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Dead, I hold the glittering pen in my hand, speechless tears

As soon as I remember, my grandfather picked me up with a red car at dusk. As soon as the tall and upright shadow jumped into the green grass, I couldn't help but rush up and enjoy the love and care of the older generation for their children. When I was a sophomore, I always thought that my grandfather liked his smart cousin. But one day, my mother said to me by chance: "your grandfather often said you are the most honest and honest, so you are the most popular with him, because your grandfather is also honest and honest, he also said that you are very similar to him." I nodded.

When I was in the third grade, I was almost the last one in my class. One day, my grandfather saw that I was writing, so he took off the red pen pinned in my coat pocket, and wrote "five star red flag" on my album name book. All of them were vigorous and powerful, and we could see his great patriotism. One day, my mother suddenly talked to me about my grandfather like a whim, and I learned about my grandfather's life experience: when he was a child, he was a child laborer, and he was a cow and a horse to others every day. He suffered all kinds of grievances and insults. First, during the period of the second national revolution, he took part in the revolution. He worked meticulously and conscientiously, and soon gained a lot of prestige among the public. However, "a piece of good meat can't help but be greedy". Soon, my grandfather was framed as a "capitalist capitalist" by the "Gang of four", and he quit the revolution willingly without complaint or regret.

From then on, my grandfather read books and newspapers every day. When he was tired, he watched TV for a while, and from time to time he went to see the grapes he planted in the patio. His life was still carefree. However, in spring, in the future of summer, grandma was afraid of mosquito bites, so she pulled out the grapes planted in the patio.

Since then, my grandfather suffered from cancer, and my mother said it was an incurable disease. Once the patient was infected, the death rate was 90%. After my grandfather knew it, he pretended to be indifferent. My grandfather passed away. I held the glittering pen in my hand and wept wordlessly Some of my grandfather's love can't be said. We can't go back to the past


The day my grandfather left, the sky was so clear that there was not even a sad cloud. I walked in the front of the funeral procession, holding a big white flag in my right hand, holding my brother's corner tightly in my left hand, and walking with a wooden step, I had too many thoughts in my heart. Looking around the crying relatives, I have the illusion of being out of the world. I tried to squeeze out a tear to prove my sadness. But the dry eyes never moved.

My grandfather was buried, and I couldn't shed that precious tear until the end. Heart, already full of holes, no longer have the strength to shed tears. To my surprise, my mother didn't blame me for not being sensible, just took a sad look at me, with too many emotions in my eyes that I didn't understand. There is compassion, there is sadness, there seems to be some pity.


My childhood was spent in my grandfather's arms and grandmother's nagging voice. In my memory, my grandfather was always smiling, with thick eyebrows, big eyes and a face of doting when facing me. Whenever I did something wrong, my grandfather always looked protective and stretched his hands to stop the angry grandmother. "Is he still a child, so it's true What for? Go and cook, I'm starving Grandma can't talk about it. She often goes to cook in a short time and murmurs: "this old thing, pet it, pet it, sooner or later it will go to heaven!" "Well, I'll make your grandmother angry and see how I'll deal with you." As he said it again, he came to me with open arms, which seemed to eat me up. But I'm not afraid, because my grandfather's eyes betrayed him. The smile and love in his eyes can't be covered up, reflecting the old wrinkled face of grandfather

Grandfather, it turned out to be such a gentle old man. Even when I thought about it, it was a burst of uncontrollable warmth. At that time, I thought: grandfather can stretch out his arms to protect me all my life


Yesterday, I had a long and long dream: in the dream, it was a prosperous market. The old and the young held hands tightly, and the sun shone on them, which made the figures more long and the corners of the mouth more beautiful. If the world can always be like this Wake up, flying is my sad tears. Grandfather's smile, I can see but can't touch, tears are not want to slide, but can't stop surging, or let it wantonly flow back!

There is a kind of love, may not be able to rewind, we really can not go back!


Life is too thin, so that we can not avoid the cold, there are always some people, there are always some love will fly into the warmth of the setting sun, maybe short, but the remaining even a little bit of warmth is enough to make us feel warm in the rest of life

Once thought there was no furthest distance in the world, but now I finally know that the place where tears can't reach is the furthest place in the world, where life and death lie My grandfather is more than 60 years old, not tall, with a head of white hair, a kind look.

My grandfather loved me very much. He knew that I loved watching "journey to the west" and cartoons. He often didn't have time to eat. He stayed in his room and recorded "journey to the west" for me. Once, he had an eye disease and wanted to go to Beijing for treatment. In order not to affect me to watch the video, he called me to teach me how to record and play it. I also listened carefully and memorized it carefully. After a period of study, I finally learned how to record and play. Grandfather wanted to check how I learned, so he asked me to do it again and again. I was right every time.

