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admire the full moon

When I was a child, I heard the adults say that the moon is round on the fifteenth day. However, this year, the moon is fifteen.

Just after dinner, I dragged my mother to the yard to enjoy the moon. But it didn't come out until eight o'clock. At eight o'clock, the moon becomes round little by little. Because there is no light in grandma's house, we can see that the moonlight is very bright, and the surrounding houses are shining brightly.

After a while, the moon will be at its full circle. I can't help but think of my grandmother and grandfather who passed away. Usually, they have to eat together on the Mid Autumn Festival, but they are no longer there, so this year's Mid Autumn Festival has lost the atmosphere of the past. My mother and I sat down in the yard. At this time, I thought of Chang'e and Hou Yi again. Today, they are reunited again!

We walked home, the moon is still so round along the way, but this year's moon is not the roundest I saw, I think last year's is the roundest, because there is a grandmother with the festival.

Today is the Mid Autumn Festival! Mid Autumn Festival, of course, to enjoy the moon!

In the evening, I took the whole family to the yard, eating moon cakes while enjoying the moon. At this moment, I don't know how many people are looking forward to the bright moon just like us. But dark clouds cover the sky, the moon seems ungrateful, hiding behind uncle dark clouds, and we play hide and seek, really naughty! For a while, I saw that she was bashful and covered with gauze. For a while, she disappeared. We're in a hurry! As the saying goes: 'the moon of the 15th century covers the moon. 'that's true. I guess! She is to wonder why so many people see her, bashful dare not come out!

We wait and wait! After waiting for more than an hour, she refused to come out. I was bitten by mosquitoes and had to surrender and enter the house. Today is August 15. After dinner, the whole family sat in the courtyard to enjoy the moon.

We set up a big round table outside, surrounded by the whole family, eating moon cakes and watching the moon like a jade plate. When I look at the moon, I think of Chang'e fairy. I wonder if she hasn't met Hou Yi yet? Sitting alone in Guanghan palace eating moon cakes? Or are you holding that little white rabbit and whispering?

I think she must have done all these things! And now it's time to watch the moon in Guanghan palace under that big tree!

The moon is sometimes round, sometimes missing, sometimes like a jade plate, sometimes like a boat. When I think of it, I think of Su Shi's "water tune song head". It is well said in the poem that people have joys and sorrows, and the moon is full and waning. It's hard to complete the whole thing, and it's beautiful for thousands of miles.

I hope people all over the world will be happy and have a bright future.

Beiguan primary school five Mid Autumn Moon 150 words Mid Autumn Festival moon is like a moon cake on our plate, symbolizing round, and beautiful.

The dream turned into a bright and cool grass on the roof of the house.

The bright moon is like a silver plate hanging in the cloudless blue sky. There is a trace of cold moonlight shining on the earth. Looking up at the sky, the sky is brilliant. If it is near the lake, it must be the bright moon in the blue sky. In this lake, it is really 'moonlight is like water, water is like sky'.

Looking at the Mid Autumn Festival party, eating the fragrant moon cakes and looking at the moon tonight, I naturally think of the story of "Chang'e rushes to the moon". Today's sister Chang'e, are you also tasting the sweet moon cakes? Every Mid Autumn Festival, our family will go to enjoy the moon, this year is no exception.

We came to the mother river - Oujiang, waiting for the full moon. Wait! Hope! The moon finally appeared! She slowly, slowly, rising, gradually revealed her charming smile. People are attracted by her, staring at her! She covered her face shyly with the white veil.

Today's moon is different from usual. It appears very bright as soon as it appears. It puts a layer of silver yarn on the earth and adds happiness to people! The moon is big and round, like a big moon cake, which makes people want to bite her immediately! The bright moonlight of the river adds luster to the surface of the river. The moonlight hung in the night sky, illuminating the dark blue sky. The moon shines on the children's faces. The children clap their hands and sing the song 'grandfather makes moon cakes for me'!

Ah! What a beautiful moon on August 15! Today is the annual Mid Autumn Festival. My parents and I are enjoying the moon in the middle of the yard. I look at the moon, the moon is red, slowly climbing, gradually becoming white, the above image is clear, very beautiful, giving people a sense of pleasure

The moon is silver white and the jade is very bright. I think the ground on the moon should be silver and the wall is jade. Chang'e must be very beautiful. I asked: 'do you have milk there'? I didn't answer. I thought: maybe I don't care! What's going on? It suddenly occurred to me that there was no one in fly to the moon. I look at the moon more and more like a big cake, want to taste it, but it is in the sky.

Looking at the round moon, sometimes I want to stand around for a long time, and I want to sing a little poem.

If only I could live on the moon! But only by studying hard can dreams come true.

I look at the round moon, I think the moon should be everyone's, everyone's heart should have the moon!

