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Making soap composition

Make soap

Just a few days after the holiday, I was shopping with my good friends, but soon everyone felt bored. So, a good friend of mine said that we might as well go to "little Newton", where we can also make handicrafts. We all agreed. So we went to little Newton.

After a while, we arrived. I looked there and asked my aunt the price if I liked. I didn't know. I was scared when I asked! Some things are too expensive. I had to choose a cheap one to make, that is soap.

Started to do, aunt first took out a large piece of crystal clear things, this is the main material to do soap. Then cut it into a piece and compare it with the original soap. You need to balance it. Auntie said to me: "with a knife, the cutting size can be uneven." When I was cutting, I felt it was slippery and hard. It was too hard to cut. It was not easy to cut. Aunt put it in the beaker, and then let me choose the color, I said: "yellow." Aunt dropped a few drops of yellow inside, and then put it in the microwave oven, waiting for it to melt. Five minutes later, take out the beaker from the microwave oven, choose the flavor you like and drop it into the beaker, then pour the water from the beaker into the mold, and then freeze it into the refrigerator. Half an hour later, a piece of fragrant soap will be ready.

2. Making soap knots

In the afternoon labor and technology class, we made an interesting and beautiful soap knot.

Soap is a necessary daily necessities. If you put on a beautiful "coat" for soap, it can be used as a gift between friends and relatives! Now, let's use the method of Chinese knot to make a unique and novel soap gift!

I first tie a row of pins evenly in the middle of the soap, and then wrap cotton thread around the designed needle to make two intersecting "s" shapes, and fix them with a knot. Then, according to the shape of a butterfly, use a pin on the soap to form two "3" shaped wings, and wrap cotton thread around the pin to make a butterfly's wings.

As time goes by, my soap knot is almost finished. In the end, it was just the same - "decorative beads". After my "make-up", the soap knot was finally finished. It's really a good job for those who want to do it!

Looking at this hard won achievement, I can't help laughing. Because this activity let me realize that behind success is hard, but also let me experience that only perseverance can climb to the peak.

3. Making soap paper

At two o'clock this afternoon, my mother, brother and sister and I came to Vanke's "golden city" sales center to participate in the "crystal summer" activity.

When I got there, the first thing I saw was the scene of DIY, which was full of people. Under the guidance of the staff, we went to the production site of crystal soap first. Under the guidance of the staff, we first carefully selected different soap in the mold box to make the mold. I selected a crab model, my mother selected a rose model, and my sister selected a pair of high-heeled shoes model. After the mold was selected, we began to choose our favorite pigment. I chose green, my mother chose golden yellow, and my sister chose pink. At this time, the staff were not idle. They put pieces of hard things in a container, and then put them in the microwave oven. A few minutes later, they brought out the container, and the hard things were dissolved into liquid. After inquiry, it turned out that this is the main raw material for making soap soap soap. All the preparations were ready, and the soap production began. The staff gave each of us a paper cup and a stick, and then poured the dissolved soap into our paper cup. I poured the pigment into the soap, stirred it evenly with a stick, and then poured them into the mold. Two or three minutes later, a thin "skin" formed on the surface of my crystal soap. At this time, the staff told me that I could put it into cold water to cool. I carefully picked up the mold box and put it into cold water. The staff said that it would take about ten minutes to take it out after it solidified. So, in the waiting time, I took a fruit ice, slowly tasting, slowly waiting. Finally, our works came out one by one, I picked up my crab, wow! Crystal clear, in the light, it is a real crystal crab, people can't believe it is a piece of soap.

When the soap production was over, we sat on the sofa at the scene, tasting delicious shaved ice while enjoying our own works. We were very happy and had an indescribable joy.

4diy - hand soap

Today is Saturday, I went to the soap bar with some classmates to make soap. Have a good time!

I choose to make a seven yuan soap, and I can carve characters in it.

Aunt gave us a small soap base, let's cut it up. After shredding, put small pieces of soap into a small bowl, put the small bowl into the oven, let them turn into soapy water. After cutting the transparent soap base, I cut another white soap base.

Now it's time to carve! My aunt gave us a piece of paper to write the words she wanted to carve. Then he handed me that piece of heart-shaped transparent soap and asked me to compare it with the word I wrote. But I did not carve it, so my aunt had to make it for me to carve it again. I'm afraid now. What should I do if it's broken again? I asked my aunt to carve it for me. By the way, I forgot to say that I carved a "Joe".

After carving, I began to choose fragrance, color and highlights. I chose lavender flavor, green, gold and silver highlights.

Now, it's time to wait.

Ah, it's done! I see, hee hee, pretty!

By making soap this time, I feel that everything is hard won.

5 notes on handmade soap making

Today is Saturday, I went to the soap bar with some classmates to make soap.

Aunt gave us a small soap base, let's cut it up. After shredding, put small pieces of soap into a small bowl, put the small bowl into the oven, let them turn into soapy water. After cutting the transparent soap base, I cut another white soap base.

Then there's the color matching. I use color solution for color matching. The concentration of color solution is very high, so it's enough to add one drop at a time. Stir it evenly. If you think the color is not deep enough, add another drop. Don't squeeze many drops at a time. It's easy for the color to be too deep. Once the color is too deep, you can only use a lot of soap base to re melt it to make the color lighter. The common color solution has three colors: red, yellow and blue. Other colors can come out from these three tones, such as red + yellow → orange, Yellow + blue → green, blue + Red → purple. In addition, light blue is more difficult to adjust, because the soap base has a little yellow, even if only add a little blue color liquid, it still looks a little blue-green.

Then it's molding. Pour the color solution with good color and taste into the mold, fill it about eight or nine times, or the height you want. If it's too full, it's not easy to demould. The mold must be cleaned and dried in advance. You can use a pudding box, pour out the liquid soap, and then put it aside to cool. After about 1 hour, the soap will solidify, and then it can be packaged or used directly after demoulding. If you want these soaps to set quickly, refrigerate them in the refrigerator or freeze them for about 15 minutes to half an hour. Take advantage of the solidification time, you can clean the equipment and environment! The small steel cup and stirring rod can be initially cleaned with warm water in the water plate. Warm water can accelerate the soap to melt. It can be washed more easily and happily! Finally, demoulding. When the soap is completely set, it can be demoulded. I cut off the top half of the pudding box to leave the pattern of the bottom half. When demoulding, the first step is to pull the mold to the side, so that the air enters between the soap and the mold, so that the air enters all the edges. Turn the mold over and press the bottom of the mold so that the air can enter the bottom. When the air completely enters the bottom, the soap will be separated from the mold. At this time, the soap can be buckled out. You can also decorate it. If there are many bubbles on the soap, or other reasons need to be modified, you can use the back of the disposable plastic knife or dry rags, toilet paper modification. Scrape the ugly part with a plastic knife, and then wipe it with a dry rag and toilet paper to soften the soap line. If the soap is beautiful enough or advocates natural beauty, and does not want to waste any soap, this step can be omitted.

By making soap this time, I feel that everything is hard won. Ample food and clothing by working with our own hands.