let the road at a loss, the road misty cover my eyes, I will wave the pen in my hand, shake it vigorously, wave the youth's gorgeous, wave the youth's fight, the tenacity of wind and rain, wave the perfection of the world, wave the optimism of "a light to the sun".

Every step of a person is writing his own history. Growing up, a joy of growing up accompany me to spend wonderful every minute, every second. But worry will also make me feel the hardships of life, the pressure of learning, but also make me stronger, have enough confidence and courage, let me face the test of life, constantly improve myself, beyond myself.

Everyone has their own way of growth, let me have a normal heart, learn to live in the ordinary days, enjoy all the feelings that growth brings me. I can't decide the length of my life, but I can expand it. Let my growth road leave a string of wonderful memories!

My way of growing up

Time goes on, life goes on, and we are growing up. Everyone's growth is through different ups and downs, and everyone's growth is also through different happiness. Sweet and sour, it's a different feeling.

From the moment I was born, until primary school, I rarely stayed with my mother. Kindergarten money, I live in an aunt's home. Whenever I think about my mother, I can only think about the situation that my mother comes to see me every month. I won't cry because I've tried. It's useless to cry. My aunt will only coax me and won't call my mother. Since then, I have formed the habit of keeping everything in my heart, and I won't cry all the time.

In kindergarten, although my mother took me back to Nanping, I still couldn't see my mother every day (she entrusted me to kindergarten). Because I don't cry much, the teacher doesn't care much about me. Once again, I played hide and seek with my children. I hid behind the door when the teacher pushed in and hit me on the head. I was stunned there, and no sound was made. The teacher was in a hurry and sent me to the infirmary. The staff of the infirmary said it didn't matter, but it was a little swollen. Finish saying, took a bottle of tea oil a teacher, hand over the teacher to me on time. Therefore, I was also rated as "the star of courage"!

In primary school, I finally moved back to my own home and had my own small world. However, frequent examinations have made me a nerd. I can't help but pick up a book and read it. My grades are not so good. It's fair to say that in a piano competition, I won a second prize. Looking at my mother's joyful expression, I can't help feeling sweet, like eating honey

When I went to junior high school, I was even busier. Looking at the wrinkles on the faces of my elders, I thought of the efforts we have made for me in the past 12 years. I made up my mind to study hard, to enter a good high school, a good university, to find a good job, to repay my elders and my dear motherland

The road to growth is happy. Is sad, but, as long as we grasp the direction. I believe that one day, we will reach the other side of success and become a person who has made contributions to our country and society!

We have tasted all kinds of things along the way of growth

Looking back, we find that we have gradually grown up; looking back, we find that we have gradually got rid of our young hearts and become mature; looking back, our growth path is full of sunshine, flowers and plants, and there is no lack of joy, laughter, sweat and efforts along the way; looking back How many people look back, can not say all my feelings at this time.

Once today, we planted the seeds of hope. In the past ten years, we have worked hard to make it blossom and bear fruit. We have worked hard to make it grow with us. Although, along the way, we have experienced many failures, but this is nothing, on the contrary, it is the most fresh memory in our growth process.

One afternoon three years ago, I suddenly had something about my bicycle, ready to ride it to compete with other playmates.

As soon as I got on, I felt the car shaking, so I quickly held the handlebar and put two feet on the car. Before two seconds, I fell to the ground with the car. Pain was everywhere, and I looked at the bike angrily, a determination to conquer it growing stronger. I got up again, held the car, sat on it, and then slowly put one foot up, the other foot on the ground like roller skating, the only difference is that I didn't wear skates at the moment. After five minutes, I stepped on my feet again. This time, I didn't wrestle in two seconds, but the car was driving fast. My heart suddenly hung in the air, because there was a stream not far ahead, "finished, the car is still moving fast! How can it stop or turn? Well, I'm going to fall into the water with my car. " One meter away from the stream, I don't know what happened, but the car stopped in place ahead of time. I didn't get ready and fell off the car again. "It hurts!" I was very angry. In addition to the bright sun today, the sun baked my skin like fire. I was even more angry. I was very upset, so I got on the bike again. All of a sudden, I seem to be able to ride a bicycle with the help of divine power. I'm happy.