I have the moon in my heart. The moon is in my heart. In the Mid Autumn Festival, there are 600 words for appreciating the moon, which are called white jade plates. 'mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. On this day, all the family members get together to eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon. It is precisely because on this day all the family members get together to spend the Mid Autumn Festival, so the Mid Autumn Festival is also known as the 'reunion day'.

The red sun has set and the night has come. I looked up at the night sky and saw a moon, but it was not the bright moon that people said. That is, the layers of clear clouds in the night sky, like smoke and fog, diffuse in the moonlight, so they cover the moon girl, as if they covered the moon girl with a layer of black yarn. Although the moonlight of the dark moon is not enough to be compared with the blazing light of the sun, it reminds me: at one end of the moon, the jade rabbit, accompanied by Chang'e fairy in tears, is waiting silently, waiting for the day of meeting and reunion with Hou Yi. I picked up a piece of moon cake with attractive aroma, and felt the baptism of dim moonlight and the sweetness of moon cake with my family.

Long, slowly, the moon step by step, comfortable to go to the sky, long, slowly, the moon is rising. Finally, the moon rises! Although not as bright as just now, not as big as usual, the light from this dark moon is so soft. But the moon hid in this cloud and that cloud for a while, as if playing hide and seek with us. Just as people were watching her, she was willing to show half of her face. The moonlight gently sprinkles on me and my family, drawing each other's hearts closer; the moonlight gently sprinkles on me, as soft as goose feather, makes me feel completely immersed in comfort; the moonlight gently sprinkles on the earth, covering the earth with 'goose sweater'; the moonlight gently sprinkles on the leaves, as if forming a layer of frost; the moonlight gently sprinkles on the grass, making the little girl happy The grass sleeps comfortably. Gradually, the moon became a sea of clouds. I thought: does the Jade Emperor want to let Chang'e and Hou Yi meet and spend the reunion night together when the clouds are gone? It took a long time for the dim moonlight to reapply on the earth, among the tall buildings and in the grass;

For a long time, the moonlight disappeared behind the towering building. In the face of the dim moonlight, I think of a poem: I hope people live long, thousands of miles together Chan Juan. I can't help but think that on this happy mid autumn night, the soldiers there are sparing no effort to defend the border of the motherland, but they can't get together with their families, eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon together.

"People have joys and sorrows, and the moon has ups and downs. "I wish all Chinese people can get together with their families and spend this happy reunion night together!

Six is the Mid Autumn Festival, the annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Mid Autumn Festival, the most special day is the moon, bright and round.

Go out for a walk at night, in the endless night sky, there is a beautiful luminous point, surrounded by twinkling stars, a circle of colorful halo, people can not help but love.

With a few sounds, the surrounding atmosphere became lively again. Beside yuelang, there were several clouds floating, just like the graceful Chang'e, flying to the heavenly palace.

What a beautiful view! The golden moon was floating in the clouds, sometimes looming and sometimes appearing.

I do not know, at what time, the moon quietly disappeared, she is playing hide and seek with me?

Before long, the clouds dispersed, and another dazzling moonlight appeared in front of me.

In Shuangxi campus of the first experimental primary school in Tong'an District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, there is a girl lying on the roof of the 600 character room, listening to songs and enjoying the moon. 'when will the moon come, ask Qingtian about the wine. Today is the Mid Autumn Festival again. There are no two baby babies under the moon, but I stay here alone. This roof is the secret base for ah Zhen and me. We watch the moon here every Mid Autumn Festival. Today, I'm the only one. The memory of my childhood will be in my mind like an image.

Before I was very lonely, no friends, she brought me a ray of sunshine, let me out of the dark, but also she let me understand the friendship. The first handshake, the first shopping, the first oath are unforgettable to me. The moon of the Mid Autumn Festival shines coldly, and the snow covered fields are particularly white, which makes people feel colder and colder. Ten thousand stars are like night pearls scattered on the sky, shining with silver. The moon seems to miss some of the previous two baby milk, around the issue of bursts of sadness.

Ah Zhen and I are very similar, almost carved from the same mold. We are a pair of good friends, always like to spit each other's slot, sometimes a day did not see to spend time, this thought we can always be together. 'ah Zhen, I don't want to be separated from you. Aren't we going to be in a junior high school? "Xun Zi is good. We are in different junior high schools. "Can't you tell your mother about the transfer? "I can't. My mother loves this school. I can't. "Well, then you swear that you and I will always be good friends and watch the moon with me during the Mid Autumn Festival. "Okay, I swear, I swear. 'in this way, ah Zhen and I were dramatically divided into different junior high schools, and ah Zhen's mother became more and more strict, so we seldom met. Today is the Mid Autumn Festival, her mother should let her out, I thought to myself. I really don't want to see her for three months.

After a while, I stood up, patted the dust on my body and looked at my watch. At 21:50, ah Zhen should not come. I turned back, looked up and opened my eyes in surprise. Opposite me, a beautiful girl looked at me panting: "Zhang Jiaxun, you motherfucker, I've been here for two hours, you're not going to go down