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About clapping composition grade four

1 applause

This year, our school organized a school sports meeting in No.24 middle school. I represent our class to participate in the women's 800 meter long distance race.

I was very nervous at that time, afraid that I could not run well, and my classmates would blame me. Later, the teacher wanted to see my mind and said to our students who participated in the competition, "don't be nervous when you compete, even if you don't win the place, old man

The teacher is still proud of you

At the sound of the gun, everyone ran hard. But I slowly ran up in the back, and when everyone ran to the last lap, I estimated that everyone was exhausted, and I began to sprint hard. I passed several students in one breath. After I went back, Dong Siyu said to me, "look, when you just ran, we were all worried. After you sprint, everyone is clapping for you. You see, my hands are red. We've been shooting for a long time

I was very moved after listening to it, because every time my classmates took the door shot, they were all from the heart and were sincere!

If you want to affirm a person's achievements - applause. It's also a way of expression. Applause is also an art. As a person must learn to clap!

2. Clap for others

When the sun's last touch of the earth, I saw a beautiful sunset, that beautiful color reveals the sun's broad mind and selfless love, showing the vitality of life.

Young we are like a lot of colorful clouds, beautiful life to bear too much of the sun's favor, vigorous years get too much care from others. Set thousands of doting in one of us, do you want to return the selfless dedication of others in the past? Have you ever thought of treating others with a kind heart and clapping for others with a heart of understanding and support at any time?

Everyone's heart is actually the same, the same desire to get support and praise from others. At the end of a song, the warm applause from the audience is the greatest encouragement to the singer, as well as the affirmation and support for the singer. In life, no matter whether the life of others is wonderful or not, whether the singing is beautiful or not, we should give them the most warm applause with the most sincere heart.

On the podium, when the winners get the fruits of their hard work, the warm applause is the affirmation of their achievements.

It's a great encouragement and support for the nervous contestants to give them warm applause.

When others fail, when facing the frustrated loser, applause is the greatest comfort.

Just as sunlight and rain make a rainbow, everyone's success is inseparable from the support and encouragement of others. And we, also want to applaud for others all the time, wake up the dreams in others' hearts, and comfort the scars in their hearts. In that way, people will be more harmonious and their hearts will be closer!

Applause for good books

A good book will make us understand more knowledge and enrich our wisdom The benefits are endless. I want to clap for good books!

Everyone has the right to read good books. If people are regarded as the hungry, then good books are like a plate of rich dinner; if people are compared to an area where there has been no rain for a long time, then good books are rain; if people are regarded as a tree, then good books are mountains I want to clap for good books.

A student, with a good book in his hand, is sitting in the classroom, savoring the pure and honest amorous feelings in the book. He will learn Zhuge Liang's wit and Sun Wukong's cleverness. I want to clap for good books.

A farmer, with his son sitting beside him and holding a copy in his hand, reads it for his father. His father also listens carefully. He will learn how to farm scientifically. Different seeds need different ways of life. All these are found in a good book. I want to clap for good books.

A manager of a company, in his busy time, does not forget to take a good book, read it with relish and taste it. From the book, he knows the development of the company and the relationship between people. I want to clap for good books.


This is the role of a good book, regardless of the level of work, have the right to hold a good book. Books can enrich people's energy; good books can enrich our healthy life. Keep up with the train of books and find out your own shortcomings.

Good books contribute so much to us that I want to applaud them.

Clap for yourself

Maybe you are just a grass, often ignored by people, and even trampled by people unintentionally. But when spring comes, you add a touch of green to this beautiful spring, put a new coat on the earth, and give people visual enjoyment These are your contributions. You have brought a vibrant scene to nature in obscurity. You should be happy about it. You should applaud what you have done.

Maybe you are just a candle, not as high as the chandelier hanging in the ballroom, often forgotten in a corner. But you have the dedication of "the wax torch turns grey, the tears begin to dry". Although your appearance is not noble and gorgeous, but you pay for people no one can compare, you should be proud of this, for their pay and applause.

Maybe you are just a stone, standing in the mountains, exposed to the sun and rain all day long, ugly and ordinary, in the vicissitudes of the world, people have forgotten there for thousands of years. But you don't have to feel sad. Standing up for a long time is the place you are most proud of. People should learn from you the indomitable spirit of not being afraid of the wind and rain. You should be proud of this, and you should applaud your indomitable spirit.

Applause for themselves, no hypocrisy and cover up, natural, generous, Xiaoxiao Sasa.