My grandfather loved to plant flowers and often planted many potted flowers on his balcony. Once, when I saw so many beautiful flowers, I exclaimed, "it's so beautiful that words can't describe it." Grandfather said: "this is nothing. Since you like it, take some home and plant it yourself." I said, "good!" So I picked a few pots to take home, and my mother together watering, fertilization, now a few pots out of bright flowers.

My grandfather was a man who cared about me and let me do it. My grandfather spent my childhood in my grandfather's house. At that time, my parents were too busy to take care of me when I was young, so they sent me to my grandfather's home. I lived in my grandfather's house for four years, and it was in these four years that my grandfather's nurturing became the forever surging waves in the long river of my memory.

Grandfather, is a kind old man.

I came to my grandfather's house when I was four years old. Since I was five years old, my grandfather taught me how to read and calculate. I remember that was when I was just learning to read. My grandfather wrote the words on the paper with a brush, and then hung them on the wall with a string. He taught me to read page by page.

"Binbin, can you read today

"Great! I want to read stories as well as you. "

So we started the first lesson. "People", my grandfather taught me. Silver, I'm serious. "No, it's people." Silver, I read it again. "No, my tongue should be upturned:" people. "I finally read it right, and my heart was sweet. I saw a kind smile on my grandfather's face

In this way, my grandfather took the trouble to lead me into the door of reading. With my grandfather's education, I can write and read stories. Later, I learned simple addition and subtraction with my grandfather.

My grandfather not only taught me to read and calculate, but also told me to be an honest child.

In a play, I accidentally broke my grandfather's favorite porcelain inkstone, and my grandfather was not at home at that time. I was stunned: listen to my grandfather, this porcelain inkstone was given to him by grandfather's grandfather. My grandfather would be very angry if he knew I broke it. What should I do? After a while, I don't know what kind of force drove me to take the fragments into the garbage can with shaking hands. When my grandfather came back, I didn't jump on him as usual. Instead, I stood still and didn't dare to look up. My grandfather was surprised when he saw him, so he came to ask me. After his repeated inquiries, I cried and told the truth. I thought my grandfather would beat me hard, but unexpectedly, my grandfather touched my head, wiped my tears, and said to me with a smile: "very good. If you do something wrong, you should dare to admit it. My grandfather won't blame you." In this way, my grandfather planted the seeds of honesty and integrity in my young heart.

I'm going to primary school. My dad drives me home. It was a light rain that day, and a gust of cool wind was blowing the small willow at the gate of my grandfather's house. The small willow was shaking vigorously, as if saying "no". The water drops dropped down the branches and leaves of the small willow tree, and it seemed to be crying. When the car was about to leave, I shook the window glass and cried out with tears: "goodbye, grandfather." my grandfather stood quietly at the gate in the rain. The breeze was blowing his kind face. He slowly raised the hand that had dressed and washed my face, taught me to write and read, and led me to the mileage of life, waving and waving

Today, I am a 16-year-old young man, but I will never forget the kind grandfather who nurtured me and his kindness to me, forever, forever I haven't seen my grandfather since the day I was born. In my childhood games, the role of grandfather has been vacant. I can only imagine my grandfather's appearance: with a pair of presbyopia glasses and gray hair. But I can't imagine the face behind the presbyopia glasses.

One day, I picked up the album and looked through it. A photo was falling from the album, and the photo had turned yellow. When I picked up the photo, I saw a kind old man: with a pair of presbyopia glasses, gray hair, back hand, eyes full of peace. My heart trembled, and I felt that the people in the photos were so kind. My mother told me that was my grandfather.

Oh, grandfather. So he is my grandfather!

Mother said that she was the youngest daughter in the family. Her grandfather loved her very much and treated her very well. Her brothers and sisters also loved her very much and always let her. Although her family was poor at that time, she still felt very happy.

Later, my grandfather and her brother (that is, my uncle) went to Hong Kong to work hard, and life got a little better. But that doesn't mean you don't have to work.

Grandmother, a thin woman, also picked up a hoe and went to the field. Facing the Loess and facing the sky, I want to reduce the burden on my grandparents and uncles who are working in Hong Kong.

Later, my grandfather and uncle came back from Hong Kong. My uncle brought back a set of Oxford English Chinese dictionary to my mother. Mom was studying at that time, and this gift helped her a lot. My grandfather bought a toy for my mother.

"Toys?" I couldn't help laughing. Mother said, "yes! It was the first time I had a real toy of my own. "

for the first time? I understand why my grandfather bought a toy for my mother. My grandfather really made up for my mother's childhood.

Looking at her mother in the happy description of her past life, grandfather to her good. I remember the last time I saw a toy closet at my cousin's house