The road of growth, although let us pay a lot, but it brings us a lot! It makes us taste all kinds of flavors! It has not been interrupted, it will continue until a long time

My road to happiness and growth

Outside the window, the rain is falling, and the dim light is shining on the pedestrians on the road. At this time, sitting at the desk, I recall the happy time and read countless chapters, where the road of my growth is always recorded, and I can't help thinking deeply.

It was a rainy season. The heavy rain hit the ground like peas, and the people coming and going on the street were becoming less and less. I chose the goods in the convenience store, but I had forgotten the time and didn't know it was raining outside. When I bought the goods, I was flustered. It turned out that it was raining outside, but I didn't bring my umbrella. I was anxious to linger outside the convenience store, rubbing my arms with my hands, hoping it would be warmer, A figure gradually came to me, and an "umbrella flower" was in full bloom on my head. I turned around and looked up. It turned out that it was my father. My father's loving hand stroked my head. When he saw my white lips, he quickly took off my coat and put it on me. Suddenly, a warm current made my body warm again. In this way, the figure of my father and I gradually disappeared In the rain.

When I got home, I lay down and went to sleep after taking a bath. When I got up in the morning, I suddenly felt dizzy. Maybe I slept for a long time, but gradually my body felt hot and cold. So I added some clothes, but it didn't work. Touching my head again seemed to be hotter than just now. I dragged my tired body into my mother's room and looked at her tired face and silver hair, I couldn't bear to wake her up. I should let my mother have a good rest, work night shift at night, and go home at 8 a.m. I'm very tired and have a fever. I'd better leave it to myself. So I went back to my room, opened the medicine box, took out the thermometer, and took my temperature. 5 degrees. The physics teacher said that people's temperature is between 35 and 42 degrees. Obviously, I have a fever. I looked at all the medicine in the medicine box, found the antipyretic medicine, took it, lay on the bed and fell asleep unconsciously. When I woke up, my mother was beside me and helped me wipe the sweat. She laughed and saw the medicine box next to me. She said: sweetness has grown up in our family and knows how to take care of herself. Ha ha, yes, I can take care of myself and let dad Mom, don't worry about snacks.

"Sweet, go to sleep." this sentence brings me back to the reality. Ha ha, everyone will experience many unforgettable things, and it is also from them that we can feel and grow up. I think the most beautiful and unforgettable moment in life is to grow up happily with love.

5. The road to growth

In the world, there is one thing you can get without effort, that is age. However, with the growth of age, there is one thing, there is no shortcut, you must work hard, you must accept, that is growth.

Life is really like a journey. Therefore, on the road of growth, we don't have to care how fast we can reach the destination, because the scenery along the way is very beautiful, because they are the footprints we should cherish.

Every day on the way to school, I always go through several crossroads. I like to stand alone, watching the endless traffic flow, waiting for the red light to turn into green light, then walk across the road, feeling the fast pace of life in the city, walking carefully, for fear that there will be a car suddenly coming In this way, every day shuttling between home, school and crossroads, I hesitated, wandered, moved and happy on this road. All silent, but left a deep imprint.

Once I fell down on the road full of rain when I went home. It was very painful. At first, I sat still crying, no one could see me, no one could help me, and finally I had to muster up the courage to stand up by myself. After standing up, I found that it was not difficult to do so, and I finally understood that if I didn't fall down on the road of growth, I would not grow up.

In the sixth grade, my grades were good and bad, the expectation of my relatives, the advice of my teachers, and the concern of my classmates all made me feel tired and painful. But I knew that I had nowhere to escape, and there was no other way for me to choose. I had to face it, and I had to recognize it and keep going. Hugo said: "pain breeds soul and spiritual strength.". Therefore, I know more clearly that if I keep working hard like this, there will be results.

I think the road ahead of me must be like a rolling mountain