Clap for yourself. Don't care about other people's eyes. One song says, "sing as you like, sing loud. Even if no one claps for me, at least I can enjoy myself bravely..." We should be our own appreciators.

Applause for yourself

Clap for others

Clapping for others is not a deliberate attempt to elevate others or belittle yourself. It is not flattering or flattering. It is a pleasure to affirm others. Applause, this tiny move could win you a highly paid position.

A well-known enterprise held a TV recruitment in CCTV, and three candidates competed fiercely for the position of Overseas Manager. As there is only one position, everyone is very nervous. However, one of the young people clapped for it naturally, which attracted the audience and the judges. At the end of the program, the judges and representatives of the enterprise unanimously decided to send the letter of appointment to the young man.

Clapping can not only win a position for yourself, but also encourage others and give yourself an example to learn from.

When a classmate gets the first place in the exam, hold out your hands and cheer for him. While you cheer for him, you set an example for yourself.

Isn't this the best of both worlds?

Clapping for others is also fueling your life. In our growing up period, the experience of successful people is often the driving force for us to move forward, and their success will guide us correctly. Help us in the invisible. When we are going to succeed, we should learn to applaud for others; if we clap for others, we will also get others' applause for ourselves.

Let's extend our hands together and clap for others!

6 clap for yourself

Don't give up your life because there is no sunshine. Don't give up your pursuit because there is no singing. Don't lose your ideal because there is no applause. In fact, every avenue leading to sunshine is full of ups and downs. Every way to the ideal is full of hard sweat. Every road of hope is full of setbacks. Therefore, although I have worked hard for a long time, I have nothing to gain. Although I have worked hard for many times, I still have nothing. Please don't be discouraged. I have to clap like thunder and sail for life and move forward bravely. In this way, I will become a strong man in life one day and let you feel the victory The joy of success is like a fish in the water, like a bird in the air, feeling the freedom and happiness in the sky, and like a horse in the rider's stride, feeling the momentum of galloping. So let's clap for ourselves again, keep happy mood, and make more achievements.

When the willow green of childhood is falling with the wind and the bud of youth is unconsciously and quietly released, sometimes my own things are not successful. Maybe I should find them again, and maybe I should cheer up the confidence for myself!

Let's use applause to turn small sand into pearls, make small saplings grow vigorously, and turn frustrated people into fire of hope. What is the essence of applause? Needless to say, applause is selfless dedication.

Life is really long, to see how to grasp it! A flower, as long as it has been open, has a beautiful, a person, as long as efforts to pay, what can be lost? No one understands your closed heart, and no one appreciates your fragile self-esteem. Why not take off your mask of aloofness and embrace every happy day!

7. Applause for you

I have a good friend. His name is Luan Sijia. It's a quiet girl. I see that she has a mysterious and curious feeling. She is very quiet, but her sports is first-class!

One day in PE class, the sun was very hot, and the whole earth turned into a stove All the students are talking and laughing in the shade of the tree. But I accidentally saw Luan Sijia practicing double jump; shuttlecock. The sweat soaked her clothes, and the sweat was running into her eyes. I ran to her and said, "I'll help you wipe your sweat." (because I know: sweat contains the taste of salt water, and it will be very hot if it flows into the eyes.) But she said, "no, thank you." It can be seen that: she is a hardworking person (in fact, she has practiced very well) I asked her whether she was tired or not? She said she was not tired, and then she continued to practice rope.

After a long time, I stood there, looking at her tired figure, the sweat on her head dripped like a thread, I don't understand, why Luan Sijia should train so hard?

The next day, I went to ask her, and she said, "this is what I should do." Now I understand that she is going to take part in the double flying competition of the sports meeting!

I want to say to Luan Sijia, "behind your success. There is a lot of sweat and hard work, so I applaud for your success!

Clap for the ants

Applause is a kind of affirmation, encouragement and respect. Therefore, we should learn to applaud, applaud for others, for ourselves, for the colorful world, rich life and great spirit.

One day, I went to the school playground and found an ant hole by accident. There were many ants running around the hole. When I was fascinated, an idea flashed into my mind: fill in the ant hole. Thinking about it, I began to fill in the hole. How much effort can it take to fill such a small hole? I'll do it three times, five times and two!

Unexpectedly, the little ant used his weak power to move the clods one by one, one by one, slowly. What a sense of rhythm, no coordination! I was shocked. I didn't expect this little ant to